Discussion on Multi Store Addons For WooCommerce

Discussion on Multi Store Addons For WooCommerce

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I am not sure 100% if this plugin suits our needs. That’s why I want to try on our site.

If it doesn’t fulfill our requirements, then we will not able to use this plugin. Is there any money-back guarantee?

We have 100+ stores.

The requirements we want are:

Show different prices of the products for each store. Show visitors the nearest store based on their location. If any customer places an order, an email notification is sent to the nearest store.

Hi, yes you can show different prices for each store through the Product Page widgets.

And showing the nearest search is also possible, you can use the Store Search Widget on the product page, and email is sent as the notification to the selected store.

Please check the demos first, and let us know if you have any questions, the pricing are lowest due to sale, yes we can refund if it is not useable for you.

thank you

Hi Support, Pre Sale question

1- Is there any options for Store Owner, Store Owner can Register and Then Access his/her Dashboard at Front-end Page. After Access Dashboard, How he/she can add product Price according to location. 2- In the Demo page, When Press FIND STORE Button in Product page, Its shows Store Name and Miles only. Can i set more options for display (Store Name, Miles, Stock, Price) in one row, while pressing Button.


Hi, right now the store manager is not available, it is under development, 2- Yes you can show the Store Name, Miles and the Stock.

Thank you

Thanks for Quick Reply, One more pre-sale question, Is there any option in this plugin for Import/Export stores data and Woo Products with Store wise Pricing and Stock. Thanks

Yes, we have import/export options for the stores and the product relations.


Hi, Thanks for quick response, one more Pre-Sales question Is there any search/Filter page where i search any product name and retrieve all belonging stores list. I don’t want to Find store on single Product page or in Cart Page. Thanks

Hi, sorry, the product search is not there are you are looking for, it is mainly the store search and selection.


Hi Support, i have pre-sale question,

1- Confirm me, the product pricing change according to store location wise 2- If Pricing change then can we show pricing of that product location wise when click on “Find a Store” Button

Please Confirm and then i will buy this plugin


Hi yes the product price change location wise and you can find a store on product page via Search Location.

Thank you


savash Purchased


I got an warning when edit product. Warning: DataTables warning: table id=tbl_location – You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near ‘) GROUP BY ps.`store_id`) p ON = p.store_id ORDER BY p.stock_availabil…’ at line 1.

How can I fix this?

Hi, you are using MariaDB? can you please create a support ticket by emailing us at so we can check that and update you on it.


Hi, is it a variable product? can you please provide us the URL, have you assigned stores to the variations of it?


Multi-Store Addons For WooCommerce plugin not working in electro theme showing deactivated message

Hi, can you please create a support ticket by emailing us at with the URL so we check which widget you are using.


Pre Sale question: Do you think its possible to combine your plugin with a tiered pricing plugin?

for example:

Location 1: 1-5 pieces cost 5 euro per piece 6-10 pecescost 4 euro per piece

Location 2: 1-5 pieces cost 6 euro per piece 6-10 pecescost 5 euro per piece

I would set it up via percentage

I appreciate your help

Hi, you can set the pricing by each location but not with the percentage as you have the scenario, we may implement it in future version, right now it doesn’t exist.

thank you

Hello. I bought your plugin for woocommerce since I have a business with multiple physical locations.

I need to show a popup when the user enters the web to select a city (NY or MI). Depending on what the user selects, the prices will be displayed with one price or another.

Within these two cities I have multiple store pickup locations. Is it possible for me to be able to make this form to filter the prices from the moment the user enters the store?

My intention is to add all the stores, each one has its own stock and closing hours, but I want to filter and show the prices of the store according to the chosen city but with a popup when entering the store.

It’s possible? I can modify something if necessary with my programmer employee.

Hi, thank you for purchasing our plugin, yes you can add your stores and assign different pricing for each store, as by your example, your NY Store will have a different set of pricing while the MI can have a different one.

Is it possible for me to be able to make this form to filter the prices from the moment the user enters the store?
  1. On the product page, the pricing appears once the user selects the store, so yes the prices and the stock can be based on the chosen city, with your scenario the store search widget will work as the user search his city or location and its store with the pricing and stock will appear.

right now it is not in a popup, as you can check our demos, it is just above the add to cart button, however, you can change its placement on the product page.

For more, please create a support ticket by emailing us at

Thank you

Presale Question,

1. To use Multi Store Addons For WooCommerce i need to buy Store Locator ( first?

2. How about the coupon code? Is possible that I have coupon code for some product and it’s only valid in some location?

Please check it again, it should work fine now.

Thank you

it’s work! Thank you! I will try the plugin.

