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just to be clear this isnt a class for wordpress correct?


Do you have a demo or some screens shots?

Hello. As you may read, this item is just a class, so put screen shots about what?

And, for the demo, the same… A demo about what?

Thank you

RE: Sourcegeek

Maybe a demo of the class in action or some code examples?

Just bought this, and I am excited about it. Quick question, will this be extended to do hooks, filters, etc?

As I told you in the email you sent me, sure, I’ll add that functionality in a while.

Thank you

Thanks; sorry I posted here before seeing the email in the file. Thanks again.

Thank you very much, was easy to integrate into my own framework and works perfectly.

Thanks and 5 stars for this item.

Thank you for buying, hearing that this is useful for you makes me happy :)

If you have any troubles, contact me.

This is NOT a plugin system, it is a glorified include system. I purchased this system assuming it would work as a proper plugin system that could hook into existing classes/functions to access and use data already in existence and implement it into the plugin code. This is not the case. You write a function in a plugin, then initiate that plugin on a page and you have that plugins functionality….last I checked, you can do the same with include(); I will be asking for a refund.

I have no issue with YOU sourcegeek, In fact I have a few of your items in my bookmarks, however this system require_once() the plugin for which you are requesting. It does not accesses variables already written in the system. For example, if set $foo=”bar”; and then load my plugin, inside the plugin If i do var_dump($foo); it is an unknown variable. Plugin systems are supposed to be designed to have access to pre-defined constants, classes, and functions. Just upset with the overall “explanation” of what this does. It is just a fancy way to turn on and off includes.

In the concept of “plugin system” are a lot of ways to design one, and a system will never fit 100% into the expectatives of the user. Some systems are designed to just add more functions, another to pass a function result through another function, other to “extend” functionality of any kind of php site, and so on.
This system is designed to organize plugins, get important information of each one, keep a control of them and rename functions, plus, includes a hook system that should not miss in a plugin system.
I’m sorry that in this case doesn’t fits into your needs, so I will definitely make an update with a more versatile version that will fit into more global requirements.

Thank you

If you add functionality to the plugin system, that will allow it to inherit pre-initiated classes I would love to buy again. I miss-understood what this system does. I require a plugin system that can access already initiated class objects and subsequently inherit it’s methods. Please keep me in mind if you release this type of system, as I would love to buy a system capable of doing this.