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Looks like a greats script. Is the drag and drop compatible with ipad/iphone etc?


Yes the drag and drop features are ready for touch sreen. Make a test on your ipad or iphone you will see that the drag and drop fetaure works.

Hello , Per xrdm enquiry about making attachments required , the link doesn’t work to examples , do you have code to set this to required? Via Jquery!

That’s perfect , is there anyway to get this working with the “Add Attachment” ajax button with notifications instead of “choose a file”? Thnx!


Sorry there is no simple way to use this method with the “add attachments” button because the file fields are added dynamically on the form. So you can’t be sure that the user will click on the “add attachments” button and that he won’t click on the “remove field” icon before to submit the form.

Ahh ok no problem ,thanks!

Hi, nice script. Simple questions: Easy way to configure multiple checkbox or radio button to choose from as subject? Also, define the recipient in the script (hidden and fix) and not in the form, no need for a select/button. Thanks, Fab

hi, Sorry, i was referring to the recipient email address. Thanks. I have the form working so it seems, even get a 100% anim but i get no email nor any auto response. I can send you the url in a private message?

Yes send it to me i will try to help you.

Just for info if your form has not a mail field you can’t use auto-responder feature because the plugin use the mail field as recipient for auto-responder mail.

I do have an email field in the form. Thanks, sending it in a few seconds.

Hello, everything works fine with the form which is excellent. I have one request though:

- all email messages that I receive have the sender IP and the form URL at the bottom. How do I edit this information, especially the URL? I’m using form in iFrame and the URL in the email links to the form index which is not ideal. I want to customize this URL. Please advise. Thank you.


The nospam drag and drop captcha works on touch devices. Did you check the demo webste on your touch device ?
Do you use the jQuery UI library of the download package ? Also don’t forget to include the jQuery UI touch punch library on your HTML page as in the demo example.

Since last plugin version the plugin uses the last Google reCaptcha ( see demo examples ).
You can read the plugin documentation recaptcha section to understand how to configure the reCaptcha ( available for reCaptcha version 1 and 2 ).!/recaptcha
site key = public key and secret key = private key

Let me know @+

Your demo drag and drop captcha does not work on my Surface Pro 3, Internet Explorer App, Win 8.1 Professional 64-bit. I’m unable to drag the square into the area on touch screen. Works with mouse only. Recaptcha still gives me errors even using your instructions.

Update: drag and drop works in Firefox


Sorry i spoke about mobile device. I didn’t test the plugin on desktop touch screen.

For recaptcha integration are you sure you specified the private key ( secret key ) in w2ContactForm.php file and your domain is registred on your google recaptcha account ?

Send me a private message via my profile i wiil try to help you.

Hi there, I wish to do the same think. I’ve included the script on footer of my page but nothing appens (and also the anti-spam slider is duplicated on the page).

Can you tell me how make it works. Thank you.


If you want to include a form in a widget you need to use shortcode mode and configure the parameter “load libray for all pages” to “true” in Global Settings > advanced options.

For quick reply send me mail via my profile.


Hi, how can I change the direction of the image infos_message.png from right to left to be from left to right ???

Hi, There is no feature to do this. So you need to update the source code. Send me a private message via my profile i will help you to do it. @+

Thanks, for help I received the email.

I moved from mediatemple to godaddy hosting, and now my form is not working and keeps giving me the error:

Error sending Email : Connection refused

I contacted godaddy and they informed me that php sendmail function is enabled,,,

Please help

Hi, see response in your mailbox. @+

dear sir Thank you very much for such a great product, your script literally saved my job. One question how to align form in center of page. Regards

Hi, send me a private message via my profile with URL of thé form page. I will check it. @+

dear sir how do i remove captcha Drag & Drop if i remove it the form is not sending the message

thank you

Hi, you need to specify the nospam parameters to false in jquery plugin and action.php file to disable it properly.

Code example:

In jQuery plugin:

    noSpamControl: false,  //Specifie if No Spam Control is activate (true / false)

In action.php file:

//Specifies if you want to use no spam control (drag and drop)

Hi, thanks for the product. One issue I’m having though is that the attachment is not coming across. I get a text file attached to my email and not the image I attached on the form. Any ideas on why this is happening?


The most common reason is an upload server restriction rule. Can you send me a private message via my profile i will check your issue.



Thanks on great product!

I have few questions: 1. Is there a way to scale or to use compact size of new Rechapta, because I have form width for example 200px and rechapta goes out of view? 2. When I remove the last “Choose a file” button, there is no nice scroll effect which moves add attachement button up. 3. I used custom styling for select component and now there is no warning (This field is required.) when item is not chosen.



Send me a private message via my profile for quick support. Send me all informations about your form location ( website, page url of the form … ) i will check it.


Pre-sales question: I’m using Twitter Bootstrap on a site and wish to integrate this script – is it possible to use default Bootstrap fields / HTML / CSS for form elements rather than those supplied?

It’s a great product, once you understand it is very flexible, has a lot of possible configurations including the ability to save data in a DB. The support is great and fast.

Hi, thanks for review.

Hi Author, just wondering if it’s possible to set two recipients to receive the automated response? One would be the original sender (which I have working now), the second email needs to go to another email address that will never change. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

For those looking to buy this, I can confirm this is a fantastic script and works perfectly and easy to install.


At the moment there is no automatic feature to set several recipients for auto response message.
I can help you to implement this feature in the w2ContactForm PHP class. Send me a private message via my profile i will check it.

Let me know.


hdhk Purchased

Hi gui-yem,

I cannot get your script to work. I keep getting a server error when trying to implement the plugin (500 Internal Server Error) on my website. The server logs the following errors:

> PHP Notice: Array to string conversion in /../../w2ContactForm.php on 717 > Undefined property: Zend_Mail::$Array in /../../w2ContactForm.php on 717 > PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Function name must be a string in /../../w2ContactForm.php on 717 \nStack trace:\n#0 /../../action.php(66): W2ContactForm->sendEmail()\n#1 {main}\n thrown in /../../w2ContactForm.php on line 717

In w2ContactForm.php, line 717 points to the following: $mail->$rValues‘method’;

Any idea of what could be causing the problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Hi, I received your private message I answer to you in french on your mailbox. @+

Hi is it possible that the form can generate a list with all Names , E-Mails and Name of the Attatchments ?

i need something like a history of all send Notifications with files – stored on the FTP / place ….

Thank you

how can develop this ? you ?

is it possible to wirte in an personal chat ?

Yes I sent to you a mail on your personnal email.