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jdwebdesigner, the saving of the Web Browser and Operating System data doesn’t appears to work. Any chance you can put out an Update to fix this problem?

Never mind I fixed it myself.

Hello, can the commission system work with.leads

can any one help me please this code is not working in my xampp local..Please any one help…Thanks in advance. email me to amaresh.jana26@gmail.com

file .zip The file you uploaded, affiliate-pro.zip, contains a virus so the upload was canceled: Legacy.Trojan.Agent-1388596 FOUND

help me

Hi I have just purchased this script but not working can someone please help vab.wsofi@gmail.com


Hi I had just installed this code. I have issues with the working of the website.. please inform me the link to raise a ticket…

I thanks. I just solved by setting php intl in server based on the information from the support section. my website is working fine

please inform us what is affiliate code in products section of affiliate

as I can see this script do not have support?


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When will your next major update be available?

how to track this affiliate system into my master admin panel


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Dear Developer, I’m sorry to say, but you have Errors in your Code in the Marketing Materials section. The Link URL’s are not being Saved correctly. I was unable to test this BEFORE I made my purchase because you have it Disabled in the Demo. It would be nice if you could fix this please and Upload an Update ASAP. Thank You.

Have you verified it works with PHP 7? Does it use the latest standards or deprecated functions like mysql_real_escape_string?

pre sales Q: I assume you are out of business? last update in 2017. demo page http://jdwebdesigner.com/affiliate-pro-demo/demo_landing not working…

Hi there, impressive system! I just have one question, can your system track digital products download URL from amazon web server?

Hi, I’m interested in your product, but before buying, I would like to know if I have to install it.

i have php intl but doesn’t work. there is a wordpress website in ROOT. may be this?

i have php intl but doesn’t work. there is a wordpress website in ROOT. may be this?

from phpinfo()

intl Internationalization support enabled version 1.1.0 ICU version 50.1.2 ICU Data version 50.1

can i have assistance please, doesn’t work

Hello, Could you let me know, its working with “easy digital download”? Thanks