nr913 does not currently provide support for this item.

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can items also include a thumbnail grid and a hover description similar to envato homepage on “new items”? thanks.

In this version no, but I will implement it. Thanks.

great. i will purchase once implemented. thanks again.

Could you add the option of putting items in a widget in the sidebar?

Both suggestions are great… I will look for your updated version!

I run a large website where there are hundreds if not thousands of links coming to themeforest and codecanyon. Does this plugin automate the referal link process? Basically if I install this does it turn all the links that are codecanyon or themeforest links into referal links?

No, it does not convert existing links in your posts, nor will convert future links in your post. It just adds some boxes with envato items. That boxes’ links will have the referral links.

So it turns out that this wouldn’t install. It just keeps saying it failed install.

That’s because you have to unzip it and upload “affiliate-helper-plugin” folder in your plugins directory. Or, instead of upload it, zip it and upload it through wordpress admin. That folder only.

I did exactly that and it crashed my website. I had to delete the folder from the CP of my hosting solution to get my site back up. Not a fun thing to have happen at all. I will double check again but still not cool. This needs to be packed differently so nobody else has this issue. This is the only plugin I have downloaded from codecanyon that has been packed this way that doesn’t allow for immediate uploading.

Now what?

Send me an email using the contact form you can find on my profile to talk in more detail.

Does it work only with Envato? I am thinking about using it to count clicks from my website to other types of websites so I can get paid for sending people there.

Could you get a new version out with the above suggestion and have the links to the Envato websites open in a new tab? Or provide the option to open in a new tab. Now they actually leave the website when they click a link.

I vote for the new version with inboxi and codenaam suggestions ! I will buy it in a heartbeat if you will release it..

Any ETA’s on that ?

Thank you for your time!

Are you still maintaining this plugin? Because it is giving problems with new themes and Wordpress update:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home2/hrmedia/public_html/ on line 77

Pls let me know asap.

please fix live preview page, its showing 404 error: “We’re really sorry, but it looks like the site you’re attempting to navigate to is unable to respond. Please check back in a few moments.”

Looks like this plugin is not maintained anymore? Sent you several messages but no reply so far. Can you give a sign of life? That would be appreciated.

Plugin is not working with WordPress 4.0 and author not responsive. So don’t buy if you want to use it with WP 4.0.