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nice if play sound in raw or assets folder like this is good

you can also load resource from assert folder. just need to uncomment code.

if make like this but sound file in assets or raw is good

in current code sound is load from SDcard no need to put sound on assert or raw folder

Interesting Work! Congratulations :)

Thank you,

Data comes from server ? With help of apis?? Thanks

No. Music Player data is coming from SDcard or storage devices. but MVP Architecture Helps you to get Data from the server.

Data comes from server ? With help of apis?? Thanks

No Data comes from SD card or Mount drives.


Favorite or Playlist isn’t working! It won’t let me add any songs and if I create a new playlist it will disappear immediately. Any ideas why?

....Also the Admob Interstitial is not showing anywhere just the banner ad only.

we are not including this advertisement part in this initial purchase. if you want us to integrate interstitial advertisement, please hire us. ,

hi agileinfoways2, I have purchased your APP there is still some sort of bug in it, when I play a song, then I pause – I turn again – I pause again – and play again. why at the shuffle mode, single mode and list mode also changed. can you fix it? and can you integrate ads AdMob interstitial (not in on backpressed)? because the interstitial ads that you create are not showing

thank you regards

Hello, Rev Thank you for notifying we will check it and let you know, regarding “can you integrate ads AdMob interstitial ” we are not including this advertisement part in this initial purchase. if you want us to integrate interstitial advertisement, please hire us. ,

Hi agile, thanks for replying to my message, I hope you will soon fix the bug, and tell me if it has been repaired. thank you, regards

sure,We will Update you soon.

Are you working in the background?

Yes Music playre will works on Background

no update

I’m interested in purchasing this app but I can’t see songs sorted as Albums, Artists, Genre, Most played and Recently added in your demo app. There is also no search song feature. I can’t rename, delete or share song from your demo app.

I’m getting this error.

Error:Execution failed for task ’:app:processReleaseGoogleServices’. > Missing project_info object

What to do to solve this problem?

I want refund. Seller claims that this app has Albums, Artists, Genres, Most Played and Recently Added sections. This app doesn’t have this features. And also this seller has extremely poor after sales support. Doesn’t even reply to my comments. Either add this features in 2 days or please provide me refund.

We will update the app by end of this week with all missing features.

Do you have tutorial to change logo and other. I want upload to playstore

what happen? i get this message….

Error:Failed to open zip file. Gradle’s dependency cache may be corrupt (this sometimes occurs after a network connection timeout.) Re-download dependencies and sync project (requires network) Re-download dependencies and sync project (requires network)

can you give documentaion for reskin?

You must have active internet connection to compile and run the project. Reskin document is not yet ready but you can go through the colors.xml file to change the theme of app. Thanks.

his eclipse projet ?

You can run this project in Android Studio only.

Where I can add “Most played” player list? And where I can search information about song?

We will implement this in near future and keep updating you on it. Thanks.

Hello Bro, Do you have an assistant video? How to Upload? Thanks.

Hello Bro, Music does not turn off when the phone rings and while the video is playing. Please help me..

We will fix it and update new version on codecanyon by next week.

I have buyed this code thinked this is Eclipse app, but this is Android Studio project, and there is some errors which I can`t fix. I all time used Eslipse. Can you send me source code of this app Eclipse?

Our source code will run in Android Studio only. It is not compatible with the Eclipse as google has officially removed eclipse android development support since last 2 years. We recommend you to use Android Studio to run project. Here is the link to download Android Studio: Let us know if you need any other help. Thanks for the purchase!

very simple interface i think bass rock pop treble feature and also other features should be added