Discussion on AiWrite - AI Writer, Content Generator & Writing Assistant Tools(SAAS).

Discussion on AiWrite - AI Writer, Content Generator & Writing Assistant Tools(SAAS).

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Get the bitch’s money back!

Don’t buy if anyone wants it buy it from me, at much less price, worthless script.

1. Script not working since day one. 2. Script full of bugs 3. Script is not being updated not maintained by user 4. No reply to Refund request also

How come envato is still letting this be active item. Author is not responding and not even updating this item which makes it a proper scam.

Everyone who still haven’t received refund i would like to tell you that you need to make sure you mentioned all the things regarding this item and even share a screenshot of reviews on this item.

“Don’t just send them a normal message (I want refund).” This will not help.

I have sent my refund request with as much details as possible and got the refund in 1st attempt. I’m really glad envato team helped me and others to get refund.

Hope you guys get your money back.


how can we get the money back?

Good job pixamo, u get 2 star is rating author xixixixi

The script is dead, wasted my money completly, please help me process with refund. I know the admin would avoide and not reply this message but still.

i was about to buy this product then i saw all these comments. WOW. i ask myself why Codecanyon not taking action against the seller. Thanks reviews save me from headache

Can you tell how many more weeks you exactly need to release update?

More than 1 month has been passed and still not a single update. I don’t need new features but atleast fix minor bugs one by one by releasing weekly updates.

Tell me how many more weeks I need to wait so I can decide to stay or move on to different script.

When the update will come? Please reply?

Thank you scamming us. You could have made more money by providing proper support and updates but you choose the short way and abandoned the project.

redcar Purchased

Hello everyone,

I would like to share my experience and seek advice regarding a product I recently purchased. I bought the product from an online seller after carefully reviewing the product information and reading reviews from other users. I paid the full amount for the product and received it promptly.

After installing the product according to the instructions, I noticed that it was not functioning properly and even caused issues with other parts of the system it was connected to. I read the documentation thoroughly and made sure that I followed all the recommended steps.

I attempted to contact the manufacturer to report the problem and request a refund or a repair, but unfortunately, I have not received any response from them despite numerous attempts to reach out.

Therefore, I would like to ask for advice on what steps I should take next. Has anyone had similar experiences and can recommend a solution? I would appreciate any help.

Additionally, I would like to add that I have been unsuccessful in contacting the manufacturer’s support team. I have reported the problem multiple times but have not received any response yet. I do not know how much longer I will have to wait for their reply.

Thank you and regards, redcar

Look, I’m all about giving people the benefit of the doubt. Maybe the author of this product is dealing with some personal stuff, or maybe they’re just swamped with work. But at the end of the day, if you’re selling a product, you have a responsibility to your customers. That’s just common sense.

Nobody likes buying a product that doesn’t work, right? It’s like getting a faulty blender that doesn’t blend or a pair of shoes that fall apart after one wear. It’s frustrating, it’s annoying, and it’s a waste of your hard-earned cash.

I can understand that fixing bugs and adding new features takes time. But here’s a suggestion for the author: release these updates incrementally. Don’t wait to release a single update with all the bugs fixed. Give purchasers access to the new features that have been added and make the system incrementally better. That way, users can see that you’re actively working to improve the script, and it’ll reduce the number of negative reviews that your product is getting.

I can guarantee you that the negative reviews you’re getting have cost you more sales than you’ve made from selling this thing. You’re literally costing yourself a ton of money because people are buying other scripts with better reviews. Just releasing small consistent updates would get you so much farther than waiting to release a single update with tons of work done.

So, to the author of this product: step up your game, my friend. Your customers deserve better than this. Don’t leave them hanging. If you’ve got updates, release them. And if you can’t handle the workload, maybe it’s time to bring on some help. It’s the responsible thing to do.

There is a problem with the output of articles in blog posts and pages. If a line break is included in the text, it is not broken and output as a single line. Please resolve this issue.

When a new user registers, will he/she receive a registration completion email? Identity verification emails need to be supported. Please add the feature to the system.

Hi, it’s been months and yet there is no stable update. The website remains unusable. It’s frustrating to see this kind of support despite having paid for 12 month extended support license. Kindly release whatever is done on your list and work on the remaining one later.

I have raised a refund request 4 days ago yet no reply from admin! This is pure fraud!!

The developer dispute the refund request stating that “without a valid reason, refund is not possible”. Does he need more valid reason than anyone who bought this script has been scammed for faulty non usual app?

SEO333 Purchased

google anlytics doesnt work in the dashboard please solve the issue.

There will be no updates, throw this script in the trash.

I purchased the code when it released…till now i don’t used it…you can check my license code…i waited long time for your update…now i dont want your code…so give my money back

when chat bot coming ?

Is this system built in React? When customizing, can I edit the file directly after it is built? Or do I need to customize the original file and then build it?

You need to customize the original file and then build it


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