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Hi, a couple of questions before I purchase: 1) The comments are associated with the page url? or we can customize this, so that it is associated with a page unique id like (post-123)? 2) Can the comment system be implemented as a service? (it’s own laravel installation managed via API calls, for frontend and backend). 3) Does it display number of comments for each post in a list of posts? 4) Does it work with Laravel 5.4? It’s not really an issue as it will be implemented as a service, we could use 5.1 for the comments service. Thanks in advance.

I’m working on a new version right now. I hope I can finish it this week. It will have all the features above except the sevice part.

This time the comments will be embedded via an iframe so it doesn’t interfere with the app CSS/JS. So I think it could be implemented as a service fairly easy.

Questions keep comming up: 5) If I purchase now do I get the new version later or I would need to purchase again? I would use the actual version to buy time and gain insights on how the system works, so it’s easier when the new version is released. 6) In the demo site you have to be logged in to upvote / downvote. I would like to allow anonymous users to vote (avoiding repeated votes vía a cookie). Is this an option? 7) Is the code well documented in order to be customized by our developer to fit our needs? 8) What about localization? Is this an option or we need to manually change all hardcoded english strings?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, no you don’t have to purchase it again. The updates are free.

Yes you have to be authenticated to vote, I’ve looked into adding the option with anonymous users but it didn’t looked right so I dropped it.

There’s no I depth docs about the classes, but if you know Laravel there’s nothing special.

The text is extracted in a translation file so you can add your own translations.

Why do I have the ability to vote for my own comments?

That’s just how it is. You can upvote/downvote your comments.

I posted the comment http://acs-laravel.demo.hazzardweb.com/#!comment=4310 and upvoted for it. I think that the authors should not have the ability to vote for their comments.

Hi i have laravel 5.1 v and i want to use comment system in existing code if is it possible then let me know how can i do this …..

Hi, the new version requires 5.3 or 5.4. Won’t work with anything bellow that.

so what we do our laravel version is 5.1 ..

I’ve managed to make the latest version compatible with Laravel 5.1. Send me a direct message and I’ll email you back the script so you can test it before I push the update on CodeCanyon.

When Laravel 5.4 compatibility will be added?


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Hi, sorry for the late reply. It’s almost done. I just have to finish the docs. This weekend will be uploaded on CodeCanyon. It took a bit more than I’ve expected.

Hi, I am using Laravel 5.4.15 and it is not working. The comment for appears, however I get an error when posting a comment:


I need this to work urgently, please let me know if there is any fix that I can apply.


Hi, the current version is not compatible yet with 5.4. I have a new update but I need to finish the docs. It should be up by tomorrow.


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Hello, how are you? :D

I see have an update on your script. What’s new in this version?

Hey i need multiple comment system for single page for laravel 5.1 wheres you are providing this feature for only laravel 5.3 but description of plugin on this website says plugin will provide support for laravel 5.1 also. so when i can expect multiple comment system update for laravel 5.1?? Please atleast provide response for this.

Hi, unfortunately the new version won’t work with older versions like 5.1 or 5.2 because it uses some new features that are not available in those versions. You should consider upgrading to the latest version since 5.1 is almost 2 years old now.

I’ve managed to make the latest version compatible with Laravel 5.1. Send me a direct message and I’ll email you back the script so you can test it before I push the update on CodeCanyon.

Hey Hi! I am using Laravel 5.1. Your old version is running fine with single instance. But my requirement is support for Multiple instance . I see your new version supports this but for laravel >5.3. Is there any way i can use it for 5.1 ? for any codelevel changes, if you can provide some hint or direction , it would help. Thanks in advance

Hey Thanks for the prompt reply.! Actually i have a legacy system used in production. Upgrading it to 5.3 would not be feasible. Is there any way or code changes that i can do in you older version to make it work for Multiple instance with Laravel 5.1 I am developer myself so would understand the Hints any Guide from your side. Will really appreciate your help.

Hi, I have some good news! I’ve managed to make the latest version compatible with Laravel 5.1. Send me a direct message and I’ll email you back the script so you can test it before I push the update on CodeCanyon.

You can log in here and download the master branch. Then make sure you follow these additional steps before installing the script.


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It seems like this script is not SEO friendly. Does it inject an inframe tag? That’s pretty oldschool not really used anymore. Is there anyway for you to provide a better javascript/frontend for handling the comments? It’s not really usable right now.

Hi, as of version 2 it now uses an iframe and yes there seems to be a problem with how Google sees your page. Not sure how can be fixed but will look into it. Removing the iframe would cause a lot of trouble with the JavaScript and CSS.

I would like to use this plugin like this, but I need the comments to be embedded and rendered within the HTML source and not AJAX based. Do you have any intention of supporting this? Thanks.

Hi, that is not possible with this script.

Hi HazzardWeb. Could you consider adding it? It’s one of the reasons I’m contemplating maintaining WordPress is for its commenting ability. Thanks.

The script was built with ajax in mind so there are some things that have to be rewritten. Will consider it for the future.


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$query = Cache::get($pageId);
$query = Comment::where('page_id', $pageId);

I’m trying to use laravel cache to cache fetchcomment query resuft. But, i have received an error:

PDOException in FileStore.php line 98: You cannot serialize or unserialize PDO instances

Can you tell me how?

