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Hello Apyazilim ,, tell me please the new update is have the feature what I ask you about it ,, codes and images ? thank you for update :)

i post it to codecanyon. it will approve soon

god bless you brother,, so can I buy it now ? or must wait ?

You must wait bro.

Hello, I have downloaded your so-called latest updated version. But here is its real version. Can you directly send me the latest version which is Update v1.6 – 05.12.2015 to my email? My email is a1@maxanalysis.com I don’t expect it to be another long wait, for I have been waiting for so long. Thanks.

i sent you mail. its true? can you check it please.

I have received your mail which says “Hi chihuyu.

are you there? i want to send you codecanyon plugin” . I have returned it. Please send me the latest plugin asap. Thanks a lot.

I just tried to view your demo using chrome with avast security and it detected a threat on your demo site.

Can you please send me result for whats the threat? First time I hear something like that.

Hello sir, I bought your plugin, but I am seeking for two options: 1. is a bug – the poster tag in shortocde does not work, nor does the plugin itself generate any poster – i see black screen 2. when I put adroll to video, it starts playing immediataly after page is load – can I avoid this? Thanks.

i will provide you soon. i’m out now. when i be home i will send you a code. Thanks.

Thanks a lot

Your welcome.!

Hello, I have two problems: 1. The poster image does not appear. Otherwise tha video plays OK on most browsers. The URL of the image IS correct and this is a standard .JPG image! 2. The player does not play videos on Internet Explorer 11. It just hands on the preloader animation. Thanks in advance for help.

hello,, why there is no new update for this plugin ?!!! I mean about Ads code in the video player – pre-roll post-roll !!!

hi abonasser. its not approv. i have some mistakes. please keep following. its coming asap.

Hi sir,i want to buy this player and integrate it on my website,can you do the job for me ? let me know if its possible check my website yaratube.com

We can help you sir. But you must pay extra fee.

But this is wordpress system. You can buy html5 version of this plugin. Please contact with us from email.


While i was installing this plugin to my wordpress iam getting No valid Plugins Found Error. Plugin is not Installing.

Sorry sir. i didnt test it for WP 4.6 wait for it. i will test and fix it ASAP

Hello Author,

Full Screen is not Coming for video. If we select Full screen the video is getting disappeared. I have checked this in you demo Url.

How many days do you take to update to support this plugin for word press 4.6. I have purchased 2 weeks back and contacted you about the issue .Update the plugin or refund back money

When will the new update and will add new functionality? thank you

selam hocam;

eklenti google adsense (youtube adsense reklamları değil, kendi panelimden kendi kodlarımı eklemek istiyorum.) reklam ekleme olanağı tanıyor mu?

geri dönüşünüzü bekliyorum. :)

iyi çalışmalar, saygılarımla

demoyu incelediysen aynısını hocam. istersen direkt skype ile de gönderebilirim. burdan almak istemezsen :)

özel mesaj gönderdim hocam :)

Gelmedi hocam!