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Hi, I’ve installed and clear my cache perfectly but your Add-on isn’t working for me. What should I need to do now?

Please send a email for support, I’ll have a look

Email has been sent

I am looking for a search extension to display through ajax both wordpress posts and products, however I would like them separated within the ajax function (blog results separate from product results). Check out how does it – it separates artists, albums, and songs within the search results. Can this be achieved?

Hi! Awesome extension to Magento. But how do I configurate the extension and how do I enable product images in the the auto search?

Could you please send me a email regarding the same? You can contact me using my profile link

I “fixed” the problem. I just forgot to clear the Magento cache :-)

is that extension will work fully built angular js magento theme? as my magento front end is built in angular js and need to have product search option in the site. Just wondering is that possible to use this extension or not?

Hi can you send me a private message, you module gives me a blanc page on the backend, deleted cache and everything but doesnt seem to work. Kind regards


Cool! Good luck with sales!!!