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The Author of this Player has done a great job to supply users for little money with a great Streaming Player. Its amazing when I see some of those fools posting messages here. If you don’t know simple installations hire someone on Freelancer for a few bugs to do it for you. Cheers

Your welcome Jacky – BTW Is their any way to change the Channel logo which is on the top left corner and replace it as an artist image. We are running an Indie Stream which doesn’t have any artist album images so we thought the best way to do is change it the artist/album image with the channel image.

That’s not possible. I dedicated that space for logo and so javascript changes logo depending on playing channel. I believe you are using smaller size of the player that’s why you’d like to change that to artist image yes? You can do that by messing with template.tpl file just requires simple HTML knowledge :). I mean like removing logo all together and copy/paste actual artist div container to there and change its width/height. This is already customization service so I can’t offer support from here on =(

OK great thanks for the infos. I will pass it on to our freelancer guy.


polem Purchased

Hi, There are still problems using the player with iPhones, because the screen settings are bigger than the iphone’s screen. The only solution I’ve found is changing the .css file as follows (max-width:320px instead of 720). There is not any problem with Android devices.

.main-container{font-size:0;margin:0 auto;overflow:hidden;white-space:nowrap;max-width:320px}

In this case, the history window is getting smaller (320px) instead of full (720px) window. Are there some other settings to change, instead of the above one?

The player with the 320px setting, is located here: http://stream.psychomed.gr/player/


polem Purchased

Yes, it works fine, because I’ve adjusted the screen max-width to 320px instead 720px that was written in html5-radio.css (and all other .css files). The problem appears when I use the default settings of 720px (and only to iPhone screen). I have also changed the fonts’ size, to match better the screen, and as you can see I’ve also changed the buttons’ and slider’s color. I have included your player to an Android and iOS applications. With theese settings, they are working just fine. The problem is that with every update, I have to re-set up them all, because the updates rewrites all to their default stage (and clears the cache!!!! but I keep a backup of all artworks). You can test the apps – they are free to use them: Android – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appsidious.audiophilestreamnetwork iOS – https://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=1141824404&mt=8

I actually didn’t test your player at all, but the demos available at https://prahec.com/project/aio-radio I’m not sure how max-width variable would anyhow affect Iphones 320px screen and what would even be wrong? A screen shot would really be appreciated. I don’t own Iphone and on my friends 7 it looks just fine.


polem Purchased

O.k. never mind. I can give you a solution that works. Add the following lines in your .css files (I have added it just at the end of the .css) and any problems with screen resolution <320px, will be resolved.

@media only screen and (max-width: 330px){.main-container{font-size:0;margin:0 auto;overflow:hidden;white-space:nowrap;max-width:320px}}


ijaur84 Purchased

Good day The last version released is 1.25, but when downloading after the purchase is 1.15

Some way to get the most recent

Please read documentation. I don’t appreciate people asking the same answer that I already wrote answer to and its available through Documentation which should be read (same as manual to every device, appliance and/or machinery you purchase).


pd1lg Purchased

When I updated to V1.25 the api for Radionomy does not work anymore. Am now back to v1.24, and then the API works.

Greetz Lambert

I would appreciate if you contact me through mail (item support section). So we can check it out.


maloti Purchased

In google chrome, the player does not play anymore. Even when you press “play” it does not leave the message “player stopped”. What will be the problem ?


maloti Purchased

I switched to Shoutcast V2. But what is the correct way to put in the streams field? http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:xxxx/stream/1 Or http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:xxxx/1

Easiest way to determine link to stream is clicking “Listen now” and saving the playlist some where. After download is complete, simply open file with notepad or wordpad and check its contents. There should be URL to stream. In general i think http://url_to_stream.com:port/stream is enough (stream is default mount for SID1)


maloti Purchased

Thanks !!! :)


polem Purchased

“Since Chrome 55 the headers provided in ancient Shoutcast versions”... There are not “ancient versions”! Shoutcast V.1 is very widely used, enen now. I have 5 streams in V.1, which cannot be reproduced in Chrome V 55, so maybe an update to the player has to be done. Otherwise, the player is not usable any more!

There is no way to update the player because the problem is browser’s update which also completely locks out connection… Since 55 you can’t even access the stream directly. This also applies to Safari 10 so its not just Chrome.

Shoutcast V1.98 is almost 10 years old. That’s ancient to me. I don’t support browsers bellow IE9 where IE8 is almost 7 years old. Just for your knowledge.


polem Purchased

OK, I can understand. So, you will have to update player’s manual with the information that it cannot support any more Chrome users > V54, when they have Shoutcast V.1 streams. Just for our knowledge. You know, it is not very easy to upgrade Shoutcast V.1 to V.2, because a port or even IP address change may be required (and all files must be moved to the new host), and this fact is not a very pleasant situation for >1000 per day regular listeners…

I had a radio station too, I know how it is (I still upgraded to V2 some time after its release). Chrome 55 was released few days ago. I didn’t yet have time to update the doc.

Recently Chrome has released an update that cause the shoutcast v1 to stop players included AIO player. Do you have any suggest in order to avoid this problem? (using a shoutcast v2 problems doesn’t non exist and player runs perfectly)

Your question has been answered 2 times already (2 comments above yours). There is no way to avoid or fix this issue unless you can modify Shoutcast source code.

After recently updating the stream suddenly stops after 2 – 3 mins.

That can’t be connected to the player it self. I didn’t change any code that would affect playback since version 1.05. I suggest contact your streaming provider to give it a look.

hi JackySi any change to modify this player to show a different image depending on a schedule? example from 8:00AM to 10:00AM show a different image and from 10:00 to 11:00AM another image ?

thank you

i just purchased this but i still see default image i do replaced as documentation shows but still http://streaming507.com/players/html5/index.php you see default image

it was cache issue nevermind :)


Hi JackySi Chrome completely removed the flash support. However, I was already using the html5 player. After the chrome update, the player is not working and gives the following error.

NOTE: Opera is not working in the browser.

PLAYBACK ERROR Your web browser is unable to play the media provided by the script!

link: http://egedesonses.com/radyoplayer/

SHOUTcast Server Version 1.9.8

thanx jackysi

Hi can you check if this url will work?

Please does it auto post on social networks?

no it does not.

It will be cool if we can clear cache from web panel.

Which cache would you like to clear?

of player. tmp/cache directory

Will be added in upcoming release. It may not be very soon though since I all the reported bugs so far :)

Hi, did you receive my support ticket yesterday ?

With custom javascript you could easily pick up channel name based on “hash” and then display appropriate image. But no the player has no such feature.


itvip Purchased

Thanks, I am not that good in JavaScript so Could you just give a little example so I can work with ?

I’m sorry but I can’t. I’m very busy. The player comes with FULL source code, so you can pick up various code parts from the main javascript file. There is also function that tracks hash change on(‘hashchange’, function()). There are also many tutorials online how to track hashes and call functions after they change. I also don’t offer support for third party integrations and customization, doing it for you, will send other people the wrong message.

Hello, how to fix this? http://i.imgur.com/bNyAiXEg.png

Would you please read the manual that comes with the item? https://prahec.com/project/aio-radio/docs

Yes, man i read And i fix it, nothing change’d.. i have a uptade to v1.27

If you would read documentation, you wouldn’t contact me but your web hosting provider. Please read again. The help is already available. https://prahec.com/project/aio-radio/docs#debug