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i add u

OK thanks welcome if some thing you need to ask

No it is not copy from anywhere. Thanks

Hi wasifgc, I bought it. it is very success. Could you please send me detail info for addmob adding on unity.

Yes sure please add me on Skype Skype id wasifgc

Would you help me with admob adding?

Yes sure please add me on Skype SKype id wasifgc

Is it only for lab tops or also for phones&

Current plateform is mobile phone but you can switch it any plate form like web player,desktop PC,etc as you want Thanks Regards Wasif Skype Wasifgc

Great work

Thanks Sercan37 if you want more games please follow my profile i plane upload more good and tops game at very low price!!you can not see on codecayon like these 3D games!!nobody is selling 3D games on this website. Thanks once again for your comments!!

Skype id wasifgc

Hi sir Where is the place, Admob. If you please

hi i can not undersand your short question plz come on skype…plz add me skype wasifgc

reskin eclipse ?

unity3d project as i have mentioned in description..it is not for eclips

Hello Wasif Thanks for the game.it s great work i sent you mail .If you can answer my questions i will appreciate.


ok sure thanks for buying i will read and answer you as soon as possible..and for quick question session please add me on skype skype id… wasifgc

hi İ added you on skype . Mr wasif i have no idea how to put admob into airhockey game. can you tell me the instruction?


yes i have messaged you please ping me there

Demo APK please

please contact with me on skype…i was uploaded demo apk via dropbox but its not working due to some reasons i can share with you via skype!! skype wasifgc

is this game support two user across android and is there a sample to test with another user

it is a basic kit not online game…we provide you a basic kit you can customize it own your requirements its open source..