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dezirre Purchased

I have a streaming with 3 different qualities but I do not know how to enable the qualities in the channel as in its demonstration. http://prntscr.com/g2xggb Can you help me?

You are welcome =)


dezirre Purchased

Sorry to ask so many questions. The description high quality and low quality do not appear on the channel I created. My channel defaults to default 2 and default 3. How to customize this?

No problem.

When you are adding groups, click text “Default 2” or what ever it says and it will appear as “editable”. You can set any name you like by this method.

Hello. i need to buy this product. but before that i have few questions to ask. 1. I am using RadioBoss withe icecast hosting. is this support with me 2. I have seen a image behind the track. is it automatically change according to the image in mata tag of song ? 3. Are you giving source code of player to customize the color images etc as we want.? 4. after the purchase Where the controll panel hosting in. i mean in your server or our server ? 5. Is this one time payment? Thanks.

Thank you for your interest!

1.) Icecast is supported. The streaming software doesn’t matter as long as it passes media tags to the Icecast server (Playing song information).

2.) The image is loaded from LastFM API or another API of your choosing. You can also upload files to the player using control panel. There is a lot of information on how to use player in the control panel it self or documentation. The image is based on “ARTIST” of playing track. Player can’t access meta information directly from music files (as they’re not passed to the Icecast server).

3.) You do get source code. But for colors and you don’t need to modify any thing. Please read description of the item a little better and check out demos!

4.) You get the downloadable ZIP file. So you can install the player on your own web hosting provider. Take a note that your web host must allow connections on port of your Icecast server (e.g. 8000) otherwise there will be no “live” information!

5.) This is Codecanyon. I mean no disrespect, but here people buy scripts. So the payment is one time. But you can extend your support package later, however it is not required.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any further questions!


clipof Purchased

Where to take the key? I paid for the old version?

https://prahec.com/envato/pkey its linked at the input box for the key… Simply read. There is a lot of info on the panel it self.

Hello Author,

I’m interested to purchase this product.

I want to ask if this software support live broadcasting? Please reply.

Thank you.

This is not actual a software. Its a script/app web player. I’m not exactly sure what you mean live broadcasting?

Hi Author,

Thanks for the reply.

Live Broadcasting for example we have FM Radio broadcasting live and we will use your Script/App to Broadcast Live our FM radio program via Online. Can we do that?

This is just a player, so it requires a streaming service to run some where else. E.g. Icecast / Shoutcast. So if I properly understood your question, the answer is no. This is not what you are looking for.

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Oh I just learned why I never added variables for title. Its because of separators which shouldn’t appear in case there is no Tracks. I’ll leave it as it is.

Thanks for everything, I hoped it could work as a directory of radios (web page) but as you explain is only a player. One last question, where are the generated channels stored? I can not find it. P.S. Would you be so kind as to erase this conversation? It seems to me private. XD

No problem.

Channels are stored inside “inc/conf/channels.php” as PHP array.

I’m sorry but I don’t have control over comments on CodeCanyon. Authors can’t really do anything but post so every thing is permanent. That’s why I always suggest using support section instead.


This player looks great but i have two questions before buying:

Our station broadcasts through Sam Broadcaster, and the covers of the tracks are in a Sam folder. Can the player fetch these covers?

Also, is it possible to remove the player’s logo?

Thank you in advance…

Thank you for interest :).

There is no way to directly access images from SAM folder. But you can import them using a tool in player’s control panel (Over FTP or something like that). However, the import tool requires images to be in format “Artist – Title.anyextension”).

Removing Logo is not “option” but you can optionally change “template” and remove logo your self. I sadly don’t offer help there cause that’s part of “customization” process which is not supported by me.

Hope that helps a bit.

Can you demo how to create an api script “Get currently playing trask”? I do not understand how to create.

There is up to date API example on the documentation. Please check it out.

does not work

Of course it does… Examples are on the page and they all work just great. If you have troubles and require support please use support section and provide details. I can’t help you if you don’t explain what is going on and what is the expected result.

How can I solve the following problem? When adding a new channel with a wrong stream address and trying to play obviously comes out error, but correcting the address with a correct stream address and updating the player does not sound, apparently it is stored in the cache and not updated as it should be ; How could you do that every time you want to listen to a channel will load all the files again?

