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You should update the plugin to use wpdb->prepare() correctly as the method was updated in 3.5+


Which of the widgets are you seeing it being used incorrectly in?

Yeah I’m getting that error as well on 3.6. Really needs a fix.

Email me and I can send you an updated copy.

Sorry, getting back to this a bit late. Emailing now :)

I’ll send it as soon as I can.

How well does this Widgets work with responsive themes?

It depends entirely on the theme, but most likely it will work perfectly.

Will this plugin work well on WP Engine server?

You will need a live preview

Hi, can I use this to show posts from the any Tags or any categories I choose below single post content? so these posts wont be in the same category or use the Tag as the single post

It can show posts from tags or categories, but it cannot show them below the post.

Hi mordauk I have a few pre purchase questions. 1 – Is there an update? On info states WP 3.5 we are on wp 4.4. Is this plugin responsive? Works on all mobile devices including ipad? Thank you, regards

1. It still works fine with WP 4.4.

2. The widget responsiveness is controlled by your theme. As long as the theme is responsive, the widgets will be too.

Cant believe I bought your plugin:- Better Recent Posts Widget Pro

You discontinued that then released another product the same, almost looks like the same product?

Was going to buy this, but going on past experience you could do the exact same again. What a waste of money.