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I have the form and map working correctly and am trying to get it to pull through in a lightbox on my main site page. I am getting a 404 (Not found) error when triggering the contact form. Any fixes for this? The site is development at http://wave-lines.com/newSite/indexNew.html – the link that triggers this is at the top right “Contact Wavelines”

Thank you!

does this support multiple locations on the map? Not very many and all are in same general area?

Unfortunately no, but this will be available in a future version

When do you think your next version will be out? W/updates regarding HTML Validation and Directions?

Thanks, Jbutler


Can you create similar to:

http:// www. unscripts.com/aj/index.html

Hi There, I’ve been working over the past day to get this to work. I removed the map section and placed all the other files in the correct locations, yet I’m still not receiving any messages (running tests). Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

How is it works with google map ? Based on address referenced ? Can we integrate our own google map ? We ask this because we are developing in africa and the only way to have a good localization with google map is to create our own. Kind regards


I think this would be possible. Currently the address is translated to coordinates using the Google Location API , but you can also define the “point” yourself!

Hi, Can you tell me how i check the phone number (jquery code) if i decide to make that mandatory ?? thanks

Hi, love the script!

I need help with the email validation.. Whatever emailRegEx I tried didn’t work. Is there anything else I have to do to make it work

Please help..

Id like to be able to place multiple locations and have information on each, is this possible with this?


I'd like to implement ReCaptcha into this, how would I go about it?


Hi, great addition to site…but for the validating of the email.

I don’t know javascript at all, and can’t figure this out. Is it not just missing a line, and extra ‘elseif fail=true then disable button’?

That is all it needs, no notifications, just inability to send until user figures it out, or corrects to a valid email.

Want to stick with this, but it looks pretty bad if not working as it should to visitors.

Please ammend!?


Is it possible to have only the marker and not the show the adress above ?

Thank you very much

Can you explain where to get an API for this as it seems Google APIs have depreciated?

OK, for some reason I can get http://pixeldevelopment.co.uk/callaghans/contact.html to work but as soon as I integrate the map and form into my http://pixeldevelopment.co.uk/callaghans/contactus.php page the map content disappears!

Any answer to this? Google reported bad key for me as well. Help please.

Hi there! Cannot seem to get radio buttons and checkboxes to work. I’m a newbie at PHP so I’d like some help with it. How to write it into the HTML & PHP FIles! Thanks

Hello. How do for not show in map the speech bubble?. I wanna show only the marker. Thanks

Hi, im getting an error saying that the app isnt valid to work with google api key anymore.. How do i fix this?

I am having the same problem. It works but I get an alert everytime saying something about the google maps api key in not valid. Someone please help!