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nice work, DCSF

very nice work :)

Hello , How do you do ? How many levels ? is inapp purchase included?

@ digitalcenturysf

Stop spamming all these comment sections with the same comments merely to push your own products. Your account should be suspended.

good graphics, I will buy it if you add level management

Great work GL

hi do you work on android studio ?

how to changer Package name?

In file “build.gradle”

plz . Is it possible to explain more

Answer me. I purchased the code and needed a change Package name

I answered you. Find file ”/android/build.gradle” and change “applicationId” in them. After this sync the project.

Hello, i just bought the game, opened it in AS, and i have this error message :

Gradle ‘AirHunter’ project refresh failed error received fatal alert : access_denied

What does it mean ? (i am a beginer)

Hello, i managed to solve the issue above but why the game stops when you push the back button, shouldn’t be there a pop up that asks for your choice ????