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Awesome plugin! :)


Great work done. Congrats and GLWS :)

Thanks. Hope to have many sales and hope to make many of my customers happy with it! :-)

could i get a demo version account?

What version of opencart do you need?


Hi :) Then what’s the affiliate system that’s with default opencart system? Is it not functional? One needs a separate extension for affiliate system feature?

P.S. I’m sorry, I’m new to opencart so asking it!

Best Regards! :)

You say about different things. Affiliate system in opencart is when you have partners (affiliates) and you pay them to promote. My affiliate extension helps you to earn. When you join some affiliate programm you get affiliate links. You can put them with products in my extension and it will show links instead of add to cart button. So, when customers click the button they will be refered to your partner’s sites.

looking for an extension for Open Cart

That will allow the affiliate to buy multiple products (up to 200).

It there also a way to track the url (even though they can change, not to worry if you lose a few) so that return visits up to one month from the posting can be credited to the affiliate?

We at least want an app that can allow multiple products to be credited. Not just one as the Open Cart provides.

Thanks for your feedback


Hi! Sorry, but I’m not sure I understand you business model. Email me to support@foridev.com and give me more details about what you need exactly.

hello today just bought and install this tool with the steps you require but something didnt work please help :)

Hi, could you send me more informaion what doesn’t work exactly and admin and ftp access to my email support@foridev.com I will check your installation.

is it support oc 2.2 and jurnal 2.7.4

You asked 2 days ago on Opencart. 2.2 yes. Journal theme requires a patch. Free or paid patch it depends where you buy the extension.

Is this extension compatible with OC

hello, two presale questions: 1. does this extension compatible with oc 2. can this extension add another button, say “Buy at Amazon” at product page, not replace add to cart function? Means customers can choose buying at our site or sending them to our amazon shop, not give them one choice only.

Thank you very much!

Hi! Yes, it supports 3.0.2 You will need to install version 6 of extension. At the moment it replaces the add-to-cart button. If you need a modification, we can change it per your request for a charge. Please, contact to support@foridev.com after a purchase.