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is it possible for the channel menu to open together when the player loads?

Sadly it is not possible without some code modification. On documentation you will have to check how to copy templates and make them prune to updates and then add bellow code to bottom of template in script tags:
$( document ).on( 'aio.loaded', function() {
 // Open
 $( 'li.channels > a' ).addClass( 'active' ).next( 'ul' ).addClass( 'active' );
 $( document ).on( 'click', function() {
       $( 'li.channels a' ).removeClass( 'active' ).next( 'ul' ).removeClass( 'active' );
  } );
} );

Dear support i would update but your server do not respond.<Help me fo r update.

The update server works fine. Can you send me log over mail support where you have already been sending messages? I don’t understand why you switched to writing comments instead =)?

I phone 7 latest version, player not working.

Please upgrade Shoutcast version to 2.x+. And read comments above.

Not using shoutcast, but icecast. And all of another players works fine, not yours.

Well I don’t have an iPhone. I asked friends at Streaming Pulse to test this for me (see few posts above) and they came to conclusion it works fine on various software configurations. There is nothing else I can do about it.

Looks good.

I didn’t see anywhere to upload anything in admin section. How do I make all the playlists and broadcasts come from my own server? I don’t prefer to use third-parties .


Thanks! =) This is a radio player not a broadcasting software so I am not exactly sure what are you asking?

I have my own list of mp3 on my PC. How do I add it to the channel I create?


You can not do that. This player is built to handle audio streams not broadcast music to people.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_radio https://radio.co/blog/setting-up-an-internet-radio-station-what-you-need-to-know/

I would like to use this for SAM broadcaster. Is there a spot that shows the upcoming schedule.

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by that? The player doesn’t support that.


maxhelio Purchased

My site uses HTTPS, the player generates a mixed content error and it is because it shows the url of the radio channels and I can not reach the secure mode of my SSL certificate. Any way to solve this problem, should consider correcting that error because with other players does not generate that error.

The player doesn’t show any URL’s what are you talking about? Which other players? HTML will always generate mixed content when you stream on SSL enabled web site from non-SSL stream/data link/anything else. There is no “fix” for that. And I don’t really believe that any other player can do this differently unless it uses FLASH.

Please post some URL’s.


maxhelio Purchased

This website because it does not generate a mixed type error? https://goo.gl/hcpF1X or do not use SSL? use the soundmanager2 script

This web site does not use SSL. The link you posted redirects from HTTPS to HTTP.

can the name of the player be changed?

You want to change player title (window title) or the Logo?

Window title and logo

Title change under Settings (tab) (first field). Logo under channel settings or default logo at assets/img/logo.png. I very much suggest you explore panel pages a little =)