Thank you

Hi, i have a presales question. I support a flower shop and i want to have preconfigured addresses of local hospitals that they will deliver for free, so i was thinking of using your multistore addon. But i want for the user that orders to be able to add a receiver name and phone number too, will your plugin let me do that?

Hi, the first point is possible that you can assign free shipping for particulars stores, so whenever they are selected the shipping will be free, however you second point is not possible, you have to use some additional plugin for it.

Thank you

Due to a recent purchase of a STORA plugin, I am unable to use it. Could we test this theme before purchasing to ensure there are no issues?

Hi, it looks like you have purchased the main plugin that is Agile Store Locator for WordPress, yes you have to purchase the Multi-Store Addons for WooCommerce that is available separately, the plugin is fully compatible with all the themes and in case of any problem, we will provide the solution for it.

We can provide a test account to you in our Monday morning to test it before purchase.

thank you

I’m considering buying this add-on for store locator that I just bought but I had a question first. If I install this plugin on 5 other WooCommerce websites with the same products, does this plugin sync with those other sites to show the latest inventory and pricing should something change from one store to another? and if so how often does it sync? if not are you willing to develop that kind of connection? And if not do you have any kind of API that we can connect to to make that happen ourselves?

Hi thank you for considering our plugin, are the 5 other websites maintained through Multi-site network or they are separate websites?

Sorry right now there is no sync functionality but we can develop it for you as part of our customization service, can you please create a support ticket by emailing us at so we can further look into it, we will get back to you on Monday morning.

Thank you

Hi Aurthor

Greetings of the Day. In Shop Order Page( ”/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=shop_order”) filter by Store not working. gives critical error.

Please look into this mater.

Hi, can you please create a support ticket by emailing us at with a screenshot.


Hi Aurthor, can we see SKU and Store name along with Store Id and Product code in the export file of Location stock ? It will helpful for everyone using this Plugin. Actually in Every Woocomerce Store Stock is maintain by SKU, so its just a recommendation to add SKU and Store Name in export file along with Product id and store id.

Hi, thank you for your suggestion, yes we can add the SKU and the store name in the export but it is not necessary in the import, as it is done via the product id and the store id.

When we want to add a store we get a error that the Country is required, but we cannot select or choose a country in that dropdown. So it’s not possible now to save and add a store

Hi, which version of agile store locator for WordPress is installed? please upgrade that version to the latest 4.8.8 or 1.4.6 to resolve it.

Thank you

Hello, we have 1.4.6 already installed

Please deactivate the plugin and activate it again, it should resolve with it, if the issue persist please create a support ticket by emailing us at

Thank you

I need to active licence need help

If you have WooCommerce Tab in the Store Locator that means you have this pro version Addon installed, I’ll try to explain it here.

1- Agile Store Locator for WordPress (Pro version)

In the above main plugin, you register the purchase code to unlock it.

2- Multi-Store Addon for WooCommerce is a Pro Addon of the above plugin, that is sold separately, right now this Addon doesn’t require license registration in the plugin itself.

Thank you

it does not show me the option to register the license to unlock the functions.

Please create a support ticket by emailing us at with your details.

Thank you


aji549 Purchased

I am going to need a refund. Plug in is not working/

Yes, this plugin is Addon of Agile Store Locator, yes please let us know in case of any questions or feedback, you can directly email us at

Thank you


aji549 Purchased

Quick question. I will need the selected store to be the ship to address. Will this plugin populate the ship to address with the info from the selected store at checkout?

Yes, the selected store will be considered the shipping store and that address will also appear in order and invoice.


Hi Aurthor, I have identified a small bug. in the plugin. please go through the below mention scenario. and do the needful.

let say A and B are two different store.

A has Stock = 1 B has Stock = 1

now I put a order from A.

In Admin when I open the order I found that my order is assigned from store A. and since after order A has 0 stock so in drop-down of change store it is showing Store B.

Now If we change or update the order since drop-down has marked as store B. it automatically update to store B.

Probable Solution We should add one more option Select Store has value Blank. If we update the order and if store value is blank then changing of store not required.

This Scenario is from Admin Panel Prospective only **

Hi, we are checking it and will update you on it, can you please email also create a support ticket at

Thank you

Dear Team,

Please let me know if we can show this option according to the products in Cart. i,e, Hide Pickup locations for specific products.

Hi, thank you for purchasing our plugin, sorry do you mean the search store selection widget option? yes that can appear on the cart page as well.

can i get this plugin for try? because there is no free option

Hi, sorry we don’t have a trial, we can share demo account with you to test, please email us at

Thank you


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