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i wanna buy this game but can you help to me for add new lvls

contact me for more details and i will make all what you want oneline.adv@gmail.com

Hi. Buildbox project included?

no not included , if you want the buildbox project please contact me

can not download the demo for testing matter,. can you help?

Would I be able to get rid of the ads ?

Are there any directions to get it into eclipse for changing?

yes there is a step by step guide in the code folder , if you would like i can do all changes for you and send your own apk , just contact with me oneline.adv@gmail.com

I emailed you

hello last comment is here 5 months ago. Are you still behind of your app? i m interested to buy please.


yes i am still here :)

Great work Good Luck With Sales….

Hi. I want to buy that with builbbox file. How much it cost?

it will cost 70$

Ok. Is it possible to open the project in Android Studio?

sorry no , it is eclipse project