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Are you kidding me? I bought it 5 years ago:

Purchase Date: 2013-10-31 17:33:17 UTC

then you removed it, and now you sell again???


Hey Surtsey,

Advert flap pro was taken off sale for a while as I was struggling to support all of my plugins at the same time as changing jobs and becoming a dad again. I’m back now, and I’ve decided to release again and start adding features.

I’m not sure if you had any issues with advert flap pro, or why it being released again is an issue? Let me know and I’ll do what I can to help.

Thanks, James

i bought this too, it was removed and readded, the issue is with updates, we have to buy the product again to get updates

Ah, ok. As far as I know there’s no way to undelete an item in the marketplace – I did mention this was a re-add to the review team and they didn’t suggest anything.

I think the marketplace makes you purchase additional support now to get the latest updates doesn’t it? If you’re running 1.4 you have the latest version. When the next version comes out feel free to drop me an email with your purchase link and I’ll send you a copy. That way you can take a look and see if it’s worth investing in again.

My apologies for this, I just think this plugin still has legs, and I thought I’d bring it back. It wasn’t meant to be underhand or difficult for anyone.

Thanks, James

Yeah, that was not cool. I bought it too when it came out and it’s been removed from my downloads just checked:

Download not available Item removed by either staff or the author

So I can no longer download it.

Sorry, now I understand. I didn’t realise that people lost access to the plugins they purchased.

Before I originally deleted this I asked the Envato team if they could set up a way to set plugins as visible but not currently for sale. I got told it was added to the queue, but despite chasing multiple times, it never happened.

I’ll get in touch with support now, and see if there’s a way they can sort this.

Sorry again, James

very nice work on this, fantastic :) i wish you best sales and a nice weekend ;)

Can this be set to appear on scroll or after x seconds on-page?

be well, AJ


It can be made to appear after a number of seconds, but there’s no appear on scroll feature unfortunately. You can make the flap “stick” in place in the viewport though, so it would still appear in view after x seconds.

Thanks, James

Does your plugin work well in RTL direction? and does your plugin have a Poedit file for translate?


I’ve not tested in RTL direction yet. There’s no Poedit file currently, although all of the text in the plugin should be translation ready.

Thanks, James


I bought this plugin earlier on Envato. It was removed and re added…, the issue is with updates. What I can see at the moment: Download not available. Item removed by either staff or the author. You may still download your License certificate & purchase code (text) for this item. I have my licence and purchase code but I cannot get the updates and it seems I need to buy it again to get the update which is really not fair as I already paid for that. :(

Could you pleas help and fix this?!


Drop me an email via my profile page with your purchase code and I’ll see what I can do about sending you over the latest version. Really sorry for the hassle this has caused.

Thanks, James

Hi, I sent you an email via your profile page with my purchase code and did not get any answer from you in about 8 months now! It is so unprofessional!!! I am going to send it again and if no answer from you in 3 days I will contact Envato regarding my complaint! Such a rip-off behavior has no place here! Thanks, Monika

hello – made a mistake in purchasing your Ad flap pro as i did not realise it was a plugin for word press. Can you send me any documentation that you have for a stand alone version? I Apreciate that the wordpress version has some sort of interface which i am not interested about unless it can work outside of wordpress. I would just like to be able to create occasional ad flaps with css & jquery. Thank you.


Can we add Icon to Flap?


The Advert Flap Pro is active but will not be displayed!



Can you post a url to a page that the flap should be showing on? I’ll take a look and see if I can figure out why it’s not showing.

Thanks, James

I bought this previously and went to download today and noticed it has been removed so cannot be downloaded. But looking a little further I see it has been added again! Same plugin!

How can I get download access again?


Drop me an email via the contact page and I’ll see what I can do about sending you over a copy of the plugin.

Thanks, James


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