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I phone 7 latest version, player not working.

Please upgrade Shoutcast version to 2.x+. And read comments above.

Not using shoutcast, but icecast. And all of another players works fine, not yours.

Well I don’t have an iPhone. I asked friends at Streaming Pulse to test this for me (see few posts above) and they came to conclusion it works fine on various software configurations. There is nothing else I can do about it.

Looks good.

I didn’t see anywhere to upload anything in admin section. How do I make all the playlists and broadcasts come from my own server? I don’t prefer to use third-parties .


Thanks! =) This is a radio player not a broadcasting software so I am not exactly sure what are you asking?

I have my own list of mp3 on my PC. How do I add it to the channel I create?


You can not do that. This player is built to handle audio streams not broadcast music to people.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_radio https://radio.co/blog/setting-up-an-internet-radio-station-what-you-need-to-know/

I would like to use this for SAM broadcaster. Is there a spot that shows the upcoming schedule.

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by that? The player doesn’t support that.

My site uses HTTPS, the player generates a mixed content error and it is because it shows the url of the radio channels and I can not reach the secure mode of my SSL certificate. Any way to solve this problem, should consider correcting that error because with other players does not generate that error.

The player doesn’t show any URL’s what are you talking about? Which other players? HTML will always generate mixed content when you stream on SSL enabled web site from non-SSL stream/data link/anything else. There is no “fix” for that. And I don’t really believe that any other player can do this differently unless it uses FLASH.

Please post some URL’s.

This website because it does not generate a mixed type error? https://goo.gl/hcpF1X or do not use SSL? use the soundmanager2 script

This web site does not use SSL. The link you posted redirects from HTTPS to HTTP.


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can the name of the player be changed?

I’m not sure what are you having issue with. Could you send me a screen shot over support email?


bighuey Purchased

yep…What is the email?

Above at tabs of available stuff with the Item “Item Description”, “Reviews”, etc… Click “Support” and send a message. I will respond and u can send me screen shot. I’m sorry but there is no “quicker” way. I’m not sharing my email online ^^. Spam reasons and such

Can you add Google Authenticator to Admin Panel to prevent prevent brute force attack

There is brute force protection within the script, so you don’t have to worry about that =).

Hi JackySi, can be possible to add on a future update a notification tooltip / message ballon for users to get notified that there is more radio station options when clicking on the menu icon at top-right position? Thanks!

Its not possible to show this outside scope of the window (must be within window of the player). Also I imagined it exactly the same. Tooltip just for channels list is really weird. If I were to add this, I would add it for every thing (pause/play/volume (control), quality pick (next to channel), History, Channels List. I’ll see.

Ok, thanks for considering it.

No problem. I actually give a lot on customer feedback and their suggestions to improve the product :=).

Is it possible to embed with a specific station of the list? I mean, if I have 10 station in the list, the ability to embed 10 players on same webpage but every player with a different station of the list (with auto-play off). Thanks!

So you mean like having 10 different players in an iframe and that each one would start off with different station? That is possible I think ( did not test ). You just need to append different hash for each station e.g.:

Great! I’ll test. And the same for popup buttons?

Yeah same principle :=)

Hello, Because reason gives errors?

[10-Feb-2018 23:04:26 UTC] PHP Warning: simplexml_load_string(): Entity: line 1: parser error : Opening and ending tag mismatch: link line 1 and head in /home/rorago2/public_html/playerhtml5/inc/functions.php on line 369 [10-Feb-2018 23:04:26 UTC] PHP Warning: simplexml_load_string(): ><link href=”images/favicon.ico” rel=”shortcut icon” type=”image/x-icon”></head> in /home/rorago2/public_html/playerhtml5/inc/functions.php on line 369

Looks like invalid URL configured. What did you enter as the URL to the “Track Info” part of the page?

Please review the problem from this link: http://servidorrprivado.com/playerhtml5 user: admin pass: password

Um well after disabling the track info (as you did) error should not show up. I’m not sure what you want me to do now :=)?

You can also use option “Use live stream (no login)” which should allow you to get track info just as good. However it will add 1 listener every time it asks for new track. I also suggest if you have futher issues to read documentation at http://doc.prahec.com/aio-radio


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after the upgrade you can not create Custom Color Scheme (s).

he problem only occurs when you select html5 radio player and simple template.

In the default option create normally.

That’s interesting. Do you get any errors? What do you mean by you can not create Custom Color Schemes? I don’t understand in what way you mean that you can not create schemes because the compile process works fine for me.

Also maybe if you can share PHP version that may help me reproduce the problem =).

Thanks for reporting!


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Menu Tools - in Custom Color Scheme(s) - insert new theme name - in select themplate: html5 radio player - in select theme base: html5 radio player - select any color click in Compile the system show this mensage “Successfully compiled new player theme!”


Menu Channels - add channel in Color scheme the new theme not show in options for select.

the same problem occurs with simple theme.

Php version: 7.0

I understand now. Thanks for the long explanation ^^.

I would think this is due to cache. You can try going to “Channels” -> “Flush Cache” and see if it appears after. I did add clear cache command when creating new color scheme but some times it doesn’t fire properly (not sure why, but it has to do something with PHP 7+ opcache extension).

Let me know if it works =)

How do I change the artist’s image and place the logo of the channel instead? Since almost nobody uses artist logo and instead I would like to show the logo of the channel that appears in the top left

Change data.image by s.channel.logo in # artist-img, it works on localhost but not on my server, what is it due to? : (

You were? Interesting. Well that’s really hacky way to do it but it may cause some issues. There are 2 reasons why it may not work (That I can think off right now):
- Cache (did you try wiping your browser cache)?
- There is switching between “Default” and non Default artist image (e.g. you actually have some meta tags coming from the stream?)

I would have to analyze code to see where is what (I haven’t remembered whole code heh ^).I’m sorry that I am unable to help more, but item customization is not part of support at all. And also your standard support expired ^.

Apparently I did not see the changes by the cache, the example I do not understand very well, but I think there is a conflict with the default image. I’m going to try to improve it, maybe you. I tried and told me how it was. Thank you.

I would like to know two things before you buy: - Can I put it on the top of my Wordpress page? - Can I install a radio from my city to show the live programming?

Right. I’ll try to explain it one more time.

I want to broadcast this radio from what I showed above, inside my website, through the pop up button.

My question is: Is it possible to broadcast the live streaming of this radio program? If yes, what kind of channel should I use from the ones you have in the available monsters panel: Use live stream? Shoutcast? Icecast? Or what other?

You need to use common sense and it should be easy to setup. Im sorry but I will not do everything for you. Since you do not own the station (my assumption) you can only use one method. Please read instructions on the panel/documentaton for more.

This support autoplay on chrome 66 ?

Yes for desktop, no for mobile.

I tested https://cdn.prahec.com/projects/aio-radio/demo/ but don’t works https://imgur.com/SUAgEvD Google Chrome: Versión 66.0.3359.139 (Build oficial) (64 bits)

There is no reason why auto play wouldn’t work. It works fine on any browser I tested. You can check F12 console to see if there are any specific issues.

This support autoplay on chrome 66 ?



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I needed to know is it possible to use the titles of the songs, but escaping the image function of the cover? and leaving a still image

Its possible yes. But requires modifications. So its not function. You need a developer to do this for you. I’m sorry but I do not offer modification servers at the time.

Hello! I need a solution with only audio streaming for real-time speech translators. Can your system be customized for this? Thanks.

Hi. I’m not sure how that’s supposed to work? I don’t think AIO is what you are looking for.