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the importing is always stopping at 160… i tried different internet connection and the same happened again.

your support please!


Thank you for your purchase. Your internet connection wouldn’t cause this. The only thing it could be is your theme, another plugin, or your hosting. I would start off by swapping to the default theme and disable all other plugins while you import the data.

Hi aaron!

Interesting data base, i need to brazilian site and need descriptions are in portuguese? how to can do this?

Other think special character like ã have a problem, please search on demo by guarulhos and see city.

Can fix this?, or only need change when importing collation database


You would have to edit everything manually unless you found a plugin that would automatically convert languages.

Hello, I did not find OUA (Ouagadougou) airport in the plugin. Is it possible to add it some way ? Thank you !

The plugin creates posts for all the airports. So after it is done creating the posts you can always just create a post for any airport that maybe missing using the same format as the other posts.

Hi, does this plugin support the latest version of Wordpress? We are a jet broker and this could be just what I am looking for. I want the client to be able to search Airport and then click and send via a mail_form function. Thanks is advance.

Is anyway to use this as a directory listing with pages, instead of posts?

Also what is the total size of the database?

It comes with a 24MB CSV which is used as the data source while importing. The 2nd column is either post or page. All you need to do is change it all to page and it will import as a page instead.