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Hello, I would like to install your plugin but before that, I want to know if the Adyen can support the payment through Master Card, VISA, Alfamart, DOKU Wallet, Bank Transfer and Mandiri ClickPay? Thank You.

Sincerely, Stella

Hello Stella,

Please check it here:

Hello I want to include Adyen on my theme, I just have a few questions. Can you give me your e-mail ?

kdonet at gmail dot com

Adyen notifications doesn’t work. Author doesn’t respond to my emails even when I asked that how could I help him to fix the problem. He just said that he knows the issue but didn’t mention any timeframe when it would deliver the patch.

This plugin is useless unless notifications work. I’d suggest buying some other product that actually works.

Ok, it seems like that the notifications aren’t mandatory. I got this this plugin working without them, I am not sure where did I and some others got an impression that they are mandatory.

So, sorry about the rant – should have just tested a bit more. Work fine and an update is not needed.


Yes the notifications is not mandatory, well said. Anyway we will implement a notifications feature soon. Regards

The Adyen plugin is updated today and i’m waiting for Envato to accept update. I have added support for notifications.

Is this plugin working with woocommerce 3.1? Also, the demo is not working

It’s working with WC 3.0

Working with latest WooCommerce 3.2 version, the newest Adyen plugin update is released today, i’m waiting for Envato to accept update.

When will be the notifications feature be ready?

I hope will push update under next few days.


The Adyen plugin is updated today and i’m waiting for Envato to accept update. I have added support for notifications.

is there an option to only authorize order value rather than capture?

Not right now but we will push update soon with more features.

After a succesfull payment i dont get an order confirmation. I get to a page that just says “-1”. Can you help me out? I already sumbitted a ticket yesterday morning but did not get a response yet.

Hello there,

Yes i will make few testings today and if there is some changes required i will release quick update.


Is this plugin compatible with Woocommere One Page Checkout?

Hello there, it should be compatible with One Page Checkout plugin.

i bought the plugin and installed it. When processing the order with one page checkout it leads you to another page with the button “Pay via Adyen”. This should not be the case, every other payment method goes straight into the payment. Is there any possibility that it skips this pays and goed straight into selecting payment method page?

Yes the button can be skipped with small code edit… this should be already set to proceed automatically on checkout page without needing to click on button. I don’t know why it’s not working for you, will check in plugin code if there is my error.


The demo page seams to be down. Any chance you can fix that?


Yes, soon i will put everything up.

Hi Jerry ,

Is this plugin also supported by themify : As i understand themify do not provides support for Adyen, we would like to buy the plugin you created in order to work with Adyen payment gateway.

Regards, Anita

Hello Anita, the plugin should work with any theme. Regards

The Adyen plugin is updated today and i’m waiting for Envato to accept update. I have added support for Adyen server notifications.

Hello, Is it possible to configure the gateway that it works in cse-client side encryption? I would like the Adyen payments to be made directly on my website and not on their site.

Hello there, we will publish soon Adyen direct payment (credit cards) plugin. Regards

Hi, Is it possible to make payments on your own website and not on a new one?

Hello, this is post method so basically buyer must be redirected to Adyen secured hosting payment page. We will release soon Adyen direct payment gateway plugin which will include payment from your own website (without redirection on Adyen hosting payment page).

Do you know when to expect a plug-in?

Well i hope next month.

Hi Can you confirm me that your plugin integrate Bancontact paiement ? I know Ayden support it but I need to be sure your plugin is supporting it, Thanks!

Hello, Is it possible to add Adyen payments on checkout site as one of several payment options ? For example, I would like to have the payment method to choose: bank transfer (outside adyen), paypal (outside adyen) and adyen payments. I ask because the demo looks like it could be just adyen and nothing else ? Best Regards, Konrad

You have many options in Adyen control panel and there you can choose what payment options to show on Adyen checkout page. You can ask Adyen support for demo account and check it. Regards

I understand that. I mean, when I use your plug-in, can I also add other payment methods besides adyen? for example paypal (but as a separate plugin) ?

Yes, you can add as many payment gateways plugins as you need. Regards


We have purchased the plugin and is working really fine, with no problems integrating it. Congrats for such a nice plugin.

Also we are really interested on be able to complete payment card info into checkout page directly, not through adyen process step by step.

We have found some answers on this forum where you said (about 15 days ago) that it would be expected to have this feature included into the plugin in about one month since then.

Could you give us some feedback on how is this update going? Do you think you could release it on november?

Hello there, the Adyen Credit Card processing will be separated plugin from this one and you will need to buy it once it will be released. Regards


elad55 Purchased

Hi jerrypro,

Thank you for your quick response. It’s ok for us to have a different plugin with this functionality.

Could you provide some insights about when will be it released?

Additionally, Adyen support team suggest us if is there any way to change the openned URL from “select.shtml” to “pay.shtml”, this way you avoid one additional step in the payment process.

On the other hand we can’t find nothing about notifications on plugin’s configuration page at wp-admin. We have read that you have upload a new version of the plugin with notification support, is it included? where could we setup it?

Thanks in advance.


elad55 Purchased

Seeing your answer to bufigon’s question, we suppose it’s valid for us too, right?

Thanks again :)

When are you making it possible to make payments on own e commerce store, instead of being sent to Adyen to pay for it? thanks,

Great Jerry, please keep me updated with how it will be, i guess we are many that is waiting for it =)

Sure ;)

Any news?

Hey Jerry, does the plugin support all the payment methods from Ayden? Thanks for your feedback. Leon

It should since you can pick from Adyen admin panel what payments options to show on Adyen checkout page. So once plugin redirect user to Adyen hosted page there you can pick payment options and that’s not under plugin control but you control that from your Adyen admin panel. Regards