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When i try to add a banner using “Adsense – HTML”, the banner is not saved. Can you help?

Excellent! Email sent. Thank you.

Hello Thomas,

New update will be when CodeCanyon accept files. Probably few hours. Have you set up Envato API in plugin for autoupdate?

Great. Yes, API is set up.

Hi again Rafal,

Hope you well…

I came to ask you two questions that I am not clear yet…

1.- Does the buyer get a statistics through a link or email about his banner? I mean, how many clicks or views that the banner get in a specific day or something like that?

2.- I see you added a graphics to statistics (the type of Line graphs). I wonder if you can include the total of clicks or views in each circle that the graph has between the lines? More easy to understand.

3.- Are you thinking to add more features in the future? like coupons, manual transfers?

Thanks Regards, Javier

Hello Arutam, We have some quick fix for PHP 5.4. Please send me an email ( and I will do for you now. Next release (first week of July) will has compatibility with PHP 5.4.

Hi Rafal,


That´s nothing… I can wait! no problem.


Hey Rafal, how you doing?

Any news about it?


2 Requests as plugins or as an added feature:

A ) Geo-targeting option.

B ) Make purchasing Ads in a popup, without the need to leave any page.

Please let us know if you plan on implementing that? Thank you.

Hello Alexsosn,

A) I’m working on Geo. Last time I added category a tags. Next release will have geo feature.

B ) All marketplace will be redesigned. More options, Easy to translate and customization. Marketplace as page and buying From adzones. I can add also popup. ;)

any news on the next release date?)

Yes, First week in may.

Hi there, How can i center the ads on the page or posts please?



Hello Rockyuk,

Do you have programmers skills or you want do this in wordpress editor?

Please send me an email at

any info on the next release date? Thank you

any news on the update?

Hi when creating a banner ad it does not safe!

Hello Johnny, I sent you email right now.

thank you for your fast response. i will wait for your mail.

I sent on your gmail from chat :) Or if you want – I’m on chat right now :)

Would love to be able to buy and support you on this plugin.. however, there are unanswered questions about features.. and the live demo goes to a blank page and has now for 2 weeks. Looks like I’ll have to buy another solution.

I’m looking for a solution that will create a farm/zone, and offer X amount of ads in a vertical farm per zone in the sidebar.

Better documentation or a working demo would help.

Dfinityllc, live demo is not active only today, and tomorrow. In yesterday was good. :)

Demo will back tommorow :)

Thanks! I’ll hold off until tomorrow to see what you have. It looks promising for my needs.

Hello is there any option to show information for example “advertise” near ads? I need inform users about showing ads.

I will add this in next release. Right now is not out of the box.

what is admin’s demo ID/PW?

now showing in items detail.

I’ll ask again: When is the next release planned? It was promised at the beginning of May, I am waiting everyday to make the purchase if it will allow a user to click on the empty ad and see the pricing info for that spot; where a user will be able to make a purchase.


I just purchased your plugin. When installing and trying to activate the plugin, I receive the following alert:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /home/content/26/10357426/html/wp-content/plugins/adziner/Modules/Statistics/Statistics.php on line 426

Please advise ASAP! Thank you in advance.

Also, I see nothing in the product description that alerts customers to have PHP version 5.6 prior to buying the product.

Sorry to hear, but 5.6 is old version. Actualy stable is 7.0 and so WordPress recommended version is at least 5.6. Older version is not safe because have security bugs. I cannot develop unsafe plugin. You can use refund option if your server is not compatiable with WordPress Core requirments. There is no info about it in description because as I wrote: this is not my requirment but WordPress.

Sorry for your problems.

Ok. I would like to request a full refund for this product since the PHP version was not listed in the description, hence the reason why we cannot install the plugin.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in honoring this request.

A pre purchase information . There is the possibility of having the php code as an alternative to the shortcode ? Thank you

Yes, of course. Simple <?php echo do_shortcode[‘adziner id=”__”’] ?>

Thank you

Hi, I would like the banner to bring the sponsor external link . While entering the url link of banner is directed to address adziner / 3 etc … , anything wrong ?

Thank you

No, everything is ok. This is for statistics, after this will be redirect on URL in Banner settings.

Please send me an email on


I have just bought your plugin and attempted to install and activate it onto a website.

It installed absolutely fine but when i tried to activate the plugin I get this fatal error…

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /home/sites/xxxxxx/public_html/wp-content/plugins/adziner/Modules/Statistics/Statistics.php on line 426

its also worth noting that when i try and delete the plugin I get a HTTP ERROR 500 and then this ‘xxxxx is currently unable to handle this request.’

Hopefully you can help us with this

Hello modus_digital,

WordPress recommended php version is 5.6. You have older and my plugin using WordPress Core recommended server settings. Please update your server to recommended by WordPress Core Team.

For more info please send me an email on

Hello, I activated adziner , but do not understand how to activate the external link on the banners . By entering the url of Address URL in the banner section , click on the banner directs me always on , how do I fix ?

Ok Tank you

I found the problem in your WordPress configuration. I send email with solution. :) In touch via email communication.

Regards, Rafal.

Great compliments, problem solved ;)

Works fine since my purchase,. But, we need an update asap for adblock detector, it doesn’t work anymore :-(. Adblock updated filters few days ago. Thanks for all =)

Hello, Please send me your website address on

any update on the new release. 5th time asking

Marketplace meaning sell ads (as the price settings are there) but where’s the buyer info?

Can the display location be narrowed down by cpts and custom taxonomies?

hello functionmunchkin, by cpts no, but by custom taxonomies – yes.

For now you have access only for name and email in marketplace.

The buyers stats links provided aren’t showing anything on the page.

So the shortcodes are only for rotating ads since they’re not per banner.

Hello! 2 questions:
  • This plugin has the option for pay per month or per year? or only from CPC / CPV
  • Did you add more payment gateways? or do you plan to add soon? thank you!

Hello Vision4reality,

1. For now only CPC/CPV
2. For now only PayPal

I hope to add these options soon because is very good plugin with nice interface. thank you!