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I must confine myself to the previous conversation that the changes do not occur when saving a channel, when I add a new channel and link it with an iframe I get “invalid channel” with this I do not want to say that it is not updated, but I have to wait hours or A restart my pc, even delete the browsing history to work that channel, the same happens when correcting the channel stream, I manage more than 700 channels, it is very useful for me this player but when updating a channel the Changes are not given improperly, at least not in google crhome. What do you think? If I use cloudfare.com to manage temporary files?

The first request above is not possible. Initially player didn’t stop playback and so some weird behaviors occurred and even crashes. So I added this to avoid more problems.

I’m really not sure what sort of cache you have there. I can only assume its browser caching the channels list API call. I suggest you try using Shift + F5 and see if this helps with “cache” problem. If it does, I will add in future update a way to read modified time of the “channels” file so it reports to browser to re-cache the specific file.

Hi ilike this player but i try to generate the last one on your live preview Simple Template (360×475 pixels) and is not posible on the demo this one is included on the script? thanks

Okay, I’m guessing you didn’t check the documentation then, it explains there that since version 1.30 player got “Templates”. One of these new “templates” is one called “Simple”. You will find that setting under “Settings” on the player. You need to change that first before you can actually see the “Simple” template.

On the demo I used different URL format: https://prahec.com/projects/aio-radio/demo/index.php?autoplay=false&t=simple (see &t=simple) query. That allows using different templates on the same page. But to set the template globally, use above this paragraph option.

Thanks very much for your info

You are welcome =)

Can I stream from YouTube live links ?

Sorry no. That’s not possible.

hello, i was wondering how could i have the player embed with a pop up functionality? i bought this great player long ago but never used it. I see many radios with the player in the page but also with a “pop up function” which loads the player in a pop windows and makes the current player (the one in the page stops) I know my support has expired. I will appreciate a line from you anyway. Thanks

The popup functionality is already part of the player. The example code is on home page of the Control Panel. Unless specially coded its not possible to stop the on page player before popup is started.


rmoglia Purchased

Hi jacky. Please i sent you a message…

I didn’t mean as you would send me comment ^^. Okay

Hi, i’m don’t know much about PHP Scripts, will it work with a wordpress site?

WordPress is just like a script. Categorizing PHP apps / scripts is not so easy it generally comes down to if its a simple “script” that executes few actions or full stand alone app like this player and wordpress (which is a blog). Its a little confusing hah.

Any how, the player will work on a hosting provider which can host WordPress. That means it will work beside WordPress. But this work is not “compatible” directly with WordPress. It also means if you have only WordPress hosting you will not be able to install it.

So to sum it up, the player will work just fine as “STANDALONE” product. As long as your web hosting provides the “requirements” which are under product description.

it is officially not supported AAC. But, for example in Chrome, does the player work with streaming in AAC?

That’s correct. Basically the option to set AAC is there, but if it doesn’t work (as it doesn’t in IE and some other browsers) its official unsupported.

Hi! I bought the player.

I already have it loaded in my webserver.

How can I associate it with my CentovaCast?

No need to apologize.

It doesn’t have such feature and sadly its not meant for providers at all. If you are a provider you have to purchase “Extended License” because the license type “Regular License” is for single station owners or people who do not sell services. The automation is not there since single installation is meant for a single radio station. I’m a little surprised you didn’t check demo.

Thank you

Does the extended version have the automation I need?

No, Extended License is just licensing. Its the same player. Basically the way Envato works is that you don’t actually buy ownership of the player, but you pay “License” to use it. Regular License is for normal people who use player on single radio station or single instance. Basically they use it for them selfs. For those who provide it further or allow others to use it, they’re required to purchase “Extended License”. Reason is simple. Business logic.

There is no automation on this player. At all. Its not meant to be automated.

Hi, Is it possible to use a different template for two channels?

Thank you

Well no. You can defined color scheme per channel but not template as that makes no sense. Templates can have variant sizes so when you popup some specific size or embedded it, it would be very weird and strange to change design from 320×320 to 720×345. Good example is “simple” template vs “default” template. They’re very different in design and size (simple also requires changing size of cached artworks)

You can however force template adding GET parameter 

Great! I try myhost.com/player/?t=html5player#channelname its works!

How do I call the player model that appears in the demo of your page? "100% width x 78px height"


<iframe width="100%" height="355" border="0" style="border: 0; box-shadow: 1px 1px 0  #fff;" src="/projects/aio-radio/demo/index.php?autoplay=false"></iframe>

You don’t have to append ?autoplay=false to your URL however.