Discussion on Ajax Cart. Very fast. CMS ready. No page reloading at all. Many features. Adaptive/Mobile skin.


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Good job Oleg.

Ok thank you. I am busy with freelancing now so later will continue making work on CommerceWill.

What I see right now from my first sale – that it is almost nothing. Not possible to live for sales amounts. So my main thing staying anyway on collecting custom work. I see other platforms like Magento are doing the same. Or big sale price or custom work. There is no other way.

As promised I made mobile skin and I did responsive for desktop design.


basil5 Purchased

very nice work i have 2 questions before buy,

1) is the code 100% not encrypted?

2) did you use a template engine, or just php wich is best for me.

thank you!

1) Nothing is encrypted there. JavaScript is obfuscated for customer but templates folder has original source JS files.

2) Templates engine is wrote by myself from pure PHP. Tags are described in the ordered package Read-me.txt file. Say for you, you can use pure PHP or template tags – as you like. {$array[‘key’]} looks much more simpler than <?php echo …?> Also {foreach $arr as $k=>$v}{$k}-{$v}{/foreach}, {if $a > $b}{elseif $a < $c}{else}{/if}, {for …} – just like plain pure PHP, simpler than Smarty. Use {php $var = “etc”; $a = $b+c;} also – all is explained. I will write article later on commercewill.com demo but read-me.txt in installation package already has description for all used tags.


basil5 Purchased

Thank you my friend i just buy it, thank you for fast reply to my questions!

Please, note – JavaScript is obfuscated in Live mode only. So your development mode easy to check JS scripts. Settings file has IP condition – so you can work with live site and development site with single settings file. I will write comments into settings file of course in next release.

Templates also cached and in development mode it cached every time. In live mode only after file update or with regeneration(below 30 seconds) script. All is in Read-me.txt

What about CSRF and XSS protection. Do you have them built in?

XSS and CSRF is not very important. However I htmlspecialchars all needed POST variables for XSS. And I have CSRF on admin login form.

Also it was tested by Envato(CodeCanyon) for the security issues.

How easy is it to integrate a user login and session?

User login and session already there.

Please, kindly see live preview of my demo. You will find many features there. User login and session is the simplest part of web dev.

Is there a way to see what the SQL tables look like. What I need is every item purchased to be entered into the table so every item purchased has a unique tracking number. So if one order had 3 things, there would be 3 entries. Does yours do that?

Please, write me email and I will share orders, order items and products table with you.

For now I can just reply that orders have order items table where each item has own price for example and products options with variants and can add more if needed as custom work. So products table is inserted into orders items table for orders.


kotsias Purchased

Hi, nice work. It’s in mysql and mysql is deprecated, you will change it to mysqli or pdo type? Tnnks a lot.

Yes PHP 7 MySQL_connect() and othe related are no longer supported. However I am using PHP 5.3-5.6 still. Anyway there is single Database class under includes folder where you can simply change ways for PHP 7.

In system support on details page of script where you purchased it – it describes supporting options.


austweb Purchased

Purchased, Nice Script, Thank you… Great Support Too :-)

Thank you. Please, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I think you made best shopping cart script on CodeCanyon. I looked through other and your collection of features is really great. I just surprised that so many features and it still works very fast. I purchased the script.

Thank you. I always happy to provide any help.


It can be someone was changed it. I do restore database sometimes. Thank you for notify it to me. I have restored database once again so now you can access it.

does this cart support delivery date and time, I am very interested about this, but my shop needs clients to enter exact delivery date and time slots

Sorry there is no such option but you can find some developer to create it or you can contact me for price on such modification. It’s open source and easy code to create any custom feature.

you have very unique script, but you need to improve the delivery methods adding option to show delivery date calendar and time slots!

Sorry this is advanced option – other companies usually not include such features in default build. I am 11 years on freelance with over 300 completed projects and had may be not more 5 times such modification request.

yes i have sent you an email

Thank you. I replied.

Can we customize variant types for each/specific type of product?

I want to have: Hieght, width, depth, x, y, z, m, n, o etc—How easy to add variants types.


