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Maybe I am blind, but I do not find the mysql db setup file…

And no read me how to install/setup


This is really pretty poor.

Absolutely no documentation whatsoever, i thought it was an absolute pre-requisite that all items come with docs.

Ok php errors due to poor db queries, with latest versions of php ( but software version for product ) states 5.x so you should either change this to only the php version the script works with.

Furthermore you are using a very outdated version of jquery. For those using latest build , you can change .live function to .on this should fix jQuery errors.

I will now be asking Envato for a refund, and will hold off neg feedback until it is resolved, very poor item. Especially as it was supposedly updated 26th Nov 2013

also states files included SQL ( where is the sql files ? )

Updated and fixed, please download last release.

Great script. Unfortunately I need to use non-integer characters for $postid (getCommentSystem($postid).

But when I try to use $postid=’pos_pageID’; for example, I get an error in comment.class.php on line 175. Please help me with this issue.


Please contact with me by contact page, I can help you by email.

Hello, Updated: provided for?

I am interested only comment system integrated on my website. simply include the file in our pages. page: blog.php example <?php include(“gestion_des_commentaires.php”); ?> possible thank you

Yes, it is possible


Question before purchase

How to integrate your plugin on the template here?

Thank you

Demo link not working