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How i can Prevent css from loading in my page . a.affiliatemachine_300 {color: #BC3415; } a.affiliatemachine_301 {color: #BC3415; } a.affiliatemachine_302 {color: #BC3415; } a.affiliatemachine_303 {color: #BC3415; } i want to delete all this from my source and just use normal colour

you mean , i cant edit css from admin panel? just css ?

You won’t be able to configure colors for keywords in plugin’s admin area.

yes, Ok its Done

is this usable on multisite?

Unfortunately, current version doesn’t have such feature. I’ll add it in next release.

Can i use both Keyword Tooltips and Affiliate Machine together? Having a tooltip but also transforming it in a link?


“Can be used together with Affiliate Machine plugin: yes, you can use it together with Affiliate Machine plugin.”

Found the answer, sorry to bother.

Hello there,

The plugin used to work fine… after wordpress 4.0 I can’t use it anymore, its buggy, won’t save and crashes other plugins.

Anything can be done? Thank you

Hi. Please make sure that you used latest version (available on CodeCanyon). If you still have the problem, please provide access to WP dashboard. I’ll check what’s wrong.


just wanna say I’m sorry, I thought I had the latest version uploaded. Everything working fine right now.

I think this is one of the greatest plugins around, everyone should have it installed.

Oh and btw, I think I have an idea: Right now I’ll be using “" (in some controlled cases) to activate the exchange (@keyword), what if I could do it with an option, which would then remove the "” before the keyword? That way I can choose whether the word should turn in to a link or not while writing a blog post for example.

Anyway, thanks for the quick help. Keep up the good work !

Hi. Thank you for feedback and for idea. I’ll think how to implement one.


Is this plug-in for website owner to put an affiliate program for people to sign up? When they refer people to my site, they get pay depends the price I set?

If not, can you explain how this plug-in go?

Please advice before buy,

Thanks, Jimmy

Nope. Please read plugin’s description.

Getting this: Notice: Undefined variable: message in /home/shgjas/public_html/jeffreysummers.com/wp-content/plugins/affiliate-machine/affiliate-machine.php on line 209

Hi. Thanks for letting me know. I’ve just fixed the problem.

Best support of any product I have ever bought on any Envato site.

Many thanks. ;-)

i have a huge website and i put a huge numbers of links, that break down performance and server load average up to 150!! ... i have one suggestion about that , put the link to keyword in the text, always, save the link to the text. not when the user visit the page. i mean , if i edit the post , i see the target words as true links. that make a plugin work one time to scan posts and put links. also if i deactivate the plugin, the links still shown , because it saved . thanks!

Thanks for idea. I’ll think about it, although it is against of my initial idea and WP Best Practice – never change original content. According to them, when plugin de-activated, everything should be as before activating a plugin.

thanks, its break down a huge website, can u offer this custom edits?

Unfortunately, I’m not available for customization work.

I just bought my second copy but the new download is showing version 1.46 not 1.47…?

Hi. Make sure that you use downloaded file (but not old one). I’ve just checked what I have on CodeCanyon. It is 1.47.

Great plugin. How can I have it default to theme link color?

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such feature. The only way is to set the same color (on Settings page) as your theme’s ones/

Hi, I just want to create a simple referral link for my referrals. Please see this example: http://5staropportunity.biz/step-2/?id=biznovation. Kindly take note that there is this id “biznovation”. This “biznovation” is one of my referral. So I want to create this website with his own url to use: http://5staropportunity.biz/step-2/?id=biznovation. When visitors click on the yellow box in this webpage, it will link to https://joffice.jeunesseglobal.com/signup.asp?locale=en-SG&siteurl=biznovation, so that visitors will buy products from there.

Is your plugin able to do exactly the same?

I prefer to create the referral’s id based on the username in his url here https://joffice.jeunesseglobal.com/signup.asp?locale=en-SG&siteurl=biznovation. In this case, the username is “biznovation”. So, I want to create make sure the id is “biznovation” (http://5staropportunity.biz/step-2/?id=biznovation), instead of default id by the plugin (if any). Is this possible?

This plugin is not to replicate my website, correct? So, it will not take up extra space from my web hosting?


Hi. I don’t think that plugin fits your requirements.

Hi, can this plugin automatically change a referral link’s referral tag/name? For example if a user posts their referral link on your site, it changes their referral name to your referral name/tag, but keeps the rest of the link the same.

Hi. Unfortunately, no.

hi there

can i export the whole added replacement list? i wanna import it to other website

Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

hi there

can i export the whole added replacement list? i wanna import it to other website

Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

Hi, does this plugin also work with bbpress custom posts?

Hi! I emailed you with a support request for my site, thanks!

Unfortunately, I don’t see that you purchased my plugin. If you used different account for that, please contact me through this account.

My client purchased the plugin 2 days ago, I can contact you from her account BUT your messages will get to her email account, not mine, I need your answer in my email account, not hers. How do I do??? That’s why I sent you the purchase code. I’m going to contact you from my clients account but DO NOT reply to her email, please reply to mine. Thanks.

Email sent from this account to get support in Producciones20

whether this product can still be used now?

Why not?