Discussion on AI Image Pro - WordPress AI Image Generator & Editor, DALLE & Stable Diffusion

Discussion on AI Image Pro - WordPress AI Image Generator & Editor, DALLE & Stable Diffusion

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why you dot show how to implement Credits in frontend. If enabled, users will only be able to generate images if they have credit. User credit will be read from the following user meta keys: ai_image_pro_dalle_credits no info how to do and where to do thanks


Excuse me but I don’t really understand your question. :)

Can you please elaborate more?

documentation how to use ai_image_pro_dalle_credits

You can get the amount of credit a user has using the following function call:

get_user_meta($user_id, ‘ai_image_pro_dalle_credits’, true);

$user_id it the id of the user.

And for stable diffusion you can use: get_user_meta($user_id, ‘ai_image_pro_stable_diffusion_credits’, true);

If you want to set/increase the user credit, you can use the following hooks:

do_action(‘ai_image_pro_increase_user_credit’, [ ‘user_id’ => 3, ‘credit_amount’ => 10, ‘credit_type’ => ‘dalle’]);


do_action(‘ai_image_pro_set_user_credit’, [ ‘user_id’ => 3, ‘credit_amount’ => 10, ‘credit_type’ => ‘dalle’]);

One for increasing the credit of a user, and the other for setting it to a specific value. “credit_type” can either be “dalle” or “stable_diffusion”.

I hope this helps!


WoodMatve Purchased

hi, how to disable password required? i mean login page to use app in frontend thanks


It’s not possible to disable requiring logging in to use the fronend editor. All credit system, image saving need a user to be linked to, that’s why a user has to be logged in to use this feature.

Have a great day!


Absylom Purchased

I installed the plugin in 10mn and all is working perfectly, really great … do you have an example of code to include in a function to update the credit amount of an user ? Thanks

I will add a handy function for you to do that in the plugin. ;)


I’ve added hooks for you to change the credit of users. You can either use:

do_action(‘ai_image_pro_increase_user_credit’, [ ‘user_id’ => 3, ‘credit_amount’ => 10, ‘credit_type’ => ‘dalle’, ]);


do_action(‘ai_image_pro_set_user_credit’, [ ‘user_id’ => 3, ‘credit_amount’ => 10, ‘credit_type’ => ‘dalle’, ]);

One for increasing the credit of a user, and the other for setting it to a specific value. “credit_type” can either be “dalle” or “stable_diffusion”.

Please install the latest version of plugin and give it a try. :)


Absylom Purchased

Really great, many thanks again for your support, will give it a try asap


Absylom Purchased

Hi, what is exactly the extended licence, how much does it cost and where can we get it ? Thanks


Absylom Purchased

Also I cannot add Elementor blocks in my posts when the plugin is enabled, is it a known issue ? I deactivated it for the moment.

I have tried Elementor with the plugin on my side and everything is working fine. Is it possible to give me access to your website to check these problems myself?

If yes, please send me the access credentials to: codeisawesome.hq [at]



Absylom Purchased

It’s done, thanks for your great support

Any updates on the upscale feature? Waiting for it to buy :)

Hey! thanks for your wait :)

The upscaler integration is in progress, and it’s the very first feature that will be added to the plugin next. I will let you know once it is there :)

Have a great day!

1. when will be the next update? 2. how to create a full width size of the app? 3. how to disable login required to use the app? 4. are you planning to create the same generative fill like in photoshop? 5. are you planning to add all stable diffusion options

UNCROP Uncrop your photos to any image format

REIMAGINE Create multiple variants of an image with Stable Diffusion

STABLE DOODLE Transform your doodles into real images in seconds

CLEANUP Remove objects, people, text and defects from your pictures automatically.

REMOVE BACKGROUND Extract the main subject from a picture with incredible accuracy. It’s like magic.

RELIGHT Relight your images with beautiful lights.

IMAGE UPSCALER Upscale your images by 2x or 4x in seconds. It can also remove noise and recover beautiful details.

