Discussion on AIRobo: The Ultimate AI-Powered Content Writing Assistant as SaaS

Discussion on AIRobo: The Ultimate AI-Powered Content Writing Assistant as SaaS

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1. Can I feed large amount of data (like few millions of words) to the chatbot?

2. Can I turn off the other writing related features and only keep the ChatBot?

3. do you have plan to give it internet access? So that it can generate responses based on SERP data. Admin can use his own SERP API to make it functional or bear the cost if needed.

4. Can I create pages for Blogs? How is your landing and other page score considering SEO practices?

5. Can I add multiple API keys so that if one api reaches limits, it can use other api keys?

6. Can I limit the “Chatbot” response?

7. it’s not a query rather an advice – I saw in other’s comment that you didn’t find it practical to allow users to use their own api keys instead of using Admin API. I suggest you look out in the market. There are now many tools that are getting users’ attention just because of the this flexibility. Surgegraph, zimmwriter, etc. They have thousands of users per month. Anyway, thought to mention it.

1. The application uses OpenAI and it has its limits based on the model you use. None of its model accepts million words.

2. Yes you can disable the other use cases.

3. Yes internet is required. As I mentioned it use OpenAI.

4. Yes you can create blog. It’s seo score is A. You can check it on gtmatrix.

5. No you can’t use multiple API.

6. No you can’t. The limit is applied based on users words limit.

7. OpenAI is not that expensive. It doesn’t make sense to allow users to use their own API key. Why would they pay you if they are going to use their API?

1. I’m already working in a similar wordpress project where we’re inputting large dataset to train the ai. Moreover there’s an option to use embedding style training (using pincode api as a vector source support) for easy and faster training. You’re supposed to be aware of such use cases as a developer.

3. Not referring to internet connection. read again.

7. Once selling codes on codecanyon didn’t make sense to people. Some people take more time to catch the flow. Anyway, to existing people it makes sense are generating in their business model, are have thousands of users compared to you. This isn’t always about money logic, there are some other factors behind the decision.

1. Good luck with that. 3. We do not have such plans. 7. There’s is always a room for customization that one can do after making the purchase.

can admin force the user to add or use their own api? If no, do you plan to add this feature?

I apologies for the confusion.

It doesn’t sound practical. Its your business why would user want to use your site if they are going to your their own API key?

because it would allow me to offer trial or free accounts without losing money.

The OpenAI model is very cheap 1 real subscription will pay for at least 30 users

As Admin can use add our own custom prompts or just use the ones that come built in, as I can’t find any option to add them from the admin area? Thanks

I am looking to purchase the extended license but would need to see how creating the use cases works first is this possible?

Please create support ticket and I will give you access.

Okay will do, thanks

On what kind of AI provider runs the scrip? and what is the cost to get a AI API key of the script?

AIRobo uses OpenAI you can get the api key for free and you pay as you can checkout OpenAI pricing for details.

I too am getting the verify the script with envato, I approved it, and it it keeps saying Before you continue with installation we need to verify your license. Please signin with Envato for validation. No continue at this point. Any ideas?

Please contact support.

Hello, How can I install the script or do I buy it and you install it

Hello, first you need to make a purchase then you will download and install from codecanyon

I received service support from AIROBO and was very satisfied with the service. The technician who assisted me was very helpful and patient, explaining all the necessary procedures to solve my installation problem and others. In addition, I was impressed with the speed of service, in a short time my website was working perfectly. I recommend the AIROBO script which is spectacular and their support service to everyone who wants to fulfill their dream of having artificial intelligence projects!

Thank you :)

Let mean ask a pretty basic question. Apart from the server cost, are ther other costs incurred to generate images and text?

Yes you need OpenAI API key.

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Hello, i am still waiting for the update to fix stripe is there any estimated time on that?

Hello, can you please create support ticket with reference of your issue?

How I can watch a demo of backend?

Please use the credentials below:

Email: Password: admin123

I asked about AIRobo script:)

I apologize for the confusion. The same credentials work for AIRobo: Email: Password: admin123

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hello how to disable ai chat and ai images ?

I have requested support to to answer that on your ticket. You will get answer shortly.

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Hello I verify the script with envato signed it with it it keeps saying Before you continue with installation we need to verify your license. Please signin with Envato for validation even I did that many times.

I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you, could you please contact support for assistance?

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Sorry to botther you I fixed it myself can you tell me how to disable ai chat and ai images or how to remove them from menu.

I have requested support to to answer that on your ticket. You will get answer shortly.

How to add new chatbots? And is it possible to tweak the settings for chat for tone etc?

Thanks for reply. I watched YouTube video about customizing/ embedding ChatGPT via LangChain. It’s pretty basic 15 lines python code. Basically it allows to upload your own dataset like pdf, text, url, web crawler etc. Then ChatGPT will use that data in conversations. ex.

If you can do it only for me and won’t add the feature to the script update list, we can talk about additional customization gig.

Please contact support here and we can discuss the exclusive features. Here is the URL:

Hi, where are the admin settings for the chatbots. Can more be added. I checked the demo but there was nothing in the admin area that I could see

At the moment only default 13 bots are available.

Can you customize the script per my requirement for extra fee? If so how can I contact you to discuss?

Simply create support ticket for any customization.

1. Will it support AdSense or any other advertising company ?

2. There are temp to create a account for limit …. is there a solution for temp mails also ?

There is no timeline for feature request to be completed.

I know there is no limits, I am saying the idea of temp Mail isn’t suitable for AI product.

Yea you can test here: Email: Password: admin123

Last question -

If i sponser for the ads extension then how much will you take ? I can pay you $100 usd for theme and the ads extension. I know this is very low for you. Then can you please provide it in a month ?

Please contact support for that.

Can I use it on shared hosting?

Yes you can install MonsterTools on shared hosting.

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I want to reset domain

Please contact support

Hi, I created a demo account but the tool does not generate any text. Also can we make English as default language? it is annoying to choose English from the dropdown every single time. The look and feel is great though.

Hi There, I apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused you. Our OpenAi API got expired. We have renewed new key and our demo is working now.

Can you provide a link to the backend demo and login credentials? I’d like to take a look before making a decision. Tried to log in with this but can only access the frontend.


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