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I dont have an Playstore Account, can i download the APK from somewhere else ?

Yes, here: Adventure Potato

What are the known Bugs in the current Version ?

  • 1. One file is missing so you can’t create a new Texture Pack
  • 2. On some smartphone the Facebook Text is way to big!
If you need the file (twitter_logo.png) before the next week contact me and i will send it to you. The fixed version will be out next Week!

I always got the Error ’...Eclipse source out of sync with file system’ how do i fix it ?

    Did you import the Project via Eclipse / Import / Import existing Projects in Workspace ? ( always check the option ‘copy projects into workspace’ )
    refresh Eclipse ( right click on the Folder and select ‘refresh’ )

I change somethings and now it doesn’t Start it always crashes with ‘com.analogpresent.adventurePotato.MainActivity’ is not found!

Change AndroidManifest file in the Android folder, there change ‘com.analogpresent.adventurePotato’ to your Packagename or test if it runs without ‘com.analogpresent.adventurePotato’ so it just should say ’.MainActivity’

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