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that is amazing adv plugin,, please tell me can I show the adsense google code or any other code for adv in the image? can you make video to show us how it is work please ? thank you so much

and thank you so much :)

Hello abonasser. sorry for late reply :) If you want us to test the plugin in your website, you can give an access to test copy of your website. For more details please write to support at guaven dot com

Hello sir,, I”m so sorry to late reply ,,, I will send you site for test it ,,, thank you so much

Ist it possible to implement Adsense-Code? Furthermode is bulk-inserting possible?

Hello owt. Yes, it supports adsense code as bottom banner. (fixed size adsense banner). But we don’t have bulk inserts yet. Actually we are open to customer suggestions and we are ready to think about adding every feature they want to see in next update. So if bulk insert can be useful, please describe it more clearly to our email: support at totheme dot com

Hello!I purchased the plugin and installed it on my blog, but the images do not appear in the post … help me?

Hello mundodascasas. So sorry for late reply, as we had problem with our mail server and we didn’t get notification. Now everything is ok. Can you please send your live demo url to us? ( we will check and fix your problem.

Ok … I sent the email now. Thank you and I look back.


Hello, I got a pre purchase question. After you create a “tagged image”, how do you use it in your wordpress post’s featured image?

Hello. Sorry for late reply. We have not such feature as using it in featured image. But it is very interesting suggestion, we should add it in next update

Thank you Totheme

You are welcome Akkurt :)

Is it responsive? For example, if I place image in visual composer template, and the browser window get smaller causing image to shrink, will the pins on the image correctly reposition to take account of changing image size?

Hi guy_fraser. Yes, it is responsive.

Hey, is there a non wordpress version to this?

sorry for late reply. no, there is not.

Hello , users can create a tag ?

hello. no, only admins can do it