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very nice script :) thank you very mutch ;)

Enjoy it ;)


Is it posible to ad a option field…?

For example: Select option

Sales Support Other

Regards Saskias

Thanks for your purchase.

The script does not support this at this moment, we can do this as a customization job if you are interested

hi, i changed line of 61with a real email address as: $mail->AddAddress(‘xx@x.com‘); But couldnt take any email.How can i use another mail server? thx…

Maybe it falls to junk mail? Did you successfully use php to send out email from this server?

Can I add an Icon/Marker on the appropriate location other than the one already have on Google Map BUT which is not the right address?

I’ve tried to correct this/delete or move … BUT , so-called enlightened or “special” reviewers of Google Maps have not approved it.

Hence, my looking for the script of yours to place in my Client’s contact page with the Google map only.

Can this be done?


I did everything as in your tutorial, and Readme file, but I still can’t show the CAPTCHA image, nor the Google map :(

Kindly help me with this issue,

best of regards

Can you send us your page url to have a look?

Hi Eli,

here is the page’s url : http://website213.com/nous_contacter.html

Hope you’re gona help me solve my problem, regards

Sorry for the late reply, just email you. Please have a look

Does the form support Safari 4, Safari 5, ?



Is there a way to make the google map Marker, point on a precise place, based on [ Lat & Lng ] , rather than an “address” .

Best of regards

Sorry for the late reply.

Yes we can do that, but the script does not support this at this moment.

We can customize it for you if you are interested.

Hello Eli, Im still waiting for an answer …

Thank you in advance.



I recently bought Ajax Contact Page with Google Map and HTML5 Ajax Contact Form With Google Maps and download these great contact forms. Unfortunately, I get the following error when the messages I’ll upload them to my wordpress page:

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin installation failed.

Does anyone have suggestions on what this could be? Thank you for your feedback

best regards


This is not a wordpress plugin


Is it possible to have 2 forms on the same webpage? Each form would re-use the fields in your script.

Form 1 would have name, email and message

Form 2 would be a newsletter opt-in with just email field – I would later add the user to my own newsletter manager manually

Sorry, it does not support 2 forms/maps in one page. Some customization is needed

Hi, Thanks for the great plugin. However, how can I add two “to” email adress and two “cc” email address to the php file? Thanks in advance!

Hi elieli, Solved the cc already. Thank! But there is another question, when email is sent successfully, can the input fields be cleared?

Those fields should be cleared, take a look at our sample page


I’ll look into it again. Thanks!

Hi elieli, My server using php 5.3.10. The captcha is not appearing.

Hi elieli, I’ve send you email about the non appearing captcha issue. Hope to hear from you soon.

Hope to hear from you very soon

I tried to login using the password you gave me yesterday but failed to connect to your server. Did you change it?

elieli, Thanks! You are great!

can this support multiple locations?

We will add this feature in next version

Hello, I need know one thing about this form.

The maps location came to receptor of the mail. I need that the user drag the pointer. it is necessary that the new point arrive to the administrator.

This is possible? Thanks & cheers!

does it work in prestashop cms pages?

Hello i seem to be having a few problems and cant get it right www.marcellinowheels.com 1) i cant get the address bubble to display in the map

2) form sends and validates with no errors but im not recieving the email?

3) how can i remove a field ie. URL i tried to remove it and the form turned out not validate?