AI PHP CRUD Generator (Create ERP|Hrms|Cms|All type php software) Generate PHP Application

AI PHP CRUD Generator (Create ERP|Hrms|Cms|All type php software) Generate PHP Application

AI Crud Composer (artificial intelligence crud generator) Generate UI Database to Core Php and Php CodeIgniter

Good News for Php Developers
No More Waste your valuable Time
Why we type manually code which is common
So Get your 80% Completed application
Login and register ,menu and access already there
Just Make Database and Get your full application code (we provide 2 framework core php,CodeIgniter php)
After Generate Code Your super crud application is ready now modify copy and paste customize application as per your client requirements
Easy to extend code

AI Crud Composer


AI Crud Composer Features.

  • Visual database diagram
  • Generate database with relationship
  • Export Database Script In MySql and MsSql server
  • Create 15 Tables in a application
  • Export Image Database Diagram with relationship
  • Insert ,Update,Delete Tables and Tables Columns
  • All Useful Database Datatypes
  • When we use Advanced Datatypes :-String Make Text box,Int make Number text box,File Upload ,Calendar,Date time,current log ind user,current date time,Ck Editor,Text area,bit make a checkbox
  • When we make relationship its automatic make Drop down list on UI
  • Select your database and select php Framework and generate code
  • Import Database Tables from another database to current database

After Generate Code In Coding Features.

  • Understand able directory structure
  • Well Easy to Understand able code In core php framework
  • The Best CodeIgniter framework
  • Generate Table Models classes
  • Generate Table Controllers
  • Generate Table Views
  • Fully Secure Code
  • Login and Register Page with authentication
  • Layout Page
  • Admin Lte Default Theme
  • Generate all tables MySql.sql Database file with relationship

Generated Php application UI Features.

  • Admin lte responsive design
  • Graphical dashboard
  • All type charts,Bar, Dunant etc.
  • Jquery UI
  • Search able drop-down
  • Calendar
  • Ck Editor
  • all components are there just ready to use.
  • Login and register page,dashboard other all pages will be generated automatically when you generate application after create your database

Technology Features.

  • mvc 5
  • With Entity Framework 6
  • Jquery Latest
  • Grid Datatable
  • Responsive BootStrap Design Admin Lte

  • Application which generated by AI Crud Composer
    ERP Demo
    username and password=admin
    Hrms Demo
    username and password=hr
    mlm Demo
    username and password=admin

    Program Include
    Only Setup Published Or some useful files ,direct Install on your IIS
    Any issue or query email or skype:

    System Requirement.
    Windows Server or Windows Hosting.
    IIS7 OR above
    .Net framework 4.5.1 OR above
    Sql Server 2008 OR above

    :Unzip Solution
    :Paste Code In IIS wwwroot directory
    :Create Database In MS Sql Server
    :Take Database script from root and run in your mssql server
    :Change Connection string of database on Web.Config file in Code
    :Run It On localhost

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