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needed help on installation, please anyone with successful install, help out…thanks

what is your problem ?

got this installed …thanks

your welcome :)

Question before buying

Possible to repair browsing from mobile

And rearrange the template

Illustrated pictures of mistakes




mobile version it’ will be available soon with new features

Thank you

ّ1: Add a page

A wonderful script waiting for an update

Leaked date of launch date

Fix that mobile view and I think I will buy this

You’ve fixed the mobile view, but now, there is only login page and no frontend for visitors?

I mean, Im logged in as demo test now and I dont see any knowledgebase?


JAOMWEB Purchased

Hello friend how are you, buy your script and it is very good. You can tell me in place is the file that is associated with the registration form, I need to add one more field, which is saved in the database.

On the other hand when I register and genre a ticket as I modify the email that comes already that there is a date of 2015 and want to modify. Please show me how to do it thanks


JAOMWEB Purchased

Hello I am waiting for reply

ok tell me whats is the field to add this for you and we recheck the date on email


JAOMWEB Purchased

Hi thanks for answer, already send mail, please check and this you can serve for future updates. Thank you

(Fix that mobile view and I think I will buy this)

I wait for the repair to be done

we working on this edit with new features and some fixes

Checkout db.sql for NOT NULL during setup. Throws errors in many cases.

contact support team fro fix your problem

No problem, I have fixed it myself. Just for your info for the next upgrade. db.sql has NOT NULL during setup process for ie social_id which throws an error and prohibit user to install the script.

thank you for you we will fix this problem in new updates with more fix

thanks for the updates, please add future to create a ticket sending email to specific department and account create setup.. i think is imap system.. please..

we will search for this feature and will do it with new features


Dudu04 Purchased

I can not see the knowledge base. Always getting redirected to Dashboard. please help. the same thing is happening on demo. even when i logged in as Admin. http://www.tatwerat.com/demo/ah-tickets/main/knowledge&id=2

Goto Setting > Theme Setting -> Allow Landing Page


Dudu04 Purchased

okay. i can see it working now. Thank you.

you are welcome , any time for help you :) , don’t forget rate us

Hi, can the user login change to using either username or email?

Error : functions.php not found !. Please Help

can you check your theme name or path

Thanks. it has been resolved

you are welcome :)

Error : functions.php not found !

I received the same error as above… Please let me know!

try rename views\themes\ah-default to AH-Tickets


Question before purchase

1) Do you intend to add Bootstrap 4?

2) Our potential customers can reach us by e-mail or by using the contact form. We can respond to emails and our customers will receive immediate answers. Your plugin regularly lists an external POP3 / IMAP account, retrieves e-mail and turns it into tickets?

I would like to know if your plugin retrieves emails and turns them into tickets?

3) compatible PHP 7?

4) Do you intend to add Google Authenticator

Thank you


The loader Takes a while , is there a way it can be disabled?

you mean loader when script running ?

The Gif before the page loads. the “3 dots gif”.

ok this css3 code by we will improvement this features in new updates


I would like to ask about the gender selection. When a customer register through the registration form and he/she select their gender “male” or “female”, the database record the gender. However, on the edit form in admin homepage, the select option didn’t show the gender “male” or “female”, it back to “hidden”. Can you please check on this?

yes we will found this bug , we will fix it in new updates

Thank you. Hope to hear from you soon.


anisasrof Purchased

Hi, any status for this bug?

Hi Im interested on this please confirm if is posible to:

1. Create new tickets from wordpress form 2. Create new tickets from email 3. Create and follow new tickets as guest (user dont need to register) 4. Integrate registration with my existing DB so users dont need to re-register to get support (via api, webservice or whatever) 5. Canned responses 6. Create new tickets from facebook 7. Create new tickets from admin manually 8. Create new tickets from a livechat tool