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Hello! Does your application support multiple merchants?

Yes, but only admin can add merchants

There is no place to enter a price on the demo page.

I wonder how fees are calculated.

For example, how is the per-referrer fee calculated?

Demo is broken

about the affiliate link: why do you not hide the links? If U see eg.

then everybody can see its going to, with is not good. If U hide that link then I think U will sell beter and I will also buy it from U. Let me now if U have plain to do it or not?

Nice idea. We would look at working on this

Please let me now when U have fix it so I can buy your script :)

Hello, does your affiliate system split the original URL of affiliate to any number of URLs that runs as original URL of affiliate itself ?

to clear my question, I work with medicine firm that gives me an affiliate URL to promote their product. my question to you about: could I put this URL in your system to generate to me a many or URLs of the original one in order to give it for people to promote the product. and ofcourse the commissions was adjusted by me.

so, does your script split the URL of affiliate to any number of sub-affiliate URLs ? plz, if the question is not clear enough, I hope you mention that, cause it’s important pre-sales for me before purchasing.


Thanks for getting in touch. Currently we do not support this model but I got the idea of what you’re trying to achieve. I will discuss with the team on how this can be achieved but it will have to be something custom just for you.


Approximately when are you going to update to latest laravel version ?

We have actually upgraded to Laravel 5.4

I would like to buy Affiliate Manager, but the demo does not work, please settle


Sorry for the delay in responding. This was due to some emergency that needs to be fixed. We actually don’t install the script for users except you encounter an error when installing.

I will respond to you email now

The errors I get during the installation are the same as I see here with the demo … So it’s not just a mistake, but there are a lot of it, can you get help with the installation?

What error are you having with installation. The demo is already installed. Can you send a mail with the details and screenshots of your installation process and error.


hello, demo pass not work 123456

hi demo link doesn’t work ?

hello, demo is broken

Is the script broken?

please provide demo

still can purchase? i saw demo link all broken

I live in Brazil has as per the language to change the currency to R $ Would like to buy


Please can you answer the following for me:

  • Please does your affiliate software support 2 tiers commission structure? For example, I will give Paul 20% commissions for direct works/commissions and if Paul refers John, I will give Paul 5% for all works gotten by John (John will get his own 20% for direct works he got).
  • Can you send me the links and details to view the admin and user areas?



Hello, We currently don’t have that structure built in.

hi, do you not have any demo?

hi, I type you for about 4 month ago and you said you like my idea and will do it. Do you realy gone do it? Or not?

Copy of my message: “about the affiliate link: why do you not hide the links? If U see eg.

then everybody can see its going to, with is not good. If U hide that link then I think U will sell beter and I will also buy it from U. Let me now if U have plain to do it or not?”

so you will not fix it?

there is lot of affiliate system and if you fix it then you will see you will sell it.

will U fix it or I must check for a other affiliate?

are you intrested to sell this script? why do you not reply to my easy questens?

for example if I like to add to my website a ads with have image. The code is:


Why do you not fix at page, so the code shows: <a href=””><img src=”” alt=”” class=”img-responsive” width=”100px” ></a>

<div id="copy">

hello, Sorry for the late reply. We are trying to migrate our servers. I will look into the page now

i was trying to use the demo but no access, and two days ago the given admin credential was working but site was incomplete. Anyway i want to use this in my custom ecommerce store built in codeigniter. is it possible to integrate this in my site.


It can be integrated to codeigniter but that depends on the checkout process. You can send me a private email to explaining your checkout process so I can tell you if this can work for you

Demo not working. You can’t register and you can’t access to the admin side. :-(