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hi the demo site not working and showing errors at the header.

this was corrected, sorry for the inconvenience.

hello, when you going to upload new version ?

New version will be completed this month

hello, when you going to upload new version ?

New version will be completed this month

hello, when you going to upload new version ?

New version will be completed this month

hello, when you going to upload new version ?

New version will be completed this month


an awesome, fine and freshgreen idea could it be a ‘SaaS’ in near come ?

no however it will support running multiple sites

Vlada73, thank you for a comment!

Is it possible to add a payment for registering as affiliates? Also is it poosible to track no of clicks on the affiliate link?

yes but this would require custom modifications of course to the script

Hello, is there anyway to use this plugin to collect affiliate earnings from external wordpress websites? Meaning, do you know any solution to install that plugin in one centralized wordpress and use it to collect affiliate earnings made in multiple external websites? Thanks!

yes you can use tracking or conversion pixels to trigger it, instructions will be included in version 2.0

HI, I just purchase this script, all installation running well. Just few thing need to clarify

1. I dont see any user guide on how to user this application

2. How if I wanted to change the currency

3. can I add affiliate from admin enviroment?

Is there any option to track links shares and clicks on social media?

this is not currently supported but I will look into adding it, great idea!

i think better we create group community about this product because dev not take care about support. many dev outside can modify this script to make better.

I apologize for any inconvenience, as shown in about 500+ comment replies I do try to respond when available

Hello, does your affiliate system split the original URL of affiliate to any number of URLs that runs as original URL of affiliate itself ?

to clear my question, I work with medicine firm that gives me an affiliate URL to promote their product. my question to you about: could I put this URL in your system to generate to me a many or URLs of the original one in order to give it for people to promote the product. and ofcourse the commissions was adjusted by me.

so, does your script split the URL of affiliate to any number of sub-affiliate URLs ? plz, if the question is not clear enough, I hope you mention that, cause it’s important pre-sales for me before purchasing.

I believe you are asking about multi-tier commissions, where affiliates sponsor other affiliates or sub-affiliates as you stated. The URL is adjusted by adding the sponsor=ID tag to the URL. Settings are adjusted in commissions tab when logged in as an admin user. I hope this helps / answers your question

correct, well, so your script has this feature!

Hi, I sent a pre-presales question to your email and I’m waiting for your response

Does this app has to be INSTALLED on the same website where i will have sales page?


do i put include(‘https://mydomain.com/affiliate-pro/controller/affiliate-tracking.php'); ?

Admin: demo / pass is not working

Only thing i dont understand about this script is. On documentation, you keep giving examples like


So, Does this script HAS to be installed on a domain where the sales page is?

or can it be modified to

include(‘https://mysite.com/affiliate-pro/auth/affiliate-tracking.php'); and i can put such code on ANY site?

So i would install this script on ONE domain then put the tracking to all my other sites.

demo not work?

ive installed this after hours of fighting the installer and then choosing the manual version. all requirements are given by my server. ive setup a subdomain http://partners.xy.eu installed the script in the pointed folder – install_folder = ””; for now, all i can get is a 404 not found for the ”/access/process_login” whats wrong?