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Nice Plugin ! GLWS :-)

  • 1) Why is there a gap between Buy and the Price button ? That looks a little odd …
  • 2) It would be useful to have a button to select and copy the code with one click in the clipboard …
  • 3) Will you make later eventually a wordpress version of this plugin ?

    I’m tempted to buy (without the gap and with a “select button”) :-)

  • Thanks Apollo for your comments
    1) The price is not a button, it is just a place to show the price value.
    2) Yes it is a good idea and would be included in the next update. However copying a text is not a difficult job ;-).
    3) It’s OK. If there exist some fans who like to have this plugin directly in the WordPress, we will make it!

    Hello, can your script give me a completely items from the market ? because a limited items not good idea

    Hello sanayar There are huge number of items in Envato; with this code you can choose a category, list, search result or any type of page that shows a list of items and then get all items listed on that pages.

    Man tarze kare ino nafahmidam. Yani link midi behet code mide to size haye mokhtalef ke be onvane banner toye website namayesh bedim?

    dooste aziz Affiliate portal yek portal va yek site kamel hast. Chizi ke ma tarrahi kardim yek banner be shoma midahad ke dar har jayi mitavanid estefade konid Na kolle site.

    Motevajeh shodam. Manzore bande in bood ke be shoma ideh bedam. Doroud :)

    Motshakkeram dadash lotf kardy :)

    Friend as I understand it generates banners codes etc to be placed on websites etc, it has some sys admin that allows it to exchange banner pictures for example? or if I want change have to generate another code and replace it with the site?

    Another thing is some tutorial with tips and examples of implementation of codes generated html and php sites?

    Dear friend All things including images are loaded from envato; however you can use the engine, get data and build your own banner by combining the engine generated data and your own data. We have put examples for different usages of our engine in Javascript and php fields.

    Your demo version gives errors opening the urls :(

    Hello Sir Is this a plugin or script…. Can I use this with wordpress ?