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can integrate with google url shortener or not? thanks

I wouldn’t recommend it but as long as you pass the affiliate ID in the url

Will this work with a VOLUSION site.Also do you offer installation?

I am not familiar with volusion but it shouldn’t have any issues as long as the server supports the minimum requirements php 5.3 or greater mysqli and php intl extension


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Very nice so far. I do have one question though – I see you are using the session variable user_id. Is it going to cause problems if I am also using the same variable on the main site? I could just search and replace on your code and change it if I need to, but it will make installing upgrades a little harder.

if it is an issue you could modify it, there is only a few files that use the variable as the majority of all php functions are located in data/data-functions.php

if i install affiliate pro in domainA.com, can i track order website in domainB.com? or need to install in same domain?

you can you just need to use something like a tracking pixel / conversion pixel to trigger the affiliate-tracking.php and record-sale.php files

Is it support multi merchant website?

no not at this time but it is planned for the next update.

Can this be integrated with the PHPDolphin social networking script?

shouldn’t be an issue, you really just need to include two php files from Affiliate Pro, affiliate-tracking.php (to track visitors) and record-sale.php to trigger conversions when you want

When is the next update?


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the Paypal IPN is not work. I have create a Html Button and insert the ipn-paypal on the paypal site, but is not record the sales.



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Hi, I investigate your promising script and have a few pre-sales questions:

1) can I switch off affiliates getting referral payout for self buying there first product? (otherwise a lot of clients would one sign up for affiliate if they can get ther 20% pay-out) 2) will the pixel load slow down pages? 3) Is it possible to use rewards for 2 coherent cases: sales and sign ups? 3) Is it possible to make clean links for some affiliate site x (link referral is just the site link and in admin settings that we accept all referrals from website affiliate x as affiliate link)? 4) is it possible to make affilaite links like www.mywebsite.com/page-y/#affid=123 (I mean the # instead of the ’?’) This is better for SEO.

idea: add dates to your changelog. Now its not clear if this plugin is activly developed or not

Presale Q: I have wordpress installed woocommerce so it will work?

it has been tested with woocommerce. Integrations for woocommerce is also included.


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Can you Pleas HELP `? Thank You

jDwebdesigner, Any update about any upcoming update?

Presale: I want to make a page with a variety of earning programs (not products) and i need that each user can put his reflink for each listed program. Can i do this with your plugin? Thanks

Demo login and pass – not works – Invalid Username or Password

Hi, I am a bit lost, I dont understand how to send customers or new affiliates to a checkout page from the demo landing. there are no links on the buttons so how does the script know top go to the demo_sales page. is there a folder I need to update to direct customers from the button? Thanks

affiliate pro not responsive correctly..can we customize layout to keep responsive correctly?


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On my wordpress website; we included affiliate-tracking.php in header and could see that the tracking only works on homepage of the website.

Could you please let me know ho to fix this issue?

hi is it work with only one site or multiple sites

demo pass not work?