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How secure is it? How can I integrate it with Drupal? Do you provide an autologin method that can be called when the user is logged in Drupal?

Hi, I have no idea if you can integrate it with Drupal, because this is not like a plugin for that CMS. You might wanna look for a dedicated plugin for Drupal.

I keep getting this error “Opps! Unexpected error.” but the comments still post. How do I fix it?

I do not know what mailgun is, or how to set it up

Try setting the encryption to 'encryption' => '', in config/mail.php

It’s definitely something from your server.

There is a big problem with system. The comment system shows all information from the user table. This could contain sensitive data including emails, confirmation codes, and other data added by programmers.


{“id”:110,“name”:“Eddie Diaz”,“email”:“email@gmail.com”,“status”:1,“confirmation_code”:“ee5dda7457a184399ce9f6b52d2377”,“confirmed”:1,“stripeToken”:null,“created_at”:“2017-06-09 21:34:23”,“updated_at”:“2017-06-13 00:56:02”,“deleted_at”:null,“twofac_id”:null,“phone_number”:null,“country_code”:null,“remember_two_factor_token”:0,“merchant_id”:null,“user_type”:“creator”,“roles”:[{“id”:100,“name”:“Administrator”,“all”:1,“sort”:1,“created_at”:“2017-06-08 22:40:43”,“updated_at”:“2017-06-08 22:40:43”,“pivot”:{“user_id”:110,“role_id”:1}}]}}}

For example take a look at: view-source:https://laravel-comments.demo.hazzardweb.com/comments?permalink=https%3A%2F%2Flaravel-comments.demo.hazzardweb.com%2F&page_id=1

You will see the emails from every person who tested the system.


I would like to ask one question before buy. I already have a regiter/login system on my website. Can I implement your comment system to back-end and somehow skip your registration/login? Is it possible to join your DB tables with my tables which contains already registrered users?

Thank you for your answer. Cheers Gabriel


ryan44 Purchased

Hi, is there anyway to make a comment by an admin user (role = admin) standout? Maybe a darker background?

I have a doubt, this system has how to deploy an image in the comment?

Hi, it doesn’t support image upload. Only image links via bbc code.

I was able to integrate the comments system with my project, very smooth, but now I am getting this error: CSRF Token Mismatch Error.

Any ideas on how to fix it? The only thing I changed that could have caused the error is changing this <?php Comments::render(‘page2’); ?> to this: <?php Comments::render($comment_id); ?>

and I also commented the //session_start(); since it was giving errors.

Thank you.

Hi, do you maybe have jQuery loaded twice ? Can you send me the url to your site so I can take a look ?


ryan44 Purchased

Hi, is it possible to load comments (and the comment form) by specifying a URL? So if I wanted to show the comments from example.com/id/1 on example.com/page/1 and allow people to comment on both pages for a combined comment feed?

Yes, you can by setting an id for that page http://docs.hazzardweb.com/ajax-comment-system/2.0/usage . But you can’t have comments from multiple pages merged.

Two Presales Questions

  • Does this include a Stop Words file to elimate curse words? I won’t be moderating the comments
  • Will configuration let script Allow all comments without entering Email address?

You can have the option to set Moderation Keys (When a comment contains any of these words in its content, name, URL, e-mail, or IP, it will be held in the moderation queue.) or Blacklist Keys (When a comment contains any of these words in its content, name, URL, e-mail, or IP, it will be marked as spam.).

Check the demo and go to Admin > Settings

How do I change admin password? Great plugin btw!

From the users table, the password column. Make sure to hash it with bcrypt.

echo password_hash('secret', PASSWORD_BCRYPT); 

Is there any way to get emoji support (mobile)?

Hi, I plan to implement this feature. I already did for one of my other packages https://laravel-comments.demo.hazzardweb.com


Ero10 Purchased

Hi! I bought your script (Ajax Comment system v2.0) how can I set (id, name, email, avatar, url) without authorization ? so people can just leave a comment without authorization! how can I default paste (id, name, email, avatar, url) for everyone ?


Ero10 Purchased

and how to set your own (id, name, email, avatar, url) by default ? to leave comments without authorization on behalf of (id=1, name=test, email=ffrrg@mail.com, avatar, url)


Ero10 Purchased


Not sure what you mean by that. If you’re not looking for integration with an existing user/auth system then I don’t know what changes you want to make to the script.. Can you maybe contact me directly with more details of what you’re trying to achieve ?

Hi, is it possible to add a modal to the admin page to reply to a comment? So like you have an edit modal, but one to add a reply? Instead of having to go to the page and reply individually? Thanks.

Hi, well it can be done but it requires some custom work.

Hi, thanks for the reply. We’re more than happy to pay for this addition. I will drop you an email.

Hello :) i bought this awesome comments system but i have a litle conflict with with : assets/css/vendor/bootstrap.css it destroy my bootstrap website. Can you provide me a light version or help me please ?? a big thank you in advance

Hi, if you follow the docs you can use it without conflicting with your css http://docs.hazzardweb.com/ajax-comment-system/2.0/usage

Oh i’m so sorry for wasted your time. i didn’t read these line of the doc. Sorry and thank you, your script work perfectly !!!!

user can upload the image of his avatar?

The included auth system is just a basic one to get you started. It assumes you already have something that you’ll use it with.

Could a field be implemented so that users can modify their profile image? Could you do it if I buy the script?

Unfortunately I’m not available for freelance work.

it is possible to activate vote for guest without email or name ?

Send me the link and maybe an FTP account and I’ll take a look.

Yes can i have your mail adress ?

Just use the private message from CodeCanyon or hazzardweb@gmail.com

How hard is it to tie your comment system into a 3rd party registration system vs your own registration system (EasyLogin Pro – User Membership System)?

If I’m fairly new to php, and very inexperienced with mysql, do you provide any type of tutorial for tying your two scripts together, or does it require additional coding to get the two to work together?

Can the comment system be tied to the logins script by simply specifying the mysql database of the login script?

Thanks for any info on this you can share.

Also, your demo is down, when trying to sign up I get the following error:

The requested URL /easylogin-pro/signup was not found on this server.

I’d like to get a better feel for how the signup and script works, if you can get it working again. Thanks.

Hi, if you check the docs you can see there are few things that need to be set up.

As for the integration with my script, I think there will be some conflicts, since EasyLogin Pro already includes a comment system.

There’s no /singnup page, it’s.https://demo.hazzardweb.com/easylogin-pro/signup.php