Discussion on PHP SPA CMS - Single Page Application - SPA-Cart. Fully featured eCommerce CMS platform. Super fast.

Discussion on PHP SPA CMS - Single Page Application - SPA-Cart. Fully featured eCommerce CMS platform. Super fast.

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speed is unblievable!!! great look, and high performance! you should consider to add whatsapp checkout button in cart/buy now, this gets the product box first on whatsapp dialog with a preset phone number, and let customer ask questions or post purchase request/use available coupons and confirm purchase request (exists as woocommerce addon, you can check it as a case study)

Sorry I am alone. I have no time right now to make it, but I will consider it in future. Thank you.

Hi, this appears to be X-Cart Classic, with a few extra features bolted on. 1) Does it work with PHP v8.x and 2) does it use the Smarty template engine ?

Some parts look similar to X-Cart 5. Some are like X-Cart 4. Just whatever I thought can be easier to manage. You can also open source code of pages to see difference.

I thought so, I must admit you’ve done a great job there and I like the fact it’s pure PHP. Would be nice if the cart and checkout were not in modals. Long time XC user here also… big shame they’ve stopped developing XC4. EDIT: I notice the cart and checkout are not in modals on mobiles.

I was thinking about cart and checkout to be as separate pages and who ask me to do it in custom work requests – I do it for them. But mostly it is SPA type of site – so staying on same page is important.

Yes visit demo from your mobile and you will see that cart and checkout links are follow to own page.

Can i customize more? I mean i want to make a video section and upload videos on there. and make restriction to my users to view my videos.

If you decide to buy it – write me here so I will upload updated version to CodeCanyon. On demo it is little different.

Wordpress theme vs this script. Which is fast?

You can look on demo to see.

Click a few links.

Hi Oleg,
Congrats for a pretty amazing product, it’s the first time I’m seeing such a nice approach to coding.
However, I’ve noticed that the script is missing a very important feature, and that is support for Company users.
Here in the EU, in order to have compliant billing for companies, they need to also provide the following info:
- Company Name
- Tax ID
These 2 fields need to be added in the user account/address section, and need to also appear on the invoices.

Also, I noticed that your password system isn’t secure enough, as it doesn’t require you to provide the current password in order to change the existing one.
So if your account gets compromised, anyone can freely change the password…

Lastly, you stated that you use PHP 7.3 in development, which is deprecated.
For future proofing, security and performance, you should really switch to PHP 8+ and make sure that your script is compliant.


Also, I forgot to mention that the script dependencies are ancient (e.g. CKEditor 2016, jQuery UI 2014, jQuery v1.11.1 etc.).
These really need to be updated to the latest versions, as some of them have some pretty nasty security holes…

So basically, the script needs a refresh to 2022 standards: PHP 8, MySQL 8, jQuery 3.6.0, jQuery UI 1.13.1, CKEditor 4.18.0 etc.

And the last one: your script doesn’t support Google Rich Results, which in 2022 is killer for e-commerce.

So sad, it explains the low sales on CodeCanyon. This could have been an amazing product.

Hi Tangol,

I had no these requests before. Thank you for details. I am ready to add these 2 fields as small custom work. About JS libraries – they cannot be hacked as it’s browser, not plugin.

PHP 8 – I was trying to install it there and it works. MySQL 8 also. But I not upgraded it officially still.

Google Rich Results. I am not sure – need to learn when will have time.

I am doing some custom work with SPA-Cart, I am not interesting in more sales right now.

Thank you! Oleg

What PHP Version is used to build this system? If is in PDO and PHP Version v7.x.x or above is it secured?


I think PHP 7 does not support MySQL – only MySQLi. I was worked on system since PHP 5 so old MySQL was just there and I kept it.

Yes but we need to escape using PHP MySQLi and change to PHP PDO for security measures. Do you plain to upgrade to PDO?

Sorry I am doing sites too long. I like MySQLi and I always use addslashes. May be later will use PDO, but not right now.

Hello I have purchase the script installed on the server its working fine but getting some issues please fix this for me thanks

1. Payment Method is disabled of paypal , stripe and bank transfer unable to add details to that options 2. I want to remove the slider and the home page text and testimonials from the front 3. I have created one page in admin but its not showing that page in frontend 4. its showing DESIGN THEME COLOR in the bottom of the home page I want to select the color black for the theme and want to hide that box from the front waiting for your kind response thanks


Thank you for your purchase. I have replied to your email.

