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Hi, how do I insert my Terms and conditions into the T_m_C? When I put simple text into the php file the plugin fails to load. (shows empty page)?

On Apple devices on successful push of a button plugin fails to redirect to main website, it loads endlessly.

Please help

Can this be used for Drupal? If yes please share an installation guide for drupal

age lock runs very slow on my wordpress site! Is their a way to optimize for speed it?

AgeLock is fast. In my testing AgeLock adds between 0.0003 to 0.0004 of a second to load times. Therefore you do not need to optimise a site for AgeLock.

I added w3 total cache to my wordpress page and now agelock is not appearing. Can you please let me know how to fix it?

AgeLock is called from your themes header.php file. If any WordPress caching plugin caches this file AgeLock will not run this is due to how many caching plugins work. I don’t offer support for WordPress plugins that I haven’t written however, if W3 total cache has a setting to not cache this file (I think they call it fragment caching) then this is how AgeLock could be made to work for WordPress sites with a caching plugin.

Already purchased it. Looks great. But I would like to test age lock local on a joomla site. What are the settings for that? The site is not live

You can follow the normal installation/set up guide found here:

Here you will need to set your ‘installed_folder’ to your local folder. Probably something like http://localhost/yoursite/agelock/

As your using Joomla you’ll also need to follow these small additional set up instructions:

When I load my page the url does this: http://localhost/agelock/agelock/?ref= and it’s just a blank page, this in on an opencart install. Any help would be appreciated. I am also available at

Hi. I looks as though either the installed_folder or success_page has not been set to your site URLs. For instructions read the quick start guide: and for OpenCart specific installation tips look here:

Im getting an error when I try it in Magento (I did set the cookie session setting to: 2) Notice: Undefined variable: _SESSION in on line 679

Hi. Sorry your seeing a PHP notice.

In theory line 679 shouldn’t be triggered if cookie session setting has been set to 2. I’m unable to replicate your notice. However if you update line 677 to:

elseif($agelock_settings[‘cookie_mode’] == 3)

instead of:


That will make sure the code block doesn’t run. If you have anymore query please contact me through my profile.

Hello, i can’t make it work with wordpress i get an error headers sent. and how to configure how much i want the cookie to stay?

Thanks, another problem is when i press Yes once nothing happens, i have to press it 2 times

can you answer please? In chrome incognito mode sometimes user has to press 2-20 times yes to show website please fix this

Please email me your agelock.php file and I’ll take a look at what is going wrong. My email address is included on the AgeLock documentation.

Installed for a Zen Cart 1.5.4 store, had an issue where after validation it wouldn’t redirect back to landing page. Emailed author, who actually installed his own copy of Zen Cart to document steps, locations, etc., – got me up in one simple email! This is so much better than scripts to run off-site, Thanks so much!

First, great Script is really easy to install.

But i have a little problem, i have activated “simple_check” with “t_and_c” and checkbox.

When I press the “No Button” does not open the “failure_page” but the “t_and_c_error” is displayed.

Is it possible to change it the after press the “No Button” directly open the “failure_page”?

Thank you.

Hi, Sorry for the delay. I was moving house and had no wifi for a few days! This isn’t the default behaviour but AgeLock can easily be tweaked to work this way. I’ll email you the solution.

No problem and thank you for the great email support. I have rated AgeLock now with 5 Stars.


Your demo page is not working. I wonder if this script is still working and supported before I purchase?