Yes it is possible. Please, see here http://demo.ajax-cart.com/admin/products/2/options http://demo.ajax-cart.com/admin/products/2/variants

Options and variants can be exported and imported. You can define new options and variants in import file – they will be added(by SKU or product #ID also variant SKU).

1. is it possible to change Variant for each specific product?

Product1: has variants Its own variants. Dim: H, W Cloth Type: X, Y, Z

If we change cloth type, price should be calculated based on Dim?

Product 2 has it own variants x, y, z, not like product 1.

Is it possible?


Yes you can set it. Price can depend on option and options can be defined as variants – then options combination is variant with own price.

Say M N O – it’s one variant with own price. A B C – second variant with own price.

Price per square feet you need to calculate manually and define per variant.

You can define dimensions as options group where each option add modifier to price.

I recommend you to play with demo to learn it. Also custom work for specific features is available and price can be discussed in email.

Yes, I understand the part regarding changing options. Price will be changed accordingly.

Problem I have:

1. Width(feet) - Text Box, Width(inches) - Selected option.
2. Height(feet) - Text Box, Height(inches) - Selected option.

* User can change any values.

Price is say: $0.89 square feet. 

Now  we need to calculate:

1. How many square feets, and multiply price by square feet right away. If user change the dimension, it should effect immediately. 

2. We need add other variants which has it own static price. 

Then we have a complete price, to add to the cart.


Sorry such option – variant per Inch not supported. It require some custom work.

I don’t think creating variants with inches included is an option as it will be too much variants and hard to manage.

Also about custom work for that case – it will be too complicated to manage anyway. Only if you have idea.

Привет! За доп оплату возможна заточка под конкретные задачи?

Yes sure I am working as freelancer over 8 years https://www.upwork.com/fl/ecommerce

If you can contact me directly I can share few sites made on that framework.

Hello. Can this be used has a multi shop. Different merchants? Thank you

Sorry it’s not multivendor. But before Ajax I was made that social marketplace http://userequip.com

By default there are no merchants.

is your demo the responsive version? I see it quits at around 1030px width.. but it looks fine on mobile device :)

It stops on 1000px right. Mobile version is there for that case.

Couple of questions..

1. I have been customising the development version downloaded from your website.. before i spend a lot more time can i convert this to the licensed version? ..or do i need to start from the beginning again with full version? I am likely to buy but I don’t want to waste time working on a version I can’t use.

2. with the licensed version are there more docs than in the devlopment download? I notice several areas that the README file does not cover for configuration.. or do we just work it out for ourselves?

I would like to try a bit more customising before i buy.. to make sure that things I want to change will turn out ok… I am selling digital and consultation items so I want to change weight and shipping info etc etc

This is a great cart :) feels nice and solid.. your experience shows!

1. I distribute Ajax Cart in multiple ways and I am not exclusive seller on CodeCanyon. You are free to use what you have without CodeCanyon license.

2. It’s same. To install you need import dump.sql into new MySQL database and configure includes/settings.php file per notes in file. New version should have all needed comments.

whats new in the latest version , any new addition apart from the design template? is there any documentation available?

where can i find version info? which file?

It is downloaded file. I put it in archive file name. Seems need to create text file in archive as well. Please email me to discuss.

You can send me your archive if you want changes log for your archive only.

Will you be updating this ti MySQLi ?


Sorry this is MySQL. But the file to do all queries is single class file database.php. For example $db->query() you can rewrite that function in any way. I am not familar with MySQLi differences but if SQL queries are same there – that way will work.

Regards, Oleg


I added MySQLi support.

Regards, Oleg

Hi, The mysql was depreceated!!! Please update your script with Mysqli or PDO type. It’s very nice work but i can’t to use it with old MySQL. I need it in Mysqli. I tried to change it in Mysqli but i have a lot of errors.. Althought it’s very nice work! Good luck with sales!


Could you contact me by email, please? I will send you MySQLi database class for Ajax Cart. So I hope you could take a look and test it a bit just with me before include it into build.

Regards, Oleg