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Track information is not displayed

First please read documentation provided with the player. The documentation link can be found in the root directory of player ZIP file.

This script will also create logs which will give information about what went wrong. You can find the log file in folder tmp/logs/. The filename is usually player.api.log.

I forgot my password or username, how do I recover the details?

If you forgot only the username, simply open file /inc/conf/general.php and look for variable admin_user. The default user is admin.

If you forgot password, you will have to reset the configuration file to the original state. To do so simply download purchased player ZIP file from Codecanyon and replace file /inc/conf/general.php with original file from the zip. After doing so you can login to player panel with default user admin and password password.

Note: If you do not wish to reset config, you can also just replace variable admin_pass from the original file.

When clicking “Play” on the player button immediately changes to “STOP”

Recent Chrome release version 55 implemented some new security features which no longer allow streaming over HTTP/0.9 on non default ports (any other ports than 80 and 443) which heavily affects Shoutcast streams version 1. If you think about it, Shoutcast V1.98 was released on January 2007.

More info can read here: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/chrome/bhjjSbjfN50

Currently the only solution is to upgrade Shoutcast to version 2.0.

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