REPLACE BACKGROUND Teleport anything, anywhere with AI

TEXT REMOVER Remove text from any image

SKY REPLACER Replace gray sky with blue sky in a snap

please respond to the follow questions, thanks


First of all, thanks for purchasing AI Image Pro. :)

Please find my answers below:

1. Next update should include adding AI styles to images. It’s a big update so it will take some time to ship.

2. If you mean the width of the editor (using [ai_image_pro]) shortcode, you can pass in the width parameter. E.g. [ai_image_pro width=”100%”] For more information on the available parameters please check the documentation pdf file that comes with the plugin.

3. It’s not possible to disable the login to use the plugin. AI Image Pro uses native media library of WordPress to store images, and in order to be able to use the media library a user has to be logged in.

4. Regarding all the AI features that you suggested, currently the plugin integrates with’s API, which only supports generating AI image, but doesn’t support any of the features you suggested. To support these features another API (or more APIs) has/have to be integrated. I’ve already added them to my research list to see if it will be possible to integrate them into the plugin in the future.

Have a great day! by can do all this features check

Nice! thanks for sharing! I will definitely put that on the roadmap.

Hello nice script, i want to buy. do you have in plan to add all features like remove bg, reimages, and other ai features? and please add possibility to join with subscribe (payments),also user can use this ai also without login or with login or bought or all this three options? thanks


Thanks a lot for your interest in AI Image Pro!

The plugin already has integration for credit system so you can offer it as a SaaS to your users. However, the plugin doesn’t handle payments. There are many payment plugins that you can use for that purpose and integrate with AI Image Pro.

I will add your other suggestions to the research list to be add in the future :)

Have a great day!

Hi, thank you for your awesome plugin. Front-end integration is great, our users love it! But it would be way more easy for them to have “default” settings. So I can select the “best” model for my users, as well as the size of the image (so it does not generate errors when size for a specified model is below the requiered size…). Could you add backend the ability to set default settings? Default model, image size, number of steps, number of images, seed… Would allow a way less brainy experience for users of stable diffusion!

Thanks for your suggestion :)

This is a nice one. I had also in mind something like that would be a bit more visual. So basically the plugin would show certain styles (as images) to choose from. But what you suggested would be less effort to implement. I will certainly consider that when developing this feature.

Have a great day! :)

Thanks a lot. this si great. looking forward to see the next update with styles:) Excellent work!

you are always welcome :)

Hi there, have installed the plugin along with API’s – front end is not displaying for any user it says ‘Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.’

Front end editor only shows for admin only – also credits are not being removed when I generate an image.


Great to hear it’s now working :)

sorry one thing I have noticed that it can work front end but it only seems to work the editor role only – I have tried and assigned with different multiple roles like ‘customer’ and it does not show front end – only with ‘editor’ role.

You might need to triple check this issue your end.



True, plugin needs user to be an editor (with edit_posts capability) in order to be able to use. This is because the plugin makes use of the builtin WordPress media library for greater native integration.The media library requires that capability in order for the user to be able to upload images (or add images) to it.


Is there any possibility to work with the tool like this:

It gets access to my article post and consider that as context, then generate suitable image for selected section, considering a pre-defined prompt or style.


Thanks for your interest in AI Image Pro!

You might be interested in my other plugin AIKit.

AIKit allows you to automate content generation along with images and you can preconfigure it to use a certain style.

I encourage you to check it out to see if it fits your use case:

Let me know if you have any more questions.


Any possibility in the future to add the option to generate featured images in bulk for all posts?


Thanks for your suggestion!

I will add that to my research list to integrate in the future.

Have a great weekend!

I recently purchased the regular license for the WordPress AI Image Pro plugin on 15th August 2023. I was genuinely looking forward to integrating it into my workflow and seeing the benefits it could bring to my website.

However, after installing and attempting to use the plugin, I’ve realized that it doesn’t support the Elementor page builder, which is a crucial tool for my website’s design and functionality. I had hoped to seamlessly integrate the AI Image Pro plugin with Elementor, but unfortunately, this seems not to be the case.

Understanding that sometimes software limitations exist, and while I genuinely appreciate the effort put into developing the WordPress AI Image Pro plugin, it won’t be feasible for me to use it without Elementor support.

Given the circumstances, I kindly request a refund for my purchase. I trust that you will understand my position and I assure you that my decision is based solely on the compatibility issue and not on the overall quality of the product.

