Age Verification System for WordPress

Age Verification System for WordPress

A WordPress plugin to verify visitor’s age before viewing the content of your site. You can apply age restriction to posts, pages, custom posts type or woo-commerce categories. This plugin is useful for those websites which typically included alcoholic beverages, nudity, violence, tabacco, age-restricted youtube videos, ESRB rated content for M-rated and AO-rated video games.

This is a must have plugin for following type of websites.

  • Beer Websites
  • Spirits Websites
  • Wine Websites
  • Tobacco Websites
  • Marijuana Websites
  • Adult Websites
  • Gaming Websites
  • Age Restricted Videos

How it Works

According to age settings saved in backend, this plugin shows a age verification form on front-end that requires user to validate their age. User can enter date of birth or age. The plugin will allow to show site contents only if it meets the minimum age required set by site admin.

Age Settings

WP Age Gate Pro Setting

Admin can apply age restriction on specific pages using backend setting.

Apply Age Gate on Pages

Attractive Templates

Apply Attractive Templates

Useful Features

  1. Enable age restriction site wide.
  2. Admin can apply age restriction on specific pages. Ability to apply on multiple pages at once.
  3. Apply on specific custom posts type. e.g you can apply on woo-commerce products only.
  4. Apply on specific woo-commerce categories. e.g you can apply on alcohol category of woo-commerce products.
  5. Admin can setup minimum age requirement to view site contents.
  6. Ability to remember visitor’s age for number of days. Admin can decide ‘remember me’ days.
  7. Site admin can apply age verification on logged in users as well.
  8. Fetch locations from external data sources e.g custom tables or API and automatically assign them to a map using hooks.
  9. Choose age verification form from readymade templates provided in the backend.
  10. Site admin can set customized css in the backend without overwriting core files.
  11. Admin can change form heading, form description, failed message and success message in the backend.
  12. All templates are fully responsive & cross-browser compatible and tested on real devices.
  13. It’s multi-lingual & multi-site supported.


All current customers and future customers are encouraged to send us features they want to see in the next version. We’re very passionate about this product and are dedicated to making it valuable for everyone.

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