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How secure is it? How can I integrate it with Drupal? Do you provide an autologin method that can be called when the user is logged in Drupal?

Hi, I have no idea if you can integrate it with Drupal, because this is not like a plugin for that CMS. You might wanna look for a dedicated plugin for Drupal.

I keep getting this error “Opps! Unexpected error.” but the comments still post. How do I fix it?

I do not know what mailgun is, or how to set it up

Try setting the encryption to 'encryption' => '', in config/mail.php

It’s definitely something from your server.

There is a big problem with system. The comment system shows all information from the user table. This could contain sensitive data including emails, confirmation codes, and other data added by programmers.


{“id”:110,“name”:“Eddie Diaz”,“email”:“email@gmail.com”,“status”:1,“confirmation_code”:“ee5dda7457a184399ce9f6b52d2377”,“confirmed”:1,“stripeToken”:null,“created_at”:“2017-06-09 21:34:23”,“updated_at”:“2017-06-13 00:56:02”,“deleted_at”:null,“twofac_id”:null,“phone_number”:null,“country_code”:null,“remember_two_factor_token”:0,“merchant_id”:null,“user_type”:“creator”,“roles”:[{“id”:100,“name”:“Administrator”,“all”:1,“sort”:1,“created_at”:“2017-06-08 22:40:43”,“updated_at”:“2017-06-08 22:40:43”,“pivot”:{“user_id”:110,“role_id”:1}}]}}}

For example take a look at: view-source:https://laravel-comments.demo.hazzardweb.com/comments?permalink=https%3A%2F%2Flaravel-comments.demo.hazzardweb.com%2F&page_id=1

You will see the emails from every person who tested the system.


I would like to ask one question before buy. I already have a regiter/login system on my website. Can I implement your comment system to back-end and somehow skip your registration/login? Is it possible to join your DB tables with my tables which contains already registrered users?

Thank you for your answer. Cheers Gabriel


ryan44 Purchased

Hi, is there anyway to make a comment by an admin user (role = admin) standout? Maybe a darker background?

I have a doubt, this system has how to deploy an image in the comment?

Hi, it doesn’t support image upload. Only image links via bbc code.

I was able to integrate the comments system with my project, very smooth, but now I am getting this error: CSRF Token Mismatch Error.

Any ideas on how to fix it? The only thing I changed that could have caused the error is changing this <?php Comments::render(‘page2’); ?> to this: <?php Comments::render($comment_id); ?>

and I also commented the //session_start(); since it was giving errors.

Thank you.

Hi, do you maybe have jQuery loaded twice ? Can you send me the url to your site so I can take a look ?

Hi, is it possible to load comments (and the comment form) by specifying a URL? So if I wanted to show the comments from example.com/id/1 on example.com/page/1 and allow people to comment on both pages for a combined comment feed?

Yes, you can by setting an id for that page http://docs.hazzardweb.com/ajax-comment-system/2.0/usage . But you can’t have comments from multiple pages merged.

Two Presales Questions

  • Does this include a Stop Words file to elimate curse words? I won’t be moderating the comments
  • Will configuration let script Allow all comments without entering Email address?

You can have the option to set Moderation Keys (When a comment contains any of these words in its content, name, URL, e-mail, or IP, it will be held in the moderation queue.) or Blacklist Keys (When a comment contains any of these words in its content, name, URL, e-mail, or IP, it will be marked as spam.).

Check the demo and go to Admin > Settings

How do I change admin password? Great plugin btw!

From the users table, the password column. Make sure to hash it with bcrypt.

echo password_hash('secret', PASSWORD_BCRYPT); 

Is there any way to get emoji support (mobile)?

Hi, I plan to implement this feature. I already did for one of my other packages https://laravel-comments.demo.hazzardweb.com