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Hi Oleg, this looks great! Will it also handle subscription products?


I am sorry but subscriptions are not there yet. I was made it once however for membership – I can move that to product, it was made with Stripe.

I offer custom work. If you are interesting – contact me directly so we can discuss details and deal on price. https://codecanyon.net/user/olegkhorev

Regards, Oleg

how does memberships work for your shopping cart?

They can be defined here http://demo.ajax-cart.com/admin/memberships Example of usage http://demo.ajax-cart.com/admin/products/2/wholesale

Price per membership.

Also product variants pricing can be per membership http://demo.ajax-cart.com/admin/products/2/variants

do you have documentation on how membership module works?

Also, how do you handle affiliates (people who sell your products and you pay them commission)?

Sorry there is no manual. Just you can define price per membership.

There is no Affiliates module.


It is really supper fast, great work.

We need a point system for members, is there a module for that? Which payment gateways are supported right now? Is frontend is templateable, how?



I have no such module for points. If you can find such open source module – I can work on integration but it’s paid custom work.

Payments are done now through Paypal and Stripe. Also offline payment methods like phone, bank, etc.

Templates engine is wrote by my own http://demo.ajax-cart.com/page/templages-engine.html

Regards, Oleg

this looks really great , What i want to know is i had a template like a while ago to work on it. It has some basic sections in it but i want to integrate this to my template for example, here is the main question “would it be so hard?” i have little code knowledge of php or would you consider to do it as extra?

Templates engine is described here http://demo.ajax-cart.com/page/templages-engine.html

It almost like PHP. Or you can use native PHP with <?php tags in HTML. Two ways so.

I also provide custom work sure. https://www.upwork.com/fl/ecommerce

i like your script but i think it needs an area for check your purchase status… or you receive an email status? needs an area for check your order status, pending item or track order…

There is My Account popup once you are logged in. This popup has orders tab to see orders statuses. You can place your order with your email and test statuses changes in admin area.

Very interested in this as no reloading is what I need, however how easy will it be to use my own design on this?


You can contact me through CodeCanyon to email me, if you want I can send you templates example. Or you can hire me for design integration – I charge around $300-$400 for homepage design integration and around $100-$200 for each next page.

Regards, Oleg

That will be greatly appreciated. Will you provide me with your email so we can further discuss this?

hello, is planned any multilanguage version?

If you ask me for custom project, it will be easy for me.

I already have Ru/En support for Ajax Cart(as social network) here http://owohho.com/en http://owohho.com/ru

Just need few functions and translate.

Can we use our own store front by integrating your admin and shopping cart?

Do you want to use your shopping cart and integrate Ajax Cart with it? Ajax Cart is not a module – it is separate CMS.

Do you want to use your shopping cart and integrate Ajax Cart with it? Ajax Cart is not a module – it is separate CMS.

Can I translate to Greek language? I have already made my own business site using Serif webplus 8 (if you know).I need the part of shopping cart – can I use this for plugin?


You cannot use it as plugin. It is standalone CMS. Translation can be done with this page http://demo.ajax-cart.com/admin/language

Please, try it before purchase.

Regards, Oleg

You can install it under subdomain and use as standalone shopping cart. It cannot be installed into directory, only domain or subdomain. Also you can move all your site pages to static pages of Ajax Cart.