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Hi, is this plugin still being developed? Also, any plans to integrate this with Woocommerce? Since Woocommerce is mainly about Products & Orders, adding a “Make an enquiry” button on the Single Product page (next/below Add to Cart button) and “Open Ticket” button next to each order ( https://codecanyon.net/item/woo-commerce-customer-support-helpdesk-bundle/19977596 ) place this plugin well with Woocommerce compatibility. But ofcourse, when tickets are being created from a certain page, the url (referrer) has to be captured.


Question before purchase

1) Do you plan to add Bootstrap 4?

2) French Language?

3) Our potential customers can reach us by e-mail or by using the contact form. We can respond to emails and our customers will receive immediate answers. Your plugin will regularly list an external POP3 / IMAP account, retrieve email messages and convert them into tickets?

I would like to know if your plugin retrieves emails and convert them into tickets?

4) PHP 7 compatible?

5) Do you plan to add Google Authenticator

6) Fixed but floating menu according to the scrollbar? Not seen on demo

7) Possible to add a “Back to top” button

8) Live chat

Thank you


1) No, front-end is made basic so it’s easier to implement into custom themes

2) Plugin comes in English language, but it can be translated using .po & .mo files like any other plugin or theme. However, we do not provide French language files.

3) Only registered users can create tickets, both via e-mail and plugin interface. For e-mail feature, AIO Support Center expects mail server to pipe incoming e-mail to specific script, where it reads input, instead of using IMAP/POP3.

4) Yes, it is compatible with PHP 7 as long as WordPress functions used in plugin are compatible with PHP 7.

5) AIO Support Center does not handle login/registration of new users so there’s no plan on adding authenticator.

6) I am not sure what do you mean by this? Front-end templates can be customized.

7) Front-end templates can be customized, this would be very easy to add.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

Best regards,
Nikola R.

3) I would like to know if your plugin retrieves emails and convert them into tickets?

Hi, this plugin has a problem with woocommerce. when a customer or an operator click on tickeks then redirecte to Woocommerce My-account page!

Is there a way to obtain reports of service level and time of ticket completion?

Hey guys! Is it possible to limit de number of monthly tickets by user and runs some kinde of purchase options for this, like a signature payed plan just to my customers recieve support… or any integration bill system?


Unfortunately, that’s not possible out of the box and would require additional customization.

Best regards,
Nikola R.