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Hi again,

2 quick questions.

1. Is it possible to make it mandatory for a user to create an account when posting a ad for the first time?

2. is there a way to add a default image in case one is not uploaded?

1. i am afraid it is not really possible to force user registration right now 2. you can set default image on Ads list by adding following code to your theme CSS file

.adverts-list .advert-img { background-image: url(; }

Awesome! thanks very much.

i want to use this plugin for , you are using DEFAULT POST TABLE FOR ads or using cutom ads table for ads ?

Hi, WPAdverts is using custom post types to store data, that is all the Ads are inside default WP tables.

Witam, mam pytanie odnośne wyróźnienia ogłoszenia, czy możliwe jest aby dodaniu już ogłoszenia użytkowanik mógł samoczynnie wyróżnieć ogłoszenia, dokonując opłaty (szybkie płatności) gdzie przy akceptacji z automatu ogłoszenie byłoby na pierwszej pozycji (czyli odświeżenie daty dodania?)

Witam, niestety obecnie nie ma takiej możliwości, w jednej z następnych wersji będzie możliwość odnawiania ogłoszeń, wtedy user będzie mógł wybrać, że chce odnowić ogłoszenie jako wyróżnione.

Hi just 2 questions, can users submit ads anonymously? Can they mark their ad finished in case they sold their items?

Hi there.

Is there a way of marking item as ‘sold’

and a way of stopping people from removing an advert once they sell it.

Kind regards,

Sam Ellison

Hi, i am afraid currently it is not really possible to have such feature.


kalsey Purchased

Please check this: Classified are not displaying as shown on your demo before purchasing. I tried both “top” and “all” feature but still the issue is same.

Also In current look when I click on “View All” it not showing me further sub-categories, instead of showing this url

Please check it yourself and resolve the issue: Plugin installed location:

It seems like a conflict with your theme, the theme is applying wpautop filter after the shortcode is rendered (which is wrong). You can partially fix it by adding following code to your theme CSS file

span.adverts-flexbox-wrap p, span.adverts-flexbox-wrap br { display: none; }

Is it possible to have dummy content? :)

So, to see like this : i must be logged in like admin. If not, i see only this message : no categories found. Any suggestion ?

i have this warning too : Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/xxx/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wpadverts/includes/functions.php on line 836

problem solved.. my bad. Thanks :D

Hi there.

I’ve just purchased the Maps and locations add on.

But once installing the plugin, when I activate it says ‘Fatal Error’

What can I do about this?

Kind regards,


Hi, can you let me know the full error message (that is what is after the ‘Fatal Error’)?

Also, it would be best if you would create a ticket using form here

Hi there.

Thanks so much for getting back to me. I’ve found it was a wordpress update issue.. After updating it works fine.

Thanks very much.

Hello :D

Your plugin is great, i’ll write a review soon. So, just before, i have a little issue.


At the bottom of the page, we have a URL form. Could you tell me what is this form and why it’s there? Can you correct this?

Sorry about my poor english.


Hi, there is a following JavaScript error in your theme “Uncaught Error: no such method ‘instance’ for menu widget instance”, it seems to be coming from the theme itself (from to be precise), once you fix it the form at the bottom should be hidden.

The form is a part of tinyMCE editor it allows setting URL.

You are right! This is not an issue from your plugin. Sorry to bother, i asked too fast. Thanks and once again, sorry to bother with that.

Hello, I have 2 questions:

1. Can the “send message” area on the product page be customized? 2. When the message is sent, can the message be approved by admin before it is sent to the classified ad poster?

This will make the 3rd: Can the classified ads also be displayed in the widget area?

Hi, 1. you can replace function which renders the contact form with your own function, or a modified version of the default function

2. i am afraid not, at least not without some custom programming

3. there is a Recent Ads widget which you can use to display Ads in a sidebar.

Hi! You provide support to integrate custom payment system? E.G. belorussian

its not same looking as your demo.

and please tell me wht i got after buying…..its same as free plugin.

“its not same looking as your demo … its same as free plugin”, soo it’s different but the same??

You are getting WPAdverts Free Version + PayPal Payments Standard extension, please see the item description.

Hi there. Please have a look here: this is your checkout page of the Adverts plugin I have on my site… Are these fields necessary? The user gets to this page after they have logged in or registered and these fields aren’t paypal login details… paypal login happens after they click on the place order button…

Do you know if these can be removed? Are they needed?

hi… this is actually not part of paypal… have a look here: ... Have a look at this process: a. b. Then I hit “place order” c. Then I’m asked for my paypal ID: d. The contact and email you see here: is for order tracking… Not for paypal… Since we know the user/email of the user, please pull up that information.

The “contact person” and “email” fields are not the paypal id… can’t this be pre-populated with the login?? or even removed as they’ll have to enter their paypal email/password ? Do you know how I can suppress this code?

Hi… has this been resolved yet?

If you have latest version of PayPal Payments add-on installed then contact person and email fields should be automatically prefilled with data from the Advert.


whitakk Purchased

Does this plugin give admin the capability to remind ad posters that their ad is expiring and give them a chance to renew?

Hi, currently i am afraid not, but the next release will allow users to renew their Ads.


whitakk Purchased

Thanks for the reply. When do you expect that release to drop?

It should be available by the end of this month.

Have some issue. How to add a link to the payment in your account user if the user has not paid the announcement during its addition. Now displays only credit card icon and the title of “awaiting payment”.

Currently i am afraid it is not possible to finish the payment later, user will need to repost his add, or pay manually (using bank transfer) and once the payment is received administrator can approve it from wp-admin pane.


zerord Purchased

Is it possible to remove the create account for the user option?

Hi, yes, you can do that by adding following code to your theme functions.php file

add_filter( “adverts_form_load”, “customize_adverts_add” ); function customize_adverts_add( $form ) { if( $form[‘name’] != “advert” ) { return $form; } foreach( $form[“field”] as $key => $field ) { if( $field[“name”] == “_adverts_account” ) { unset( $form“field” ); } } return $form; }

the code you can add in yourtheme functions.php file.


I want to translate some sentences but:

wp-content/plugins/wpadverts/languages directory is empty. No adverts.pot file.

Hi, update to the latest WPAdverts version, the adverts.pot file should be there or if you are using Loco Translate plugin to translate WPAdverts then Loco can generate pot file for you.

OK thanks. I was too fast :)

Hi. Nice plugin! You say it comes bundled with modules, which ones? There’s no description about those.

Hi, the package sold on CodeCanyon is WPAdverts + Pay Payments Standard add-on.

Czy mogę zmienić urle do ogloszen? Czy moge zobaczyc demo panelu admina? Czy wersja z themeforest zawiera wszystkie pluginy? Bo na jest okrojona wersja rozumiem?

1. tak, można to zrobić używając tego snippetu

2. tak, tutaj

3. wersja na CodeCanyon zawiera plugin z + add-on PayPal Payments Standard.

How do I get the header text to NOT change when viewing the individual ad?

I would like for it to remain the page name, in my case “CLASSIFIEDS”. Right now when I view the ad it says “Category: For Sale” and one line of the ad text directly below the page title?

Thank you