AI Task Manager WordNote - With Huawei Mobile Services

AI Task Manager WordNote - With Huawei Mobile Services

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About App

Every day we planning some tasks that we need to do: our housework, work stuff etc. or just writing something that we don’t have to forget, and want to get a notification about these cases. I’ve developed an app specially for Huawei Honor Cup 2020 that makes that process easier: you can just say: «Haircut at 17:00 on Thursday» (in the app or using widget) and AI will automatically set notification at mentioned time and date. In contrast to Google Assistant, this works without network connection which does it much faster.


  • Reminders based on time and date AI parsing
  • Kotlin/Java native source code
  • Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) Integration: ML Kit Automatic Speech & Text Recognition, Drive Kit, Ads Kit and FIDO2
  • Prepared for AppGallery store
  • Easy customization due to detailed documentation
  • Material Design 2.0: comfortable, minimalistic and intuitive UI
  • Task priority: low, medium and high
  • Animations (on adding a task, between «Current» and «Done» tabs etc.)
  • Groups tasks accordint to date & time
  • Search
  • Splash screen
  • SQLite database
  • Custom banner ad

How to Setup and Reskin (detailed guide included in purchase)

  • Install Android Studio and Android SDK
  • Open project in Android Studio
  • Change package name, app name, icons, splash screen, colors, key store file
  • Configure for AppGallery store: edit ag-connect-services.json, build.gradle and Ad Unit ID
  • Build an APK file

What you get

  1. Android Source Code
  2. Project Documentation
  3. Photoshop & Figma source files

What extended license includes

  1. A small gift
  2. My personal consultation about this proejct via Telegram or another messanger
  3. And my perosnal biggest thanks!

Huawei Honor Cup 2020 1-st place

Google Services?

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