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laocoi Purchased

Hello, i want add rel=”nofollow” to link generated by autolink feature. Can you tell me where i can edit?

Hi, I’m using this package https://github.com/s9e/TextFormatter and I don’t see an option to enable that.

Pre sale questions 1. Can this be integrated with facebook login ? 2. How can we integrated with my application’s registered user ? For registered users, they should be able to add comments without filling out name , email 3. How do we port the comments from existing home grown commenting system to this new app ? If you give insert scripts for tables, I should be able to insert the comments. 4. If there are more than 1k comments, does the app uses any pagination or loads all the comments ? 5. Any know performance issues with this app ?

Thanks. Looking to make a purchase soon. Have to upgrade laravel first. We still are on old version

4.2 or 5 ?

we are on 4.2

Can it be configured to only allow 2 levels comment?

hi, i recently bought this and could not find the depth option, can you clarify?


laocoi Purchased

Hello, i think your script need cache function to cache comments on a url. Because when we have a lot of article with a lot of comment, loading speed will slow down. How do you think?

Hi, you only load a page of comments at the time so I don’t see the problem there.
Here are more than 2k comments and it loads very fast.

comment system is great was going to make my own but then I saw your’s and the way you have done the whole disqus thing is great , so what I want to do is completely remove the default way to comment with name/email etc and hook up my laravel auth / user modal , which currently has a custom avatar and username, any easy way to do this or do I have to edit your templates partials , the end result is I want to hook up the comments and upvote count to a users profile page. thanks

Hi , I am facing issues in using laravel comment system. In admin panel , it never loads. I tried to debug this and it comes out that it fetch data successfully. But when it try to convert data in json, it stuck in some loop. please help!

Could I generate multiple comments in one page? If yes, how? Thanks

Hi, it’s not possible to have multiple instances on the same page.


azeos Purchased

Can’t find the “maximum nested depth” option. http://imgur.com/ohYED0s

It seems that this version (the Laravel one), doesn’t have it. But the “Ajax Comment System 2.0” does.

Are you willing to implement it?


azeos Purchased

How can I load the comment system through AJAX?

I have a page with pictures and when someone clicks on them, an AJAX call is made and a modal gets opened with extra information. The idea is to insert the comment system within the modal.

But the comment system doesn’t show up. Probably is something about vuejs that only generates the comments on page load.

Is there anything I can do to open the comments dynamically?

Hi, sorry for the late reply. Right now the comments are loaded when the page loads so it’s not possible. But I’m working on a new version that will most definitely allow that.


ziraffa Purchased

Hello, I recently upgraded from 1.1 to 1.2 and I still don’t see the depth option in the admin tools that you referenced. Can you tell me how to find this setting?

Hi, yes there’s an option for that http://m.imgur.com/ohYED0s

Sorry about that, I posted on from the wrong script. That’s from another comment system. This one doesn’t have that option yet.


kjma Purchased

I used to have this working on a 5.2 installation, but with 5.3 it’s not working for me. I’ve followed all of the directions, and tried it on both an existing development site and a fresh 5.3 install.

Comments are returning a 422 validation error. If a user is logged in, Vue is populating the correct info in the form, but after submitting a comment it’s returning an error that both the Username and Email are missing.

I looked through the code and found that those errors can only get thrown when validating a guest’s post, so something isn’t recognizing the user as logged in after the post. Is this a known issue or am I missing a step somewhere? Is there anything missing like declaring a user model in a config?

(I can reach the admin area fine, the only issue is when commenting)

I’ve noticed this problem on 5.3 too. I have a patch for this: Copy the Author.php file from the archive bellow to app/Comments/src/Author


kjma Purchased

It works! Thank you very much

Hi , I have purchased your product recently , I have cleanly installed it But i am unable to see anything on my view. ( working laravel 5.2 ) http://seoserviceindia.co.in/ci/dooYouTuber/admin/vemiovideoxs

I have checked all js are getting included. correctly. I can see comment tags too,

but not displaying anything , if i cant see anything i will not be able to post any comment. kindly help.

Hi, sorry of the late reply. There seems to be an error on your page right now http://prntscr.com/cybzff

Hi, I’m interested in your script.. Any plans to update it to laravel 5.3?

It already has support for 5.3 but someone said it still had an error and I’ve found the issue so I’ll send an update asp.

It already has support for 5.3 but someone said it still had an error and I’ve found the issue so I’ll send an update asp.

Hi, you mentioned in the comments ( about 5 comments up, azeos made first comment) that you were planning on working on allowing the comment system to be loaded through Ajax. I was wondering if this is still planned, and if you know (roughly) when it will be available?

I don’t see Statistics Comments

Hello HazzardWeb,

Can you please let me know your script is compatible with laravel 5.1.4 ?


Hi, the script requires at least Laravel 5.1.9. But since it’s not a major version you can upgrade your app from 5.1.4 to 5.1.x.

Hello HazzardWeb,

Our app is a bit complex and to upgrade it would be a tedious task and may cause a loss of data.

So, by any chance will it be possible to make it compatible with our version.

Look forward to a cheerful reply


noxy88 Purchased

Works perfect – Thanks for this awesome package – saved me a lot of work!

But you have to use

"s9e/text-formatter": "^0.8"

instead of

"s9e/text-formatter": "^0.4"

In your composer.json if you’re using PHP 7.1.

Also i think it could be good to have an option for http(s) in the config, because the defined gravatar url uses http which produces some warning in the web console :)

Hi, edit src\Support\Gravatar.php and replace http with https.


noxy88 Purchased


thanks for the info :)

I did it already, it was more ja “for your information”, if someone else has/had this “problem”, too.