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Hi, I have 2 questions. :)

1: Is the plugin editing ALL WordPress core emails that are sent through wp_email, or only the emails listed in the settings of this plugin?

2: How would I test if the HTML template I’ve included is working? Right now, I’ve turned on enable HTML emails and included my HTML, and turned on all the various emails under system emails and buddypress, but my HTML is definitely not being used. All emails are still just text.


Any news here? Let me know how to get support for this item please.

Hello! 1. The plugin wraps all the emails sent by standard wp_mail function into the html template if you enable it. 2. You can test it by sending a test email – plugin’s settings screen includes this feature. Thanks!

Hi, a pre purchase question: it is possible to send email to buddypress friend after an activity post? If a post author have 5 buddypress friends and he post a new activity, this 5 friend can receive the email notification? Please let me know, i really need it

Hello! This plugin can add styling to your emails and customise existing ones, but can’t create the ones those aren’t present in standard BuddyPress functions. It’s an area for custom coding. Thanks!

All in one email did not appear in my settings tab. What do I do?

Please drop me your site details with a private message – I’ll take a closer look at the problem. Thanks!


Does the plugin supports MailChimp or Sendy lists integration ?

Thank you, Have a nice day,

Hello! No, it does not. It’s a bit “out of scope” as MailChimp and Sendy are mass mailers, while this plugin just helps WordPress to deliver its own emails. Thanks!

Ok thank you for your answer !


broobe Purchased

Hi, this plugin doesnt work with php7. Do you have plan to fix it?


Please re-download the latest version from CodeCanyon – it should work. If it won’t – please drop me a private message, I’ll send you the latest version manually. Thanks!


broobe Purchased

Excelent! It works now, thanks!

Hi there,

I’m looking for a newsletter plugin that is a bit more advanced. Basically I have a car website where I want users to be able to sign up to a mailing list but as well as having their name and email address, it has additional fields to specify the type of car they want.

Then when a new car is added to the database (which is a custom post type), I want it to check the make and model of the car against the mailing list to check if any users in the mailing list want are looking for that particular make or model and if any users in the mailing list are then to only send them an email with the details of the car.

Is this possible with this plugin?


Hello! This plugin is not a newsletter plugin. It’s a “delivery” layer for emails generated by other plugins. Thanks!

I am looking for a plugin that enables me to check and send emails to certain suppliers whenever I choose to do so (no automation). It is a Woocommerce site and the current order status mails sent by Woocommerce works fine and I don’t want that to change. Will this plugin affect the Woocommerce mails too?

Advanced email delivery is exactly what it’s name stands for – it helps to deliver emails, but can’t generate its own ones :) Thanks!

I have a presales question. Does this make my email forms on my website arrive to the user faster? It seems it takes a while for users to get email confirmations…

Hello! It does not make email delivery faster by itself. But it can add options helping you to switch to faster outgoing email server. Thanks!

This plugin does not pass through any email with a ”.net” extension. In testing with WPEngine, we found that if the extension is enabled (but SMTP is NOT CHECKED) emails to .net addresses never hit WPEngine’s mail server.

Other email addresses (like gmail.com addresses) do work.

If .net email addresses are not being sent through the plugin, how many other domains will be blocked by the plugin. Why would ANY domain extension be blocked by the plugin?

This plugin itself does not put any restrictions. There may be some other subtle difference in configuration breaking .net domains delivery. I can take a closer look if you’ll extend your support period.


Done. Upon further testing it seems that I do not get emails to my Gmail address when registering new people on the site, but if I change their login password I do get an email to the same Gmail address indicating that the password was changed. Test emails sent from your plugin also arrive at my Gmail address – just not the initial email from registering. Odd.

What do you need to take a look at these issues?

Hello! Please drop me your site details via a PM. I am not sure I’ll be able to help though – it seems to be a server configuration issue.


Its a pre-purchase question, so I just need to install this plugin and I will be able to change the appearance of BuddyPress Notification emails, right ? I may not need to do Content Tweaking all I need now is to add some branding in boring white default emails.

So I just need to install this plugin and I am done, right ?

Hello! Yes, it wraps BuddyPress emails into HTML template you can tweak to your needs.



dinmix Purchased

The Wordpress default from name is still in use even when I added a different name in the Email “From” field. Its the same for the Email “From Name” field. How can I resolved this? THanks

Hello! Please make sure you have the latest version downloaded.


dinmix Purchased

Yes I did. Its version 1.5 but its still cannot override Wordpress default.

Can you please drop me your site details with a private message so I could review the settings myself?



broobe Purchased

Hi, its broken for buddypress 2.6+ it didnt send customized emails!

Hello! Your support period has expired. I can take a look when you’ll renew it.


bkoslow Purchased

Hi, I have purchase Advanced WordPress Email delivery for my website www.myreputationrx.com to send email for Usernoise modal feedback / contact form plugin.

I am install it but, it didn’t work, i need your help please help me

Hello! Please describe the problem a little more in details. You need to configure SMTP server correctly when using this plugin, so its address, port used and credentials should match to the ones provided by server admin.


Hello…Is this similar to Easy WP SMTP…because I’m having trouble setting up Easy WP SMTP ..how does your plugin differ?

does it support buddypress 2.6+ and WP 4.6+ I got indications that it doesn’t

Hello! It’s version-agnostic, so yes, it supports WP 4.6/4.7 and latest BuddyPress. Thanks!

hi, it is compatible with contact form 7

As far as I know, contact form 7 has its own mail delivery layer. So yes, it’s compatible, but I can’t guarantee my plugin will affect CF7’s delivery.


is this support for Wordpress 4.7.1 and PHP 7?

Hello! Yes.



this is a pre-purchase question.

Is this plugin useful if we want the users to be able to receive and send emails from the website they have an account with? In another words, does this avoid them logging in somewhere else to check their mails?

THanks Ekta

Hello! This plugin is an “advanced under-the-hood” delivery engine for WordPress. It does not change its public UI.