I appreciate your assistance in this matter and hope for a swift resolution. Please let me know if you require any additional information from my end.

Thank you for your understanding and assistance.


Refund granted. Best of luck!

Thank you for a quick reply! Anyway, you are doing an incredible job! Good luck!

Thank you :)

Hi, I have installed it and added the OpenAI API key. I added short code [ai_image_pro] to display Image creator on the front end. but it is showing an empty page. I have enabled “Enable in Frontend” option and “Enable Credits” option. Tested several times but showing empty page.

please check these URLs where I added shortcodes

Please check the possible solutions.



Thanks for purchasing AI Image Pro!

One thing to consider is the “Enable in Frontend For Role” setting on the settings page. Using this option you can set the role of users that are supposed to see the editor. The editor does not show for non-signed in users, so you will need to prompt your users to sign in/register to your website (because of the credit system), and then the editor should show only to the users that have the role you set in the “Enable in Frontend For Role”.

Please let me know whether that helps or not.

Have a great day!

Hi, I have enabled “Enable in Frontend For Role” already. Gave credits to users. But it not showing on front end.


Is it possible to give me access to your website to check the problem?

If that’s possible, please send it to me via email: codeisawesome.hq [at]

Hello Thank you for the new version of the plugin and its functionality in the frontend. This plugin is not compatible with wpuf (post generation by users in the frontend). so that wpuf restricts users’ access to WordPress dashboard and Ajax. While for your plugin to work properly, we have to remove this restriction in wpuf and in this situation, users will access the WordPress dashboard. Please check this so that users without access to the WordPress dashboard and Ajax can use your good plugin in the frontend.


I’m glad to hear you like the plugin :)

AI Image Pro was built from the beginning for backend panel mainly, but I got multiple requests from users to allow frontend access and add some credit system to allow for SaaS use case, so I added that on top. I will add your suggestion to my research / todo list of the plugin to see how to mitigate that in the future, but it’s not an easy deed and will probably require a complete rewrite of that part in the plugin.

Thanks for your suggestions and have a great day!

Hi there,
Midjourney now offers API. It would be great if you added the best AI image generator out there. Regards


Thanks for your interest in AI Image Pro!

As far as i know, there is no official API released from MidJourney yet. Can you please share the link to the API release announcement that you saw?

You are right. My bad. There’s no official API for MidJourney :(

Hi can i use it shopify store website


Thanks for your interest in AI Image Pro!

Unfortunately not, you will need a WordPress website in order to use it.

Hello sir , it’s one of the best script that i saw here . i want to ask question about customisation , if you and your team can add and make changes for a special script … ( cloned some feature from other sites.??


Thanks a lot for your interest in AI Image Pro! :)

Unfortunately due to lack of time capacity I have no ability to do any custom work now. I dedicate my time to adding new features and fixing bugs and making the plugins as great as they could be. :)

I have to mention that the plugin is developed with future modifications in mind. The code is very clean and written with the best programming practices, so i’d encourage you to find a developer on Fiverr or Upwork to do the customisations for you, and you can always refer them to me in case they have any questions about the code.

Have a great day!

Hey, Can you use this as a subscription service where subscriber can generate ai images from the frontend? Also there have 3 subscription plans


Thanks for your interest in AI Image Pro!

The plugin allows you to display the editor on the frontend of your website and comes ready with a credit system where you can assign credit to your users and they can keep generating images only until they run out of credit. Also the plugin allows you to allow users of certain role to interact with the editor.

So yes, you can use it as a subscription service, but you will need to use a different plugin for handling the payments as AI Image Pro doesn’t handle payments. You will also need to assign the credit to your users once they pay (you can do that via user metadata fields programmatically) or manually via admin panel.

I hope this answers your questions. Let me know if you have any more questions anytime!

Have a great day!

hello! demo user is not working


Sorry for the inconvenience, demo user should be working now.

Any plans for native Elementor support CodeIsAwesome ?


Thanks for your interest in AI Image Pro.

Currently there is no plan to integrate the full editor into Elementor, as editing images requires bigger space and Elementor provides only narrow side bar on the left to host the components which will not be suitable for image editing.

Maybe some experimentation around using popups here could work, but will need to be tested first from UX perspective.


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