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Dude, I want to get my money back. For your script is not functional. And you do not have enough support.

Hello, nothing works. When I click on a link or anything, it’s blank.

Kindly share your details at

× Authentification Failed Não consigo fazer login depois da instalação, o usuário e senha estão corretos, queria uma solução para esse bug, nossa sistema cheio de bugs demais, irei pedir ressarcimento…

Meu código é esse: b61f8b4f-8ef1-4bf9-b656-e4ad194f6ab8

The problem I’m facing is that at the time of installing I do the correct process, install it right, but at the time I’m going to log in the system only gives this error, even with the correct user and password, user: admin password: 100100 , It is only in this error: Authentification Failed, the version of your system is to v1.3, please any answer answer me in this email if possible: the purchase code is: b61f8b4f-8ef1-4bf9- B656-e4ad194f6ab8

Can you please share details to us at


ejsmbr Purchased

The script has many errors, but many even. It is impossible to use, in just 30 minutes I realized enormous errors, which would easily be detected by developers if they had properly tested the software before making available for sale. Some of the errors I detected are: 1) The number of processes reported in the dashboard does not inform the correct value; 2) The logo of the office name is distorted; 3) The “Event” field of the dashboard always returns to the English standard after logout; The same goes with the language; 4) in “General Settings” the “TimeZone” and “Default date format” values do not work; 5) The list of registered employees is not displayed; 6) The “Dashboard” link, which is on the top of the screen, to the right, returns to an error page 404; 7) The fee values only work linked to the value of the cause and not always hiring is made in this way; 8.) messages sent do not appear in the panel, only those received, OQ the EU hinders the conversation;

For a script updated in 13/04/2017, these errors should already have been corrected. An update must be done urgently!

And besides the mistakes, the support is nonexistent, since it’s useless.

Hello, the system is 100% functional, that is, it has no bug ?? Are you going to continue updating this script ??

Yes system is 100% functional, yes we updating this script


I install but not show anything

please help

This is not working at all !

Already sent you 3 emails NOT RESPONSE

Hello, email sent a few times no response yet !

after brought it can i install in local server for testing purpose ?

Yes, you can install on local server

The demo doesn’t work.

Its working


I would like some custom work for your theme can you please get in touch.