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Is there an admin back-end we can see?

It’s a php class so there is no admin back-end

but if you require it I can add several functions people could add in their admin panel

interesting and can see good uses for this script however you might want to allow hyphens in email addresses. many domains use them nowadays.

such as would generate this error

Oops! The email is not a valid email address.

it is simple fix as you know but I run across this a lot:)

thanks I will fix this asap :)

Hi Krike,

I’d be really interested in this class if it was extended slightly. I’d like the ability to determine a list of pre-defined referrers, commission for each referrer and an admin class to display these stats per user.

Great base class so far.

Thank you. I will try to do this as soon as possible. If you could send me an e-mail (through my profile) with more details so that I can have a good idea of what should be extended.

How easy is it to integrate into a pre-existing user system?

All the functionality is available from classes. You just need to call the class and edit a few things in the configuration file like the userid. More instructions are given in the documentation and class itself.

This looks like a really great piece of work, congradulations! :) I am going to need this during the week ;)

thank you :)

This looks cool, but is there a tracker….

In so far as, once a user who is referred joins, then that user is listed in tracker stats.


Succesful referrals:

dave smith | december 2010 | status:active

eric jones | december 2010 | status:inactive



It only records the amount of user referred or registered. I could write it but it’s a basic class so I have no idea how the user table of the clients looks like. I will have a look and see if I can do this easily

Its cool, we wrote one ourselves in the end, quite straightforward. Cheers

actually yes it’s pretty straightforward if you are familiar with php & javascript :) still usefull for people who don’t know how to code.

Hello, How about cookies? It can be set for how many days cookies to be stored and record a successful registration within that period? (in the case the visitor is not registering immediately)

PayPal integration? Is there any tutorial on how to record a successful registration only after recording a value from an IPN script?

Thank you.

The cookies are set to last 30 days but you can easily change it yourself. There is no paypal integration because this is just a class which you can integrate into your site. If you want paypal I created a deposit system with paypal (check my portfolio).

I’m wanting to integrate this into

I already have that installed. Any tips? I am ok with html / css etc but just don’t quite trust myself with mysql.

Do not want to mess up the installation i have already

I don’t have a copy for that script but i’ll ask for some help from the author of that script. I’ll keep you up to date, but make sure I can contact you through your profile

Thanks I appreciate it.

Yes you can contact me via my profile.


I still didn’t receive an answer, but you can hire a freelancer to integrate the script on your website if it needs to be done asap.

Hey krike, a couple ofquestion before buying.

1. Can you integrate reCaptcha or some form of Captca to stop aumated sign-ups?

2.How hard would this be to integrate with phpBB. I want users to sign-up at my forums, but instead of registering again they can just share their links.

thank you for your interest for this class.

1. reCaptcha should be easy to integrate and does not require any modification of the class. All you need to do is add it to the form and add the check to see if it was filled in and if the code is correct. if the user add the wrong code, the form will not be submitted which as a result will not store the affiliation info untill the user types the correct code. With other words, just add the reCaptcha to the form lik you would do with other normal forms.

2. It don’t think it’s hard, they could have done a better job coding the phpBB forum because it was not build on MVC but still … , however some basic understanding of php is a must. You would need to find where the registration info is processed and check there if the user was referred and also add a hidden input field to the registration page (I think it should be in register_body.html in the templates/themename/.... folder, not 100% sure about that)

If you have any other question feel free to ask

Hey just got the script to integrate with Banner Exchange Manager, i get the following error when I click referral statistics:

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘AND referral_history.year = ‘2011’ GROUP BY referral_history.month’ at line 3.

I’m with Freehostia and they run PHP 5 . Not sure what to do…could you help out?


Never mind my last comment, after putting the files from the upload folder into the root folder the problem resolved itself.

I get this error:

Fatal error: Call to a member function query() on a non-object in /home/foreched/public_html/admin/classes/referral_class.php on line 16

it means $db is not an object and therefore query can’t work

There are a few reasons why this is happening:

1) Did you fill in the correct database details? 2) Did you remove the includes at the top in the referral_class.php?

i wanted to purchase this script but i’m not a coder or something, can include this in my site for a small fee?

Contact me through my profile

I’d like to implement this script into a database that is already set up so that users can become affiliates without signing up a second time. Is this possible?

That is perfectly possible. This is not a standalone script. It’s a class you need to integrate into your existing website. Let me know if you are having any trouble. You can also always email me directly through my profile, I don’t check the comments every day.

Does it use cookies for tracking users?

Yes it does

The demo is back online and working. Should I have missed something contact me through my profile, do not post a comment (it is faster this way, envato does not notify me when a new comment is posted)

hi i have error like : Strict Standards: Non-static method Validation_class::xss_filter() Strict Standards: Non-static method Validation_class::check_text_nospace() ...

Have you an issue ?

What PHP version are you running?

Ah yes I see. in the Validation class replace all ‘function’ names with ‘public static function’. i will update that asap

Demo not working when clicking on ref link

Thank you for reporting this. i will update this asap

hi is it include live demo script in package ?