AJAX Commenting Platform

AJAX Commenting Platform

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This component allows you to install a fully AJAX commenting system on any webpage (requires jQuery).

» Allow users post comments and replies on any webpage>
» ALL operations are controled by AJAX so no waiting time!
» Comments rating system!
» Comments report system!
» Administration Panel where you can manage your threads and comments
» Comment Geotagging!
» Easy setup and costumizable with your own CSS
» Gravatar support (Can be disabled if you want)
» SPAM protection
» Optionally require comment approval before going live
» Optionally show user’s country name and/or flag
» Optionally show user’s browser and/or OS (usefull for websites about technology)
» Facebook style comment scrolling
» Automatically convert website links and email addresses to clickable links
» If you have experience with CSS and/or Javascript you can costumize as much you want

Requires PHP and MySQL server. Also needs jQuery framework

Update v1.2 (01/07/2012):
» Added Edit comment ability
» Added ability to disable/enable CAPTCHA

Update v1.1 (30/12/2011):
» Fixed geotagging bug which couldn’t locate many IP addresses (changed geocoding service)
» Added Geocode Commnets link on Admin Panel (For people who have installed older versions. It will re-geotag the existed comments which suffered from the above bug. May take some time)