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I’m interested in your affiliate script to my WooCommerce shop: 1. How it’s can be integrated with my WC shop? I have to do something? 2. I want to enable my affiliates earn 10% on every sale they send me NOT by unique url, but using unique coupon code that they will give to my new customers – it’s possible? THANK YOU!

demo not working

login has been reset, thank you for letting me know

Hello. How to use the multi-tier commision structure? can we see who is our sponsor? Or do you have the tree view to see our referral structure. Thanks.

I have tried a couple time for the multitier, but It can’t working.

1. I make a new user called vivi, user ID 752

2. I make a new referral called santo, user ID 754, using thing link : http://affiliateprosoftware.com/affiliate-pro-demo/index?ref=752 . It succeed add the referred into 1 (from 0)

3. I make a purchase using santo’s ID (754), using this link : http://affiliateprosoftware.com/affiliate-pro-demo/demo_landing?ref=754

4. After the purchase, I check the vivi’s multi-tier commision is not added yet (suppose to added 70% from sales for level 2).

NB: I have make the Multi tier commision level 2 into 70% from sales (vivi is level 2 for santo’s case, and santo is level 1. CMIIW)

I think I found a bug. When you delete user, the reference of the sponsor is still. It’s suppose to decrease the number each I delete it’s affiliate users.

I found another bug, when I try the insert the “lead” from this address : http://affiliateprosoftware.com/affiliate-pro-demo/demo_lead?ref=752

It always point to ID 754’s lead. So I track it what happened. And I know the problem. When I set the demo store to this : http://affiliateprosoftware.com/affiliate-pro-demo/demo_landing?ref=754 , then every lead i make always goes to 754, not 752.

When I change the demo store to http://affiliateprosoftware.com/affiliate-pro-demo/demo_landing?ref=752, The lead is going back to 752’s lead.

When I do the vice versa, the result also vice versa. Please take a look this bug. I think it’s caching problem, maybe?

You can upgrade this script as per my requirement and I will pay you more money.


A special type of merchant who has full control over all affiliates and all merchant accounts. Network owners can fully customize the design of the merchant and affiliate panel, configure tracking settings, fraud protection and more. At the same time the network owner can run a marketing campaign for all of his/her affiliates as a special type of merchant. The network owner is responsible for affiliate payouts as well.


Network owners can allow entry into their network for an unlimited number of merchants. With each merchant he/she can define their own rules and fees for using the affiliates’ power. The merchant has to pay to the network owner commissions generated in the affiliate program, plus any fees. The merchant never pays money directly to affiliates in the affiliate network – only the network owner can do this.


Promotes products offered by merchants or network owner. This person is payed by the network owner from commissions paid to the network owner by the merchant

I am waiting for your answer

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I’ve just installed this but cannot login with the default account. It just keeps taking me to the index page when I enter the login details.

Edit: It was my fault, I’d tried to use an include statement at the top of the page which caused the fault. I’d like to be able to include a header and footer file, if that’s possible?


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I’m also having problems adding products – I can’t set the link to the products as I add them, some of which are in different folders on my site, so the affiliate link doesn’t point to the product.


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The instalation work fine but start comissions with integrate in woocommerce dont work how i need to integrate this in my thankyou.php i treid the code integration!my affiliate test no earn comission!My contact please contact me megapanda.pt@gmail.com


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When adding a new link, no matter what I enter, the link generated just points to my root url. I want to be able to add several text links pointing to different folders and products.

i.e. I enter: http://mydomain.com/product/folder?ref=ID

the link just shows as: http://mydomain.com?ref=ID


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Is there any fix for this?

Hello, i want to use this script on two domains. and want to install the script on a 3rd domain is it possible? e.g domain.net is the affiliate pro script and i want to track sales on domain.com and domain.in please let me know so i should purchase the script.