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send messages to you and told me that the password is 12345 not work …. I am very angry because I need it for my website and I can do nothing for months trying to work and does not work !!!!! I wrote your email and nothing ….. to make money I need my business online and if your chat does not work because the user you say 12345 does not work, then I have no job and no money !! to see if it responds to my posts !!! you send more than 4 Recent Messages !! documentation could put in your password !!!!!!!!! not all customers because we buy we have to write to ask? makes it so that if you download from the internet so they can not use? It’s silly !!!!! anyone can buy this script and also publish the contreseña !! I’m tired of sending messages and not to run your script !! Segui todasl as instructions !!! I sent you the files and photos of everything I did and you doing? you do these things for people to pay support? deceives people so that you get paid for silucionar the problem? I’m tired I need to finish my work with your script online to earn money to feed my children …. understand? cares? or only interested in the script you buy !!! I have purchased many scripts in Codecanyon !!!! Many!!!! and I had no problems with other users !!! and with you if. !!! buy the script and told him I did not work … you said you could not be …. you send files and you told me that the files did not work because you had committed an error code … I sending files by email the download and then run! Now I download a copy from Codecanyon and does not work !!!!!!!!! Again the same problem !! 1 you do it on purpose !!!!  To bother!!! several users complained !!!! I’m not the only one!!!  I hope that the urgent solution! my email: Traductor de Google para empresas:Google Translator ToolkitT

I dont see a problem here, if you go to this link: you will see: For this demo use password 12345 for usernames, anna, albert, tracy, john, mike, jane, betty, carla, jessy, sismic, mustaf, soap how can I help more than that?

Hello, we purchased this plugin and loved it. However, we need to start a new chat request (chat action) with an user from another page (we have added “send message” link in profile pages). For example, when an user click “send message” link from profile, the page should be redirected to new message/conversation page in your script. Trying to solve this but couldn’t since 2 weeks. How can we do this? Can you help? Thank you.

Hello, answered this from support mail.

This is not custom work. This feature should be a must!

I don’t understand why I need to click on “write” everytime I want to write a message… will this be easy to change… if so I would like to purchase… thank you Regards Kim

That was the design of 2014. I will update it soon.

I don’t understand also why the newest conversation stays bottom in the chat list…Do you have any quick fix? Thank you. Best Regards

Good point. In chat list you mean. Will add that to the list.

Hi Paulo, I’m planning to purchase your script but i need to know if it handles a room chat? Something that stays saved for always. And also we can make a group discussion?

Hello. It wasnt designed for chat rooms. The update that supports groups is done but on hold, soon it will be released.

Hi Paulo, Im not sure what the pronelm is, but I installed it locally on my computer but I can not log in to any of the accounts. I used password 12345…but still doesnt log in to any of them…what is the problem? is it the session? i get invalid credentials. I checked my database connection too

It must work, try those usernames. Send an email from this: to get detailed support.

Sent you two emails today. Your features list does not say that you have included login/logout functionality throughout the code and that you are using security tokens. Please send me just the base code without the login/logout and security functionality. Thanks!

hello? can someone please reply soon? otherwise I’m going to ask for a refund…

Hello, sorry for late reply, your email will be answered soon with a copy of an older version that does not include that.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Are you still working on codecanyon??? I still have not heard back from you…

We are discussing this over support.

We are discussing it here in the comments section because you don’t have a support website and I’m not getting the code I need to proceed.

We are discussing it over email (support)

i don’t any registration button why

It was meant to be like that, so you can integrate on your own site.

Hello Paul,

I got a few questions about the possiblity for editing the current chat PHP-coding

I want to use the chat for intergrate it into a new website, so business accounts can chat with user accounts.

How easy is it: - I want to delete the current AUTH system, and replace it with my current AUTH system so it will be intergrated with my own login / profile - How easy is it to make it possible that the chat only can START from the business accounts to users? So users never can start a chat, only business users. - Where does the list contacts come from?

Maybe i got some more questions, but lets start first with this :)

Thanks a lot

Greets Dani

Hello, you have this files without login also, how easy to integrate its relative. The users are from your users list (all users on db) or friends (friends system, your friends will be on the list), about users never starting a chat only business you can modify some parts on script.

The location feature neither works on my local server nor here in your demo. Please advise.

It does work, you need to allow the location permisson from the browser

Hello, how I look the demo user? User can register accounts? Is a chat general?

The demo user is on login page. For account registation you have to integrate with your own.

I can not Attach Photos and Attach File

This question is being discussed over support.

Is working with PHP7?

this system is still working? and if i buy, do you guy will give support to integrate with my site?

It works, integration is a custom work.

I can’t log in to demo using password 12345 with any of the usernames

On my side with the frame its working. Wich browser is that?

Hi Paul, Chrome 61.0.3163.100 (Official Build) (64-bit) and have just tested in IE11 which also fails until I close frame and then it works there too. I also tried it earlier in week at work in Firefox on Windows (we were looking for chat for our company intranet) and it didnt work but haven’t got FF on my home PC to test now without frame.

By the way I see in earlier post you have link (which was posted in reply to someone else who was also having issues with the login) If I go there I have no problem logging in straight away.

Your script seems to work fine and dandy, problem seems to only occur when Envato frame is present. Hope this helps

Only on IE is that this happen with the frame on. FF/Chrome does well with ou without the frame.

Thats TOTALLY unaccepted why there is no registration page!!

Hi there, I send uploaded photo, in write message box there’s a button to open popup to attach photos when i open it and choose photo, there’s no button to send!!

Hello. Its automatic. Probably you saw nothing because its still based on flash player, you need to have the flash player plugin on the browser.

Its automatic!! HOW?? what should i do??

i added flash player still not working!!

Send your message over here: for better assistance.


taerese Purchased

Hi. This chat looks so horribly wrong in mobile. Can I pay you to make it looks like a better chat for me?

Hello. Send your email over this link: to get more info.

Hi there, I would like to integrate it on my project based on ScriptCase. In my project there are 2 type of users (“type a” and “type b”) and I would like that a button “message me” will be only in “type b” profile. So “type a” users can contact only “type b” users by “type b” users profile. So, only provate message. Do you think your messaging system could be setted up to work this way? Let me know.