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Congratulations. Very Nice Work, GLWS From DCSF

i think price is little high, i would have taken chance if it was around $30. Thanks, (just my opinion though.)

Thanks purchased, will let you know if something comes up?

yeah just email me directly provided on the profile page, I will solve the issues for you if you have any. Mostly there are just Xcode setting issues…. Thanks :)

and please leave some rating that will really help :)

very nice work :)

do you have this for android?

Android project is included but You’ll have to port it yourself.

if i purchase this, can you help me with that?

It will be hard to help you out over like that, but a lot of tutorials are available online for how to port games. Maybe you should check them out first before buying ? You will get an idea if its possible for you to manage or not. We can custom build an android version for you but that will cost you a lot, which might exceed your budget maybe. If you are interested then please send an email on the email id provided. thanks :)

Cool and awesome :)

In this game only chartboost interstitial or not ?

Chartboost Interstitial with Admob Banner ads.

Plus lot more, detail you can check in description :)