Hi, first you’re trying to cache a query instance not the collection. Secondly you can’t just cache it like that because you take in account the pagination and sorting and also bust the cache when comments are added/deleted.


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Problem when POSTING via XHR: ErrorException in Configurator.php line 5843: file_put_contents(/Users/osx/code/laravel/project/storage/app/Renderer_843009fbf9ac338dcaa0bddd9a0206fc42099342.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

What to do?

Can you run php artisan cache:clear ?

does this work on larval 5.4?

Yes it does.

Hello, Following up on code canyon.. No I do not have the code canyon folder. Before acquiring the package, I wanted to test the demo first to see the level of customization available. For instance, I need users to log in before commenting, I need to use their own avatar, etc… So according to your own documentation, a user should be able to simple clone the demo repo, and continue with the regular installation.

The demo repo is a demo app, but does not include the source code of the script.


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I am configuring this package on a development environment; it’s deadly easy to implement in an already made site. And also seems to work pretty well. I have only a question: is it possible to override the routes of admin pages without modify the routes.php of your package?

Beside this, just some considerations on the documentation and customization: 1- In “Customization” page of the documentation the command to publish the views is wrong. It should be: php artisan vendor:publish—provider=”Hazzard\Comments\CommentsServiceProvider”—tag=views

2- This package name is “Comments”, so any localization should be placed in resources/lang/vendor/comments/{locale}/ (not “laravel-comments” as i thought)

3- If you are already using some access control like spatie/laravel-permission you don’t have to put anything in AuthServiceProvider, just add a new permission called “moderate-comments” and assign it to a role (or user)

Good job with this package!

Yes you’ll have to modify the package routes.php file. Thanks for pointing the error in the docs.


ulrich0 Purchased

Ok, i have added this package to my production server and i can “review” it.

TL;DR: this package is awesome, but some tweaks should be applied for better performance.

The Iframe Idea: someone could criticize the iframe-structure of the widget; well, imho it’s the only possible solution for a one-size-fits-all problem. Embedding the html directly on the page, would have caused problems with css and styling of the elements (and with the rest of the website). Yes, it’s not SEO-friendly… but if the SEO side of the comments section is a priority for you, maybe you should re-think your website: a forum could be more suitable.

CSS and Javascript: yes, they are huge, no objection here. Usually the comments section is at the bottom of an article, so one possible solution is to lazyload all the assets when the users scroll the page near the comments area. PROBLEM/ERROR: the build process of the assets file will fail on unix machine. To make it work, in resources/assets/js/ you have to rename the file Api.js in api.js In webpack.mix.js, if you uncomment the line:

const publicPath = './../public/vendor/comments'
then you should replace this line:
fse.copySync(file, file.replace(/\..*\./, '.'))
with this:
fse.copySync(file, file.replace(/comments\..*\./, 'comments.'))

Speed: this package doesn’t seem to add too much overhead to the application, but … PROBLEM: in CommentsServiceProvider, lines 104-106:

if (! $config['settings'] || ! Schema::hasTable($tableName)) {
this Schema::hasTable() method will call an Sql query at EVERY pageload to check is a table called comment_settings exists… If i am using this package and already run the migrations, we can assume that table exists… i think those three lines could be safely removed from the script.

Verdict: awesome package, easy to modify and quick to use

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll make sure to fix those in the next update.


attache option is needed.

Hello I would like to buy this product but before I have any questions…

  • 1 – I had already purchased your package of comments, only did I always have cookie problems, which expired every time one closed my browser, this new script, keeps the saved cookies?
  • 2 – How does integration with the Auth system of laravel 5.4?
  • 3 – I have the models User.php in App\Models, how do I set it up? I do not read anything like this in the documentation
  • 4 – Can you set different styles?
  • 5 – Example, make comments in /user with a style and in /article with a different?
  • 6 – Is it possible to get a discount on the product, since I have already purchased “Ajax Comment System” which is a very similar one?

The script uses the Laravel cookies so I don’t know why it wouldn’t keep them. Unless you have some custom configuration in your Laravel app.

In terms of authentication you don’t have to do anything. It just works out of the box with the Laravel authentication. See this demo app.

You don’t have to do anything about your user model.

It only comes with one style. You’ll have to customize it with CSS.

Unfortunately CodeCanyon doesn’t allow that. You can refund your old script and get this one.

Hi, it would be great to be able to receive a refund of old ones so that I can buy this… in order to thank you, I will also purchase 12 months additional support… How can this procedure be done? I’m not very practical at codecanyon

Your item description lists “Ajax SEO” as a feature, yet the comments load using Ajax and within an iFrame. Was this added to deliberately mislead potential customers or are you working on an update will improve SEO?

Sorry about that. The first version was SEO friendly, but with the second version and the move to an iframe that’s no longer the case. I’ve removed that from the feature list.

I’ve opened a refund request since the product was falsely advertised and won’t work with our project anymore (also there doesn’t seem to be any interest in making it SEO friendly based on your response).

does this support 5.5 ?

Yes it does.