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Hello, I have a problem with the index.html page. When I add the product it says ”Invalid product”...? Please help me

Hi! Is it possible to add other languages and currencies? About currencies, what if currency haven’t a symbol? Is it possible to change fields in admin or user panel? Thanks

Yes code is very simple and can be edited easily

Have an site with courses, the courses have a ‘sign-up’ button, is it possible to instant checkout after register account without payment selection?

Also, no need for customers to go to their dashboard after purchase, can forward to thank you page instead ?

Possible to add more details on form such as tel no, name etc ? Will admin receive an email with the customers details and product-detail ?

Hello, A new custom script can be made for this specific in which user can only visit allowed pages

We can discuss project in my mail . sharanhayer@yahoo.com

Just purchased this script, and I am unable to create products. I am sure the downloadable file is there, I even copied and pasted the name. However, the script indicates that the file is not found, and will not allow me to create the product. Please advise.

Hello, Please provide site urls and login password in a mail so i can have a look.

I just installed this product and when I try to register a user on the registration page it says “Oops something wrong happened. Please try later.”

Hi few days ago to buy the code , and I have trouble setting the path of the image, do not understand exactly how it is , besides that I have problems with the login. I have more than 15 days sending emails to the support but I have no answer

Issue fixed. email replied

I was busy somewhere. sorry for inconvenience

I never got the email, please help the problem is the path of the image, we have several days with this

answer the mail desiree@grupoa9.com

I sent you private mail

demo not working

Sorry will upload new demo

still the demo is not working

does this work with php 7

does this work with php 7?

No sir