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vbboyd Purchased

How do you get the GeoMap Contact Form to work? It currently does not work for the following reasons:


Email me back at vbboyd123456@yahoo.com


This error is indicating that you have not set your google map api key. Please let us know if you have any query regarding setting up the map key error.


vbboyd Purchased

Even basic contact form does not work.

I am getting these kinds of error messages:

SMTP -> ERROR: Password not accepted from server: 535-5.7.8 Username and Password not accepted. Learn more at 535 5.7.8 https://support.google.com/mail/?p=BadCredentials 204sm15179074oii.26 – gsmtp SMTP Error: Could not authenticate. Email doesn’t sent successfully.


Thanks for purchasing our product. Please use your credentials for sending emails. It will resolve this error. Or it might be possible that you are using wrong credentials.

it would be nice to have a video of step by step from editing the code to upload to server, if we are coders we would not need to buy this in first place, So if it is not to much to ask just make a video how to do this and try not to skip important things like editing the files before uploading to server, thank you.


Thanks for the suggestion. We will surely prepare a demo video which will include step by step information.

Hi, i bought one licence for this Ajax contact form, i make it work but when i get email from my website and i hit replay, it replays back to website….. but i need to replay to persons email that he type in the input field on form, can i have help around this. thank you.

In PHPMailer there is a function named AddReplyTo(‘email’,’name’) You just need to set these values.

Please let us know if you still having issues.

i found it in class.phpmailer.php but i dont understand what should i change, it should be by default to answer to who ever send u email. that is my problem

you go to my website and send me email trough contact form;
-i get email on my windows client
-i hit replay and i replay to myself

by default script should read the input and when i hit replay i replay to that person email not to myself.

i think my problem might be in mail-config this is the part that confuse me

1 $REPLY_TO_EMAIL = “name@yourdomain.com”; 2 $REPLY_TO_NAME = “First Last”; 3 $ADDRESS = “whoto@otherdomain.com”;

do i change line 1 into my client email or i leave it alone … im lost a bit here.

I will require the file in which you are writing below function. $mail->Send()

it is this form http://www.empire-drywall.com/contact/contact-with-single-attachment.php

and bdw how can i send you this files i dont see your email on your profile. my mail is


For this you need to check “single-upload.php” file. This file will be found in “php” directory.


Is contact form compatible with PHP 7?

When will the next update?

Thank you