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I have a presales question. Where is a list of features for this script. I checked the demo and your sales page and I can’t find it anywhere. The features you listed in the paragraph and the banner are not enough. I really need to see a list of features for this script.


Please check description now


ahrau Purchased

i can’t make this script to work again, i don’t have on the files the installation scripts. can you help me? thank you

Hello, Please contact on support email


muzki Purchased

Hi there, I would like to know if the facebook integration is fixed in the latest version because on the demo it shows the following error message:

Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Hybrid_Exception’ with message ‘You cannot access this page directly.’ in /home4/gshayer/domains/hayer/ Stack trace: #0 /home4/gshayer/domains/hayer/ Hybrid_Endpoint->authInit() #1 /home4/gshayer/domains/hayer/ Hybrid_Endpoint->processAuthStart() #2 /home4/gshayer/domains/hayer/ Hybrid_Endpoint->__construct(NULL) #3 /home4/gshayer/domains/hayer/ Hybrid_Endpoint::process() #4 {main} Next exception ‘Hybrid_Exception’ with message ‘Endpoint: Error while trying to init Hybrid_Auth: You cannot access this page directly.’ in /home4/gshayer/domains/hayer/ in /home4/gshayer/domains/hayer/ on line 217

I would like to know because I have purchased this item a long time ago and eversince i never solved this problem with facebook integration and therefore I have never used the cart yet cause I have been waiting for a solution towards that particular issue/problem.

Hello from the demo when i click proceed to pay it takes me back to add new address even thou i added an address i dont seem to get past this stage

After adding address you have to click the address in popup box. once you click, it turn green then you can proceed

failure not installation files and the database files

Please contact at support email with details like domain etc.

The install documentation/script does not work. It is trying to install from install.html from within the ‘ajax’ folder which never gets generated.

please send domain name, ftp details to support email.

You got my email with the credentials and synopsis of my experience, yes?

Its fixed


doberik Purchased

I am having the same issue with the install directory as tageffects

His issue fixed. Please contact at support mail or change in index.html symbiotic.init({ debug:false, path:’/store’, template:’/store/templates’, });

and in symbiotic/config.php if($admin){ define(‘SCRIPT_DIRECTORY’, ’/admin’); }else{ define(‘SCRIPT_DIRECTORY’, ’/store’); }


doberik Purchased

did not work


doberik Purchased

found the problem, it was the .htaccess file in the /admin folder. changed #RewriteBase / to RewriteBase /admin/

Is this cart for a normal html website and how about a blog?

Works there too, You need php installed on your server for back end to run. Integration is just js based

Sir, i want to know how to configure this PFX, because i never heard that before and the mails are being sent as spams plz help

PFX is prefix which we defined in CONFIG file.

You need to edit mail config in symbiotic/config.php Change from email address etc.

Question, I have a full ajax website and would like to use this code, however I think the website needs to be in full PHP to use your code. Is this true?

does this support php 7?

I want to purchase the Symbiotic – AJAX Cart but please inform about following :

I have linux hosting package at mochahost so please inform if Symbiotic is compatible.From what I saw they support the required php and mysql versions, but please confirm. I have built a business website using serif webplus 8, I am also using Javascript and jquery for lightboxes and sliders, so please confirm that there will be no problem by using your plugin? Most important : Can I translate it in Greek language ? will I be able to make any modification ?

Hello, It needs php and mysql in server it will work yes you can translate

Thanks, there is no payment Setting in the backend, and also no E-Mail sending… if order come in!!! No add manager or edit is possible… a lot of thing are not working in the backend.

Please help…

I’m waitung for your response.

Hello, I have found bug and am am fixing will mail you corrected version within this week