Regards, Oleg

Hello Great For Fast Response Yes I have done all the changes you mention just need detail on no 2 how to fix that thanks for your quick response.


Ok I will reply to any your email.

Thank you, Oleg

Hi! i recently purchased your script the problem is i wanted to know if its possible for me to change the color from time to time ? 2nd the following your documentation i already make it running but the the problem is when you hit add to cart the quantity is 0

Hi Mico,

I replied to your email.

Regards, Oleg

Hi, good evening! Please can you add payment ? Kind regards Matthew

Hi Matthew,

Sorry I am not planning to add that payment method into default package yet.

Regards, Oleg

Okay, what of customizing it for me? Also the market is new and growing…

Kind regards,

Hi Matthew,

Please, email me –

Regards, Oleg

Hello, this looks amazing. Is there a way to change and revamp the whole theme? Can customers change orders when placed (but not yet processed), Is it once licence per install? Thank you.


It has only one design. You can change design color with bottom-right option

Orders cannot be changed sorry.

One license for life-time for your site. Each site needs own license.

Regards, Oleg

Add to cart not working on demo (nothing is added)

Issue solved. It was iFrame – need to open Demo directly from URL

iFrame does not share session between visits. That is why. Cart was not saved as session not saved in iFrame.

Thanks – that was the issue and by going directly to the demo site everything works perfectly. This looks like an extremely well developed and thought out ecommerce script and one I will definitely be recommending to my clients in the future.

Thank you. Feel free to contact me.

Hi, could you check the reason why the demo is not working? kind regards..

Please, try it now.

Hello, is it has multi vendor?


No sorry it is not Multi-vendor by default. I only do multi-vendor on custom work request.

Regards, Oleg

Is there an Option to display Prices include or exclude tax? And Show prices Like: 125 EUR include xx% Tax. I Need also to declare the Tax in the Shopping Cart. Example: Cart total Mount 1000 EUR. Include Tax (20%): 166,67 EUR. This is Ford the german law! If this can be implemented, i will Order this Script Thx


Ok I will look on it on the week – I will update you here if I will do this option.

Could you contact me by email, please? I have a few questions.

I’m interesting for your product. I test it in PageSpeed Insights your score speed is high : 84.

But how about SEO? it’s search engine friendly because ajax concept?

I try generated google sitemap such as, but the result in this url : product not found

Is simple or easy to add new payment gateway, because in my country there are some local payment gateway and shipment gateway too?

The last question, how about platform of CSS you use? are You use less, sass, etc?


Please, write me an email and I will send you checkout payment methods integration scripts.

I sent you scripts

hi very nice , simple working cart which php framework is used? cake, codeigniter?


It is my own PHP core. It is pure(plain) code without OOP.

Hi , which technology did use to build it ? , is it core PHP ? and does it come with complete source code with no encryption so we can customize it based on our requirement if its needed ? Thank you

Hi, it’s PHP/MySQL and jQuery. All is not encrypted. You can customise it.

Привет! Вопрос: Сайт мультиязычный – но категории можно внести только на одном языке. Это фиаско :) К примеру сайт на 3 языках то нужно и категории на 3 языках. соответсвенно обычно url формируется на en.

в случае надобности за доработки возьмешься?

Да могу взяться – готов сделать дешевле чем я беру обычно – при условии что данную модификацию я включу в стандартную сборку. Свяжитесь со мной по почте – обсудим.

How do I run this project on my server, when i hit th project url, It goes to

Please, follow Readme.txt file – you need to edit includes/settings.php file

Can this script be used as a multi-vendor marketplace (take commission off every sale)? Or can only the admin (single vendor) sell items?

Is product bulk import possible (which formats)?

Does it have VAT and invoicing module?

Is it GDPR compatible (cookies opt-in/opt-out)?

Which security measures have been taken? Protection against SQL injection/XSS?

Thanks for your reply. I like the script, but I am currently looking for a multi-vendor script. For GDPR we need cookies opt-in/opt-out. Cookies should not be placed before visitors agrees to them. If they change their mind, cookies must be able to be refused again. I understand that you can make it multi-vendor, but that will probably cost much development time and money.

Ok sorry. Multi-vendor module will cost from 1-2 thousands.

Hello. I have Multi-vendor package but it’s available only if you ask for custom work. And each vendor sells himself and you just ask for commission at the end of the month.


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