Air Wolves - Battle In The Sky

Air Wolves - Battle In The Sky

Air Wolves – an infinite air battle arcade

Become the ace of legendary squadron – Air Wolves! Fly, fight and survive in hardcore battles for the sky during the First World War. This game has been designed in pixel-art style to emphasize a spirit of vintage airplanes and dogfight of the early twentieth century. In addition, this truly exciting flying arcade has been built using only 99 events in total and only 3 layers on each game layout. These facts as well as intelligent code optimization are not only allows you to edit and publish the game using a free version of Construct 2, but also significantly improves overall game performance, especially on mobile phones. Also, I’ve implemented a smart combat system, so your airplane will shoot the enemies automatically, when they pass through the aiming area. It allows you to focus on driving your aircraft and enjoy the game without being distracted by a bunch of unwanted elements on your screen. To play the game just tap the screen if you use a mobile device or press the “space” button of keyboard to control the flight.


  • HD graphics in pixel-art style – All sprites in .PNG included.
  • Sound FX and Music – All sounds and music are included. Player can turn the sounds off.
  • Construct 2 source file – Editable Construct 2 file with source code of the game.
  • Mobile & Desktop Ready – Game is optimized and ready for immediate export to any popular platforms.
  • AdMob Advertising – Earn money showing ads in your game from trusted advertising company.
  • Social Sharing – Allows your players to share their best score on Facebook & Twitter.
  • Fully Customizable – You will get full control of the game by modifying Construct 2 source file.
  • Easy Control – Just tap the screen or press “Space” button on keyboard to fly.
  • Automated Combat System – Focus on the flight, your plane will shoot automatically.
  • Different enemy planes – Add more types of the enemy aircrafts with no limits.
  • Different bonuses – Add more types of collectible bonuses with no limits.
  • Score System – The game saves the latest and the best score.
  • Infinite Gameplay – Don’t worry about the end of the game. Play as long as you like.
  • Game pausing – The game can be paused during the game.
  • Documentation – Help file for a quick start.

Be sure that you have a license of Construct 